Confessions of a Former Fast Food Manager: McDonald's Secrets

I used to work at McDonald's, and here are the secrets I've uncovered.

Is this what really happens at McDonald's?

Is this what really happens at McDonald's?

Everything You Want to Know, but Are Too Scared to Ask

Do employees really spit in food? How fresh are the burgers? Does McDonald's hire just about anybody? What's in the Big Mac sauce? Is it hard to work there?

There are hundreds of McDonald's secrets that the general public is blissfully unaware of. The things I'm about to tell you will shock, anger, and maybe even disgust you. From the mild to the wild, I'll tell you all the dirty little secrets of McDonald's.

A Bit of Background Before I Start Spilling My Fast Food Secrets

I was a McDonald's Manager for over seven years.

As a manager, you are often required to help at different locations. I worked at about 10 stores during this time, although most of my time (about 5 years) was spent at the same store. All of my stores were franchised, and I worked for three or four different owners.

One owner was absolutely wonderful. He gave us Christmas cards and offered Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance (maybe that's the norm now, but it wasn't back then). Another owner was a nightmare. She was just a total witch, and that's putting it nicely. I was shocked by the terrible things she said and did. We'll talk about her later.

Training classes were often held in corporate stores, and it was obvious that corporate McDonald's was part of an entirely different ballpark. I'm not saying only good things happen at corporate stores, and I'm not saying all franchises are terrible. I'm just letting you know that some franchises have the opportunity to get away with more. They aren't constantly under the corporate eye.


Are You Ready to Hear the Secrets of McDonald's?

Not all secrets are bad. Some of them are shockingly bad, though.

I've told people some of the secrets about McDonald's in the past, and many of them just laughed. Others were completely appalled. Some people didn't believe what I was saying, insisting that a restaurant would get shut down if those things were really happening.

Oh really? If most of the managers and owners are all corrupt, who's going to shut the store down? Think about that for a minute.

That goes for any job, by the way. Not just McDonald's. Every company has their own set of secrets. Company scandals are nothing new.


McDonald's Food Secrets

Just a reminder that not all secrets about McDonald's are bad. Many of them are, though.

For easy reading, I'll put all of the food-related secrets in one big list:

  • Employees really do spit in the food. Be very, very nice to the person taking your order. Especially if you're in the drive-thru. Why people are stupid enough to be rude to the people who make their food is beyond me, but consider yourself warned.
  • Spit isn't the worst thing people do to the food at McDonald's. Food is thrown on the ground, stomped on, and a few other things I won't mention. Use your imagination.
  • The owner of one franchise I worked at threatened to fire me once. My offense? Refusing to use a case of lettuce that had expired TEN DAYS AGO. The lettuce was brown and just plain nasty. I threw it away anyway. I knew that legally, she couldn't fire me for that—and if she did, I would have reported her the second I received my termination notice.
  • Demanding that you are served "fresh food right off the grill" will not really get you fresh food. It'll get you a dried up hamburger patty dunked in grease so it looks fresh. It's insulting to ask for fresh food at a store where the food is actually fresh.
  • There's nothing McDonald's employees hate more than customers who come in and ask for fries with no salt or insist that their fries are cold even though they were just removed from the fryer. When you do this, it's the same as asking for a fresh hamburger—you'll get old fries dunked in the oil for 15 seconds. Enjoy!
  • Burgers and sandwiches are made to order. They do not just sit in a heating tray. Stop acting like you know what goes on behind the scenes. Some customers order burgers without ketchup or with extra pickles just so they don't get "one of those burgers that are already made." None of the burgers are already made, okay? You're wasting your time with special requests. Unless you truly want no ketchup.
  • McDonald's french fries are not vegan or vegetarian. They contain natural beef flavor. Seriously. Look it up on the official McDonald's website.
  • Your food isn't extra sanitary just because the grill workers wear gloves. Those same employees take out trash and even go to the bathroom without removing their gloves. I've also seen them scratch a few special places on their body while wearing gloves.
  • McRibs aren't always McRibs. McRibs take forever to cook, and orders have to be filled quickly (more on that later). In a pinch, employees throw hamburger patties in the McRib container and drench them with sauce. I never saw a customer return one, so I guess nobody notices.
  • Everybody wants to know what's in the Big Mac sauce. It's basically just thousand island dressing, pickles, and onions.
  • Never order breakfast at 10:29 a.m. unless you want them to dig your food out of the waste trays. At the end of breakfast (and throughout the morning), all of the extra food is thrown in a special trash can that is used only for expired products. A crew person or manager counts the waste at the end of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unless they're shorthanded. Then they count it at the end of the day or just make up numbers.
  • Never say, "and you idiots better not mess it up this time like you always do" after placing your order. Just trust me on this one.
  • It takes 38 seconds to cook one hamburger patty, and you can cook eight or nine at a time.
  • Each order must be assembled in a certain amount of time. I know that the entire order-taking process for drive-thru orders, from start to finish, is 90 seconds or less. I can't remember how long the grill team has to make each order, but I think it's around 25–35 seconds. I'll doublecheck with some friends who still work at McDonald's and update this article soon.

Mcdonald's Secrets About Customer Service - And a Few Crazy Things Customers Do

The customer isn't always right, especially at McDonald's.

