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Five Must-Visit Mexican Restaurants in York

As a foodie and resident of York (UK), I like to share my experiences of York cuisine.

Where's the best Mexican food in York?

Where's the best Mexican food in York?

Craving Mexican?

If you’re fancying a bit of Mexican food in York, you’re in luck. There’s been a fair few great Mexican restaurants pop up over the last few years that are definitely well worth a visit or two.

Here we are going to break down our top five spots. All offer something a bit different but each is quite unique in its own way. I definitely recommend that you check out each of the menus and reviews, too, to see if it offers the right type of atmosphere you’re after.

  1. Las Iguanas
  2. Taco Bell
  3. Mexicano York
  4. Mariachi Tacos
  5. Dog’s Nose Taqueria

1. Las Iguanas

Offering a “taste of delicious Latin America,” this Mexican chain (which has a range of restaurants all across the United Kingdom) is a safe bet for those who are wanting guaranteed great Mexican food. This is a fail-safe for those who just want to be guaranteed a high-quality level of service and the Las Iguanas in York is certainly not one to disappoint.

They are based right in the city center, so you can visit it after you have had a potential few drinks in a bar and can carry on right after you have had a few bites to eat. They also offer some delivery options as well if you’re close by.

Address: 21 Back Swinegate, York YO1 8AD

Phone: 01904 948849

2. Taco Bell

Again, in the same sort of nature as Las Iguanas, Taco Bell is a Mexican chain that is a great default option. Although I personally prefer Las Iguanas, this is definitely more suited based on location. If you are on the outskirts of York and doing some shopping in Monks Cross, then the Taco Bell there is definitely going to be better suited. Plus, it has a range of delivery options if you are wanting it to be delivered to you.

Be sure to check out their menu and there should be a lot of different options that suit a lot of wide and varied tastes, you can expect a certain quality from Taco Bell. It’s certainly not to everyone’s liking but it offers a certain standard of good quality Mexican food at a pretty fair value too.

Address: Monks Cross Dr, Huntington, York YO32 9GZ

Phone: 01904 655375

3. Mexicano York

Mexicano York probably ranks as my all-time favourite Mexican restaurant in York. Again you can dine in or you can pick up food if you want to. It’s based right in the centre of town and has a mixture of a sitting area and people picking up food ready to go on a regular basis. It has a lovely vibe in there and has some really high-quality Mexican food (you can tell by the ratings alone that this is a great place to be).

You can order a takeaway via your favourite ordering app and you can get it delivered as well. Personally, I prefer eating in to experience the atmosphere but can appreciate why some might want to order and take out as it doesn’t offer the traditional ‘restaurant’ vibes that you might be looking for.

Address: 4 Skeldergate, York YO1 6DG

Phone : 07508 597004

4. Mariachi Tacos

Rated as the best Mexican in town (at least by the most recent reviews), Mariachi Tacos offers all the typical Mexican food you’d want to see: a range of burritos, tacos (as per the name), nachos and quesadillas, and much more. This has a bit more seating, with a stool-type area, and is based in the center of York and is situated on the corner of Coney Street. However, it's more focused on delivery and pick-up style food.

This is a great option for those who are wanting a lighter-based lunch and for those who might want an earlier later meal than usual. Definitely worth checking out their menu as they have some beautiful food on there. A highly recommended opting for those who are really into their Mexican food.

Address: 16 Coney St, York YO1 9NA

Phone: 07508 597004

5. Dog’s Nose Taqueria

This is a place to eat in York that my friends often recommend, and is close to the Picadilly bus station, so relatively close to the city center, and is situated in the SPARK complex. Its claim to fame is that it is “The North’s First Plant-Based Taco & Burrito Bar”, and is completely plant-based and great for those who are after a lot of gluten-free options. “Junk Style, Not Junk Food”. Definitely, on my list to check out and the food on the menu looks great.

Definitely, make sure that you definitely check out the opening and closing times though, as it does tend to vary a little bit. Generally speaking, that means you need to frequent later on at night rather than early on in the day. They tend to be open from 12 noon up until around 10 pm, again though be sure to check as they do offer a wide range of times that they close and open. It does offer dine-in options but it tends to be more of a takeaway and delivery type option.

Address: SPARK, York YO1 9NX


Hopefully, the above list of Mexican restaurants in York has given you a bit of inspiration for where you can head out for some great Mexican food whilst in York and a bit of an experience of Central and Latin American food. If you have visited any of the Mexican restaurants before in York, we’d love to know your experience as well. Unfortunately, and is quite typical of Mexican restaurants, there isn’t much option for a proper restaurant-type feel and they are usually more take away-based and delivery based.

Plus, if we are missing some that you definitely think should be on the list as well, please be sure to get in touch. Go right ahead and let us know in the comments section just below.

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