  • If you scream at us, we will make fun of you as soon as you leave. The minute you raise your voice or call us names, we stop caring about your experience.
  • McDonald's managers can call the police on unruly customers. Avoid screaming, refusing to leave, or throwing things. You can get kicked out—and arrested. Would you like fries with your handcuffs?
  • 9 times out of 10, it's YOUR fault the order is wrong. You can watch the security cameras if you think I'm joking. It's not the cashier's fault that you didn't know a Big Mac came with pickles. It's not the girl in the Drive Thru's problem that you were too busy yapping on your cell phone to pay attention when she repeated your order. What sucks is that even though they know you were the person who screwed up your own order, the employees still have to stand there and apologize while you rant and rave about how stupid they are.
  • One night, a woman jumped out of her car, bashed the windshield in of the car behind her, and jumped back in her car like nothing had even happened. When the police came, they arrested her and her boyfriend—turns out he had a warrant out.
  • I once had a man throw a milkshake at me because his order was wrong. I didn't even make his order. I was the cashier.
  • A man was stabbed in our parking lot by another customer. They both went to jail.
  • Do you have any idea how many drunk customers break the drive-thru window by beating on it? Ugh.
  • We can't open the window or doors after we close—it's a safety precaution. It doesn't matter how badly you have to go to the bathroom or want a medium Coke. We're closed. Get over it. Come back tomorrow.
  • McDonald's is not Applebee's, Friday's, Chevy's or any other restaurant of that nature. Unless you're going to leave a tip on the table, pick your tray up and throw your trash away. The same people who say, "Well, that's what the employees get paid to do" are the same people who can't understand why nobody is at the counter, ready to take their order. It's because they're all busy cleaning the dining room so slobs like you can eat at a clean table.
  • We don't care what you think about us. Save your lectures for somebody else. We don't care what you have to say about our pregnancy, educational background, piercings, or lack of religious beliefs. Oh, and when you try to make fun of us and accuse us of being on welfare, you just look like an idiot. If we were on welfare, we wouldn't be sweating to death, serving ungrateful brats like you.
  • Not all customers are bad. Some of the regulars bring Christmas cards, cookies, photos of their kids, and anything else they think we'll like. You are awesome, and your kind acts do not go unnoticed.

McDonald's Secrets About Employees

How many people work at McDonald's? Last time I checked, approximately one in eight people have worked, or currently work, at McDonald's. That's a lot—more than one billion, to be exact.

McDonald's employees are an interesting bunch. It takes a special personality to handle a fast-food job—which is why the turnover rate is incredibly high. Not only are the customers stressful, dealing with your coworkers and managers is an experience unlike any other.

  • Many of the employees are on probation or fresh out of prison. Ankle bracelets and monitors are not uncommon. These people are usually very nice and better employees than some of their coworkers, though, so don't be scared.
  • The last McDonald's I worked at hired a known sexual offender.
  • Labor laws...what are those? Oh, the things that guarantee 14-year-olds get a break and don't work in the grill. Yeah, half of the managers totally ignore those.
  • Nobody gets breaks unless you're underage and the manager cares about the law. You're lucky if you get two minutes to cram some food down your throat.
  • Benefits? Ha.
  • Sexual harassment is worse at McDonald's than any other job I've ever had. Reporting it is usually pointless, since the main managers tend to be the ones hitting on underage girls and "accidentally" brushing up against them.
  • Most crew members and managers are sleeping with somebody at the store. Even if they're already in a relationship.
  • Employees have sex at the store. I know some of them have done it on the dining room tables, in the grill, in the stockroom, and in the play area at closing time. Oh, and let's not forget about the bathroom.
  • Most employees smoke weed. Any employee who begs to take out the trash or stock the freezer is probably going to get high.
  • Many employees also use other drugs . . . on the clock. I'll never forget the time I walked in the bathroom and saw several lines of coke neatly lined up on the sink. A lot of employees also roll (use Ecstasy) on the clock.
  • Many of the managers have college degrees, so don't assume you're smarter than them.
  • Managers don't always verify your documents or Social Security Card. We had several illegal immigrants working at one of my stores. They were the best employees there, so it's not like anybody was going to say anything about it.
  • My interview process was extremely easy: I showed up, and they asked when I wanted to start. I'm not joking.
  • Many employees show up drunk. When I was 17 or 18, my manager used to buy us all alcohol each day. Whether you drank it before, after, or during your shift was your own choice.
  • Theft is common, and it usually occurs by the managers. One guy stole $35,000 and went on a drug binge before they caught him.
  • Years later, I'm still friends with many of my former coworkers. You develop some incredible friendships when you work in a crazy, drama-filled fast food restaurant.

There Are Thousands of Other McDonald's Secrets . . .

McDonald's has more secrets than you could ever possibly imagine—enough to fill 10 or 20 articles, maybe more.

If you like this article, let me know—I'll be happy to create another article and reveal more secrets about America's favorite fast-food restaurant.

Oh, and if I forgot anything, feel free to share your own secrets in the Comments section below.

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Margit McCray on February 05, 2020:

There is a lot of job bullying at the Mc donalds on Paxton Street in hbg pa. no only to other employees but to the patron as well. As a patron I witnessed it first hand, I will NEVER go back there the people at the counter are rude, talk about and insinuate things in public with the patron standing right there. the Manager is sitting there watching the whole thing doing nothing. If this is what the franchises are allowing their employees to do ...then shame on McDonalds.!!!!!

Megan on January 05, 2020:

I work in mc donalds in england and have done for 2-3 years and havent seen any of these things. Customers are still horrible though and get away with murder because the managers are always hiding away and too scared to do anything. Ive been sexually harrassed , verbally insulted and harassed regularly. We also had a guy spit at us in drive thru because we wouldnt take a fake note.

Mick on October 22, 2019:


I was left on my own after a very short time and this remained for ninety percent of my time with delivery and was not a problem except.

The stores are serious production feeds so must be respected and accessible allowing easy speed of control, stocking and, very important - the production side kitchen locating what they need when they need it. None of which is of importance or crosses the mind of a manager.

In the first year........

Boxes unbroken blocking the hall for delivery and stores access, also to the fire escapes and back yard floor every time the delivery was arriving; those boxes flattened in the recycle cadges still with plastic bags inside plus unbroken boxes under broken ones and general rubbish. Every time.......

Complaints came from the recycle company despite my efforts to clear the three cages of the flattened boxes with plastic in, this as the delivery was arriving.

Bread pallets thrown about blocking the back yard with the boxes inclusive.

All store rooms were in a state (miss treated) every time!

The freezer, chiller, internal and external dry stores a thrown/pulled about mess every time.

Internal dry store, when I arrive, almost every time included a path way of apple pie cardboard wrappers from the back to the door way.

Despite this and now on my own, frequently pulled off to other areas/jobs.


Apparently there being two to three managers plus one older in charge, they had to much to do, to many people to control; the real reason only told to me later at its end....


There was time for two young male managers separately to rearrange the internal dry store when they felt like it: it was better for me all of the six times; I was told so. The last time everything had to be put back in its place by me again to take the delivery.

Only ever competent/interested, who had the respect to listen, non grown manager arrived for a time, and I requested that the two be stopped from playing with that store. Pointed out that it is half empty when they play and alter; I have to have it set for the delivery.

Also noticed me struggling with the mistreated cardboard recycle cages and sorted that out by the next delivery.

All of the above other problems also evaporated for his time.

The two week shut down for refurbishment/franchise.

The external metal dry store had to be removed and I lost one third space. The manager brought in for this only then was informed that, putting any of the dry store upstairs breaks the agreement so cannot be used any longer as a production operated storage space, this was conveyed to me.

I informed that the input needs to be properly controlled, the delivery was too high. Also another delivery was required to control the loss of space plus the freezer was over full during holidays and all struggled to get to products or even get inside after a delivery.

These requests took months to implement despite the immediate changes required, but finally told that the ordering was being done now by site. Months later the extra delivery day, and it took even longer to get the freezer and chiller that should of been included; included.

The dry store delivery in general: Medium delivery 4, large delivery 8 cages

With boxes, mostly one of each, all open and accessible and their positions known by the staff, kept and set by me.

There was no stacking of the boxes, the items need to be directly accessed.

Stock can also then be directly, daily, counted for on site ordering.

The shelving was of good quality and (spacings with width an important factor) its wider because it is free standing despite the very tight space.

A month or so after a new manager the dry store shelves were suddenly replaced.

Before the delivery.......

Now every shelf is packed FULL and more importantly, now stacked with boxes on top of boxes on top of boxes that people have to get into/find items.

Now the box of the item required had to be located, the boxes on top taken off, put on the floor (not allowed), then re-stacked.

A packed pallet on the floor stacked with various boxes. So no room for delivery before the delivery.

The upper floor, more boxes from the dry store.(during the shut down it was made clear to the manager by his managers and then to me that the upper floor can not be used as a storage space for the dry store as it is breaking the agreement by turning it into a production area)

A small delivery. Four dry cages, three had to be repacked with the fourth and left out in the hall by me.

The second time on delivery.....

I was called over to the delivery door, for delivery, by two of your managers who have been with MD at least as long as I had.

I pointed to the still FULL dry store where I indicated and asked the serious question, ‘where do I put it, I’ve got no where to put it?’

Only to find one of them bent over through gritted teeth bobbing around and waving his fists saying ‘you will put it away.....you will put it away’.

At that point I vacated the premises.

Ice rink, four years in...

Freezer streaming water internally at every one of its at least five daily defrosts.

Due to previous experience of this being left till dangerous; informed the then main manager of the serious nature of water running down through the food boxes to the floor and the serious affect of this ice build up.

I expected the managers be coordinated, pick up a phone to have the simple job done by an engineer.

Over a month no one gave a flying: then the problem was attended.

After the repair told by ‘that’ manager with surprise that the ice covered the whole floor whilst indicating it was two inches thick, something already conveyed to me as newsworthy by another worker. The safety carpet is half inch. A trained engineer had to come in, see and walk on it to fix a minor blockage.

Then to be cleaned-out by two workers. Safety glasses, shoes, gloves and a pick, at -18 degrees, should of been the minimum supplied.

The people in and out for you, using this, during their normal work attendance at that neglect... don’t have correct footwear. There is serous metal shelving located in a very tight area.


From the day I started was warned of the collapsing shelf in the chiller; four years on despite requests for that simple job; onion with water and produce boxes over the floor.

Delivery time change.

Despite warning for four years that the delivery was at a bad time. On a return from time off a lads informed that the manager had hit a car when helping.

Not long after- changed to the requested 7.00am.

I feel sorry for the kitchen.

Patrick on October 19, 2019:

Actually to be 100% Honest with you. Everything she has said IS TRUE. I worked at a Mcdonalds here where i live. And EVERYTHING is true. I have SEEN and WITNESSED it. PLUS ALSO had one of our trashy McDonalds employee's spit in my McChicken.

Kat on August 08, 2019:

This is very dramatic and a lot of it is not true. it’s depends on who’s running your store. This guy probably wasn’t a good manager of this stuff happened during his shifts.

FlourishAnyway from USA on August 06, 2019:

My daughter took a job at McDonald’s in high school and told me stories that echoed yours here. My favorite store involved a cook who apparently would get hungry and take ONE bite out of a burger then send it on its way to a customer. It kept happening and management was pretty blasé about it but customers with the bad burgers really really didn’t like it. One of the shift managers got caught for drugs and went BACK to prison. Another manager asked my underage teenager out (she was about 15 years younger) and offered her Adderall to “help” her get through a very long shift. And the filthy morale/motivation chants that workers would engage in. Truly not what you’d expect is going on in a busy restaurant drive thru. She learned a lot about all walks of life there in just a few months but I was glad she quit.

Leo on July 05, 2019:

I feel a lot of this. Reminds me of the hellish experiences of working for Walmart as a cashier where lying and stealing are abounds, breaks are hard to get, management sucks and you are always wrong or not doing your job (according to customers).

Leann on July 05, 2019:

I worked at a Subway, which is kind of close. It's one of the nastiest places I ever worked behind the counter up front, disorganized, and just not good. Customers tended to be rude and very particular about everything, which needless to say no one can do anything perfectly. But I think the worst of it was coming in with stomach flu and having to work handling food and dishes. Oh, and there was no break time for us either, no matter how many hours you worked.

Linda harmon on June 24, 2019:

I agree about most of the stuff you were talking about McDonald’s I have been working for McDonald’s for 14 years and I have seen a lot of bad managers and employees and and managers lying about employees to get them fired or just taking them of the schedule. I never spit in the food but I have seen some at the table take an sandwich that has been given back because eater it didn’t have a pickle on it or they said they didn’t get catchup on there burger. After they were screaming how domb you were well I saw the cook just put another pickle or just wiped the catchup off the the burger and give back the same burger when there ar so post put a new bun in the toaster and a bran new sandwich. The chicken and burger are put in a warmer and only are so post be timed but timer are shut off and at time the food is left during a slow day for over an hour or more until someone complains about the there meat being dry and cold or shirveled up like an prune is most of the time. They only time thing are done the right way is when a head manager is coming to inspect the store. The head manager that I have now is one of the worst managers I have had in 14 yrs I have complained about her and as usual nothing is done the only time when she does her job is when an manager over catches her in the act like texting in front of customers and ignoring them while she’s talking on her cell phone and I haven’t gotten an raise since 2015 with corporate we have been bought out twice since then we went from bad to impossible. I am on making 9.60 an hr in 14 yrs watching 18 year old brats with no exsperence with no job experience anywhere to me with a qualified chef and in college fore management since 2014 and only have 3 classes left to graduate and I am still not an manager many lame excuses have been made

Catina Lundquist from Little Rock on May 28, 2019:

I am also a former employee who was fired on the spot when I went through the drive through one day to pick up my check after going to the doctor and handed my boss a true medical note stating that I could not work temporarily due to contracting chicken pox. I decided that I was much better off not working there anymore but it was still my favorite place to eat. Tonight's trip through the drive through changed that completely. I have several different medical conditions that require me to live on a very strict diet which I have always been able to follow no matter where I ate out in order to keep the medical conditions under control and keep my body out of danger. Tonight I ordered only things that are allowed in my diet and thought that everything would be fine as usual. Instead when I returned home and took my food out to eat nothing in my order was right and everything went against my special diet in the worst sort of way. The food that was served to me was foods known to put me into the hospital with just one bite. The only thing on my sandwich I could normally have was the grilled chicken. Unfortunately the chicken was so overcooked that it was burnt and hard as a rock. Not to mention both sides were completely covered in substances I am not allowed to have. My entire meal ended up having to go to my dogs. I decided that it would be better to go hungry for the night and never eat there again.

jake jakes on May 03, 2019:

i really have enjoyed a look at what its like to work in a place where you are not held accountable for your customer service. all of the comments are related to how the customer hurts your feelings or is rude. try being in customer service where their money is envolved such as a bank, then go back to mcdonalds and thank your customers. also all this acting like you employees are perfect but every customer is a dick is ironic. customers only become dicks and do things like spreading poop on the walls of the bathroom or asking for fresh food b/c of the years of terrible service. i had the manager of a mcdonalds refuse to give me a fresh chicken sandwich. it was most likely from the day before or older and was obvious how old it was. i had just gone through the drive through and bought the food however she told me that noone on her staff would ever serve something that old and disgusting b/c she runs a tight shift and that it came from a different mcdonalds and to take it back to them to get my money. i insisted to got it from her store and showed her a receipt and she still said it came from another mc donalds b/c she runs a tight shift. so i said can you tell me what my drink was that i ordered. she looked and said diet coke. i said then why does this taste like drpepper and with the top off launched all of the dr pepper in her face and told her to taste that shit and tell me if it tastes like diet coke or not and next time don't give a customer a old ass sandwich on their 30 min lunch break 2 times in one week. this same mc donalds told my wife who went to get breakfast from there less than 2 weeks ago b/c i don't go anymore that she didn't pay for 2 hashbrowns and she wasn't getting any and the guy refused to look at the receipt. finally when she wouldn't move her car he looked at it and yelled to the people "FUCK MAN!! she did pay for them". she said i'll pick them up inside went inside and made them take them out of the fryer and put them in the bag while she watched. this same place would not give me sauce for my kids happy meals then argue over giving me sauce when i had to come inside to get it. all of that kinda stuff lead up to me throwing the drink in the ladies face. oh i got one for you. why do you get mad when someone double checks their order at the drivethrough and then the person asks you for the missing items that were not in the bag and then you treat the customer like they are the asshole b/c they looked in the bag and caught you shorting them on the items. and if we don't look and pull around and then come inside to get the rest of what was left out you want to argue and tell us it was in the bag and your not giving us free food.

so if you want to know why that customer put shit all over the bathroom wall. well you probably left something out of their bag then refused to give them the food they paid for one to many times.

Mohamed abdulahi on April 19, 2019:

Milwaukee National ave 120 This is my address For lunch I need a happy new year good night oh you’re in the night this

JLCP on October 22, 2018:

been at the Mcdonalds I work at for almost 9 years never messed with a guest order,but we did have this person,whom may of had some kind of issues or maybe stress idk,but he hated the GM, apparently he didn’t like working in a place where most of the mangers were females,but he’d always tell her he was gonna get her fired,well one day he came in and got into it with the gm, he went to the grill made a sandwich.and told her he was leaving,and she felt that was best cause he needed to calm down.well the customers came back and her meat was still really pink,(she hadn’t bit into it yet thank god) when the GM checked the cameras you could tell he did it on purpose guessing to try and get her in trouble or fired.she called someone from HR cause she didn’t want to terminate him without someone being there just Incase,but he got there and said he didn’t even remember doing that when they showed him the video. He apologized for doing it and being unprofessional and accepted that he was being let go for this.

Kay Lewis on August 12, 2018:

Been working with McDonald’s for 7 years and this is all pretty much true EXCEPT for the spitting in food. Not so much as spitting at my location, but more like sweating in the food because it’s so hot in the kitchen area.

National Chocolate Wafer Day on July 26, 2018:

Hi buddies, it is great written piece entirely defined, continue the good work constantly.

Ruedog on July 16, 2018:

The mcdonalds i work at is a little bit different than that, all day breakfast

Marie on June 29, 2018:

Wow. This whole article is written in a nasty tone. What's wrong with you?

BoLife on June 22, 2018:

The "McDonald's Spoon" in the late 70's, early 80's. What was that? Anyone know?

Lol on April 25, 2018:

If workers at your McDonald's spit in the food and do all that crap, you're not doing your job right. If anyone at the mcdonalds I work at did those, they'd get in trouble.

Rude customer or not, there is no excuse.

wowie on March 29, 2018:

and these people want $15....

Tyler Lawrence on March 07, 2018:

Foods made fresh but don’t order at 10:29am because what I said was straight bullshit. All that food is pre made and at the end of the shift it’s all thrown in a special bin where when and if you order food at 10:29am we will pull your order from!

Isaac L. on February 19, 2018:

Why McDonald's employees sometimes ask us if we're done with our tray? My wife and 10 year old son came into the restaurant after several customers and less than 10 minutes into our stay our trays were removed by an employee, but we still had our first drinks. Are they telling us to leave now? Are we undesirable?

Peter on February 06, 2018:

For me this article summarize well the US. Employees complaining about customers. Don't do this, don't tell us that. From airline company, to store clerk, restaurant etc. The machine is to big. People don't realize if you had your own burger shop and expected your customer to be perfect or you'd spit in their food you'd close your doors and be bankrupt soon. But hey now you can say I am just an employee and customer should act my way, cause you don't care for your employer or your job.

Angel87 on January 12, 2018:

This is for future workers anywhere to remember customers cand come and go they can also cook weither you believe it or not fast food is just that fast food so a person dont have to cook. Anything on a menu can be cook at home bought in a store soon fast food wont excist and so you know sometimes you need critisitum to make a place better. What your saying is a good reason to be cristisized who does this at a childs environment how are we growing our childrens future? To be discusting? To be slow in life? Not cool. That also applies to customers to. Think first before doing anything.

Amber on December 10, 2017:

Hilarious & true! Worked for Jack in the Box for 3 years...surprised I didn't kill myself or someone else. They still tell stories about me to the new employees, ha!

the roblox player on December 05, 2017:

mcdonald's is not safe for children anymore.

Luke Olson55 on September 30, 2017:

Unless your McDonald’s is like..I don’t even know...In a horrible part of town or something, this is so not true for a lot of McDonald’s I am currently an associate manager at my mcdonalds and 99% of those “secrets” never happen at many macdons. Again ... maybe at yours but for many McDonalds? No.... so gross and untrue

Rolonda bush on August 31, 2017:

I just want to be a manager can you have relieved the manager of a store

Fin from Barstow on August 06, 2017:

Well a lot of the comments you made about your McDonald's experience are rather disturbing. I don't know what is more troubling - reading the remarks or the cavalier tone in which you made them.

thank you though....I think I will stick to In and Out even though mcDonalds is so delicious sometimes.

And honestly....sometimes the fries or the gravy is in fact cold....even if they "just came out of the frier".

Lyle Russell on April 26, 2017:

Haven't been in fast food since high school I committed theft sort of I used to hook up friends with free food that was probably the worst thing I did

Sheron Smith on March 21, 2017:

I didn't read the whole article... but what I did read is not true at least not where I work.

Amber on January 08, 2017:

I have been working at McDonald's since November and I was told the other day that I needed to change my hair color to a "normal color". My hair is blue and a manager stated that if I don't change it I can't come in to work until I do.

thenabster126 on October 22, 2016:

This is a great post, however I don't agree with the customers' accountability of getting an order wrong. Although sometimes, the customer doesn't listen, most of the time, the customer listens to the server whenever the server repeats the order before cooking.

Natalie32 on October 06, 2016:

Oh I forgot how my boss threatened to fire me because I wouldn't show up to work on my day off.

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on July 02, 2016:

Great comment, whatev345! I'm cracking up over #8 because I totally remember how nasty the bathrooms were. I was disgusted on a daily basis by the things I found. Every single thing you listed happened at my store. We also had women smear blood (you mentioned feces but not blood) all over the walls. I will never understand why customers felt the need to do nasty stuff like that in the bathrooms. I used to hate working the register because I knew the same gross folks who smeared crap all over the bathroom walls were the ones handing me cash for their meals. Ugh.

whatev345 on June 30, 2016:

I'm currently working at McDonald's and I haven't witnessed employees spitting in food, coming to work drunk/high or showing up drunk/high, but I know it happens. I can say that customers CAN be a pain sometimes (though most of them are polite to me).

Here are some problems I (& other co-workers) have had with them:

1. Customers break out $100 bills on $9 tickets, then get upset when we have to call the manager over.

2. Customers will order a bunch of food, decide to take a bunch of stuff off, then get mad whenever cashiers have to call a manager over to put a code in so we can void all the crap they don't want anymore.

3. Some don't know how to order what they want correctly. This results in them not getting what they FELT like they should've had, then them trying to tell the manager that WE messed up when it was really THEIR fault (ex. when we ask if you want the combo or the sandwich, a large or medium drink/fries, you need to answer. When you tell us you want JUST the sandwich, don't get upset when you get ONLY the sandwich. Same with fry/drink size).

4. Customers don't carefully read the terms & conditions on promo items, coupons, etc. On some of them, you have to buy a sandwich to get one free, you have to buy a meal to get something else free, etc, etc (promo items DON'T overlap)... Don't get upset with us because you didn't get a discount or a free sandwich, meal, fry, or drink because you failed to read.

5. Customers think that they're "always right" WAAAAAY too much and think they can talk any kind of way to any employee. Please don't come into McDonald's with that assumption because some crew members won't care who you are or where they're and spazz out (especially if they KNOW they didn't mess up). Some managers will still let them keep their jobs. Like Sunnyglitter said, it's usually you guys that screw up when placing your order, not us.

6. Customers often catch an attitude with cashiers whenever their food isn't made correctly (even though we had nothing do with it). Don't...

7. Customers also get upset with cashiers whenever certain item's prices are raised, whenever deals that Mcdonald's had are no longer availabe, OR when items are NO LONGER available on the menu (ex. 2 for $5, $1 menu, $1 sweet tea, no more mozarella sticks, no more free cups, no more free water cups, no more free ice cups, etc). Understand that crew members and department/store managers have NO control over prices. If a Big Mac's price was raised $5, be assured it will have nothing to do with us. Either you have the money to pay for what you want, someone else does, or you don't get what you want. It's that simple.

8. Some customers don't have any cleanliness about themselves, but expect crew members to have perfect hygiene (though I'm constantly sanitizing and washing my hands, I can't speak for other employees). Would you like it if people ate at your house, used your bathroom and pissed all over your toilet seat, your walls and/or even the handle that you and others have to touch to flush the toilet? What if they constantly left bloody tampons on the floor? How about taking a dump and smearing crap all over your walls, your toilet seats, or your toilet paper rolls? You wouldn't like it? You wouldn't want to clean all that up? We don't it either, nor do we like having to clean up pee, poop, and blood. Guys, learn how to aim when you pee. Ladies, HOW are you even getting pee everywhere if you SIT DOWN? Also, don't forget to throw or flush your soiled stuff AWAY!

Josh on January 10, 2016:

I work at the local McDonald's as a crew member, apparently you had either a bad experience or crew. At ours, nobody spits in the food, everyone gets breaks, even the adults, the made to order burgers and fries are actually made to order (we put the burger down as soon as we get the order), we get half of our food, we get a choice for insurance, and the gold entertainment book.

cassie on January 07, 2016:

I worked at Mcd's for 2 years when I was 18 through 20. about 2-3 years later I went back and worked for 6 months. I never personally witnessed spitting, but I did see similar things as u described as far as drug use and employees engaging in sexual acts even tho they were married. my list could go on. my manager was literally Bi-polar. she would be so cool one minute and the next she was completely a lunatic! thank you for this as I enjoyed reading.

Tricia Offley on January 15, 2015:

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on January 14, 2015:

Hi Michael Potts,

This might help:


I like your idea. Good luck!

Michael Potts on January 14, 2015:

Hi, everyone. My name is Michael and I'm new to HubPages. After almost a week of coming up with ideas for topics to write about, I think I have it. First some context. I've been working at a McDonald's in Missoula, Montana for almost 3 years now. I started as a crew and after over 2 years of working hard I was promoted to maintenance. My store is owned by an eccentric lady named Kyong. She is Korean and a bit of an elitist. Her main priority is to maximize profits and save money, at literally any cost. My store is pretty much the same as the one in this article, as far as unethical things go in a store that wasn't corporate. I want to write about how to excel and be a great worker despite the negativity and drama of the workplace. I believe there is a great benefit to that. I personally never became a manager before I became maintenance. But I was hoping someone could help me out a little with research on how to become a manager quickly. I know it's fairly easy to become one from what I've seen. I know I'm new and all, but I would really appreciate it.

Mariah on December 07, 2014:

I work at McDonald's and it's nothing like this, where I work anyway...

Hendrika from Pretoria, South Africa on November 26, 2014:

I used to love McDonalds for the occasional treat, but I do not think I will be able to eat there ever again. It is true that here in South Africa you can see them preparing the food, but still...

Laura Smith from Pittsburgh, PA on November 25, 2014:

I've never worked in fast food, but I have worked in the food industry, and it's a gross and thankless industry for sure. Thanks for your bold and honest article!

Tammy Covey from Arkansas on November 25, 2014:

I used to work at McDonald's. It can be drama-filled. I was once threatened with firing by a manager who did not like it I pulled the prepared food from the holding bin (back in the 1980's when they were keeping prepared food in a warmer with metal time tags). Phew seriously wanted me to change the time tag and leave it in the bin. At another McDonald's in the 1990's, when I got there as crew person, they said that females are not allowed to be grill chief. Well, I was in a month. I worked a full-time job during the day, they knew when I came on shift at 5:30pm, all meat had to be trashed and on waste sheet and new product cooked fresh. My training program for entire store was: you will know the first time only when you are being tested, the next 2 times you would not be informed. I told them, learn right, do it right and you never have to worry. Overall, I enjoyed it, but there was some crazy stuff.

Brian on November 25, 2014:

honestly as a McDonald's employee I'd agree with most of the stuff in this article but there are some occasions where I've had super nice customers who I'll serve legit fresh food just because they're a treasure to us customer service people (working third shift allows me to do that because we only have three people running the ENTIRE store)

Nika from Las Vegas on August 05, 2014:

Wow I couldn't stop reading. I'm glad that I never really need any special orders. I already was iffy about eating at mcd but one I think I'll pass. Only because of the food being recooked. Dipped back in oil. Just not right. Thanks for this

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on July 22, 2014:

Wow ! What a hub :). I do believe in being as kind as possible if an order is messed up. Thank you for spilling the beans :). I worked at Dominos for a while but there were not many secrets. A very clean store etc. Have a wonderful week.

las81071 on June 20, 2014:

I always have special orders for my picky family and our mcdonalds

Know a us I guess they probably hate us but they have dietary restriction

As my daughter is A dialysis patient so limited salt is important

And when she goes there it's a treat.

But now that I know they are doing sex in the bathroom and

Pot by the dumpster I'm thinking working at mc d is not such a bad job lol

Tigress on January 04, 2014:

Having worked at McD's for seven years in high school and college some of these are so true, others may happen at other stores but I never noticed at mine. Granted I was not a manager. I can always remember stories from my experience working at my store. At one point about 85% of the female workers were pregnant, and about half of those were from male coworkers. It was an interesting time working there I will say.

Toni on January 03, 2014:

I, too, am a past McDonald's swing manager. I am sure all of your stories are true and I have to say you worked for a very crappy location. Don't get me wrong, the franchise I worked for provided many of your same shenanigans, but I can honestly say my grill team had to live up to a much higher standard then you described. I was a grill queen and took my job very seriously-if you didn't follow the rules, you got off my grill. I have awesome memories from working there and it wasn't until they started hiring Hispanics that it all went down hill. Yes, they move very fast and work long hours, but they screw up more orders and break more food safety rules then anyone. In my ten year career with the company I have only worked with one native Mexican who I consider to be an excellent employee and that was because I trained him!! Any other I came across, was crap because of their lack of training and ability to understand the human language or care too. Don't get me started on owners and their children-I have stories that could blow your mind. Either way, I did enjoy your article-it brought back some great times!!

frickinfrack on January 03, 2014:

I have worked at mcd many many years both corp and franchise. I have never seen any of the stuff you've written about! There are two sides to every story and id say yours is a bitter one. Just my opinion.

Rachael Fields from KC, MO on September 05, 2013:

I didn't have any of these problems when I worked in McDonald's. Burger King, yes. I suppose it really doesn't matter what fast food, there's always something shady going on behind the counter somewhere. Anyway, excellent, read.

nicomp really from Ohio, USA on May 12, 2013:

The bottom line... don't use the drive-through. Trudge to the counter and watch them make your food. Can't to that at Applebees.

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on April 01, 2013:

Thanks for the offer, JP. I'd love to help. I forget if my email address is linked to this account. If not, please let me know how to contact you when you're ready to begin your project. Take care.

JP Banks from Ohio on April 01, 2013:

Sunny Glitter,

I am also a veteran McDonald's manager. I agree with EVERYTHING you've said. I think more people should get to know your stories. I'm thinking about compiling a book of anecdotes about peoples' times working for fast food companies. Would you be willing to submit stories to the book? Maybe you could pass it on to your friends that have worked in fast food?

Zach on July 11, 2012:

I too work at a McDonald's and had a customer bring his burger back because the cheese was not melted. In a rage I brought it to the back, literally THREW it in the Q-ing (microwave) oven for a few seconds (which jumbled up the components of the burger) and handed it back to him with a smile saying "I'm sorry."

Anonymous Sunshine state on May 22, 2012:

it's funny how so many of these things are true. i work at a McD's in a small town, so we are the only McD there. although i don't work in the grill area, i usually can see it from my "presenter" spot in the drive thru. and from i've seen for the several months i've been working there I've never seen any body spit in the food or burgers. it was rumored that they used to spit in the milkshakes, but then we got new management and that stopped. but i had to laugh at some of these things on the list because they are so true. there are a lot of customers that sometimes don't pay attention to the order and then get angry at the presenter because their order was wrong, when it's not the presenters fault at all.

It's so true about how much we can't stand when people come and ask for fresher food, when in fact they had just come up less then 30 secs ago.

When doing front counter, i get a lot of people who say "fresh food off the grill" or even bring the food back because it's luke warm and not hot. Well geeze, how about you grab your food when it is ready instead of gabbing away in the other side of the lobby while your order is waiting for you, thats why it's warm instead of fresh or hot. One of the things we are guilty of is the re-dunking of the fries for 15 seconds. yup. not so sure on the stomping on meat patties though, our manager would fire us on the spot if we did that.

The thing that ticks me off the is when people ask for fries with "no salt" and then when you hand it to them in the drive-thru they ask for 2 packets of salt, when fries are the only thing they ordered. I feel as if I'm being lied to, and it makes me want to "forget to put the salt in the bag." I understand why some customers need no salt on there fries, and it makes sense, some customers have health issues/concerns and can't have much sodium in their diet.

We do make fun of the customers when it's fault (after they leave of course).

I never understood the customers that order dipped ice cream cones in the drive through followed by an insanely huge order, especially when they are by themselves. and the people that order 50 mcdoubles in the drive thru or 50 mcnuggets, please have mercy on the people behind you and come through the lobby because the guy behind you with a kids cheeseburger happy meal and a small coke is going to get angry at us.

For the employees, i dont know if any of them are illegal. Or store usually gives us breaks, and they (a few of the managers) are crazy about keeping labour numbers down. only some of the employees drink on the job, some of them do show up drunk and sometimes a few of them show up high, a few take smoke (cigarette) breaks, and sometimes they go to "take out the trash" aka smoke pot near the dumpster.

So yeah, sorry for the book. but i thought it'd be fun to share these. :) in the end though, it can be crazy and stressful, and sometimes it can be nice.

have a good night/day! :)

Donna Wallace from North Carolina on May 13, 2012:

What a very interesting post! This was a real eye opener about what really goes on at McDonalds.

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on August 29, 2011:

Interesting....I'm happy to say I'm one of the friendly customers who know better then to make a special request and hardly eat fast food. I hope some franchise owners read this and learn a lesson or two or TEN! Fantastic hub!!

Stingrayj on August 16, 2011:

Just got done reading this....net thing you know my boyfriend said " hey when I come home want to go out for dinner?" I said no thank you I already have dinner goig....

Laureaann on August 16, 2011:

I worked at McDonalds when I was in high school...good times!! lol...a majority of what u said I did witness at the location I worked!!

delmer47 from Nebraska on August 15, 2011:

This hub is INDEED eye opening and shocking. Thank you SO MUCH for letting us know this info!!

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 14, 2011:

Oh my goodness KC, we had similar problems with the health inspector. I was just telling my bf how the health inspector was friends with the owner of the store, so we passed with flying colors every single time...despite the fact that we had MICE RUNNING THROUGH OUR LOBBY when he was there and mold in our ice machine. I think a lot of people fail to realize that reporting things is really just a joke, because most business owners network with other important people who can get them out of any bind.

I used to work for a doctor who got high in the bathroom every morning. Guess who he was all buddy buddy with? All the lawyers in town. Convenient, eh?

KC Santiago from Texas on August 14, 2011:

I have also reported things over the years to the “authorities”. Never got any kind of rational response. Had a boss that would have the night crew put any deli food left over in the cooler and he would keep doing that until everything sold. Sometimes a few corndogs could be put back in five or six days. He “repaired a condiment tray with steel screws. The condensation from the ice caused the screws to rust and that dripped into the condiments. When too much had dripped that it stained the condiment he would just mix it in with the spoon. He had a fly strip right over food prep areas. He allowed people to buy beer and cigarettes on food stamps. We had gas pumps and he would set the pumps to charge a penny or two more than the advertised price.

I called on all these violations and every time the rep of the office I called said they this was not a priority and that eventually people would catch on and quit shopping there. Then a couple suggested if I didn’t like it to get another job.

I have reported people trying to scam with food stamps. Again it was not a priority. Yet when a food stamp recipient called in a complaint, no matter how outrageous, they had an investigator at the store in a heart beat.

I worked for a chains store once. Was supposed to get paid every Monday. I worked five weeks without a paycheck. Went to the labor board and again not a priority and maybe I should talk to a lawyer about suing. Darn it all I did not have a loose 10 grand laying around to retain an attorney with.

Most of these safety organization in the federal government like the labor board, and health department are sham. Had one health inspector come into a little store I spent four years at. He would write up a list of violations, yet never could show actual statutes that were being violated. He would threaten the boss with closing the store if these violations were not fixed in a week. They never fixed anything, and he never came back to check up. Then six months later he would make up a list of more violations, not saying anything about the last list which had been ignored, make the same threats, and not come back for another six months and it would start all over again.

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 14, 2011:

Hiccup - I agree with never sending your food back lol.

Mbrownauthor - Thank you. I have, actually, but have no clue how to get started. I've started researching publishing options - not just for this topic, but others that I enjoy discussing - but haven't found one that feels right for me just yet. I've got notebooks filled with ideas...

Hiccupp on August 13, 2011:

You can tell who has not worked at any restaurant by the comments they make. I have worked in food and beverage in casinos and things go on there as well.

Maybe it is better for some to continue to live in ignorant bliss than to wonder what happened to their food? lol

One tip: never send your food back because it wasn't cooked right. lol

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 13, 2011:

I wasn't the main manager, vietnamvet. Most of the stuff I mentioned was done by my bosses, and I reported stuff all the time. Nothing happened, though- and then I was on the bad list for snitching. After awhile, you stop caring. I'm sure you've had at least one job where things happened that shouldn't have. This behavior is not exclusive to McDonald's.

vietnamvet68 on August 13, 2011:

This sure does not say much for you as a manager to let stuff happen that you see going on. You must really be proud of yourself to let it happen. And for your information they can be shutdown.

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 12, 2011:

LOL KC, your story made me giggle. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

KC Santiago from Texas on August 12, 2011:

Horror stories are a given when working any job the deals with the general public. Spent quite a few years in food service myself, mainly Pizza Hut. And many more years in retail. WhileI could still the last few years I always tried getting on at a mom and pop outfit. Don't make as much money but they appreciate a good employee a lot more and never run on the idea the customer is always. Working for mom and pop stores I was able to respond to customers in ways that would have easily got me fired in a chain or corproate store.

My favorite memory was dealing with a slobbering drunk. He was refusing to leave then started verbally assaulting me. I grabbed him and yanked him half way across the coutner. Told him had about 30 seconds to leave the store on his own or I would drag him out. My co-worker stopped and sent me into the back. I was mad and got stupid and punched a wall, breaking a bone in my hand. When I told the boss what happenedf he advised me the next time I was dealing with a drunk to punch the drunk instead.

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 12, 2011:

A lawsuit? No, I wasn't at work doing drugs or anything too crazy, and I quit a couple of years ago...so why would they sue me? Besides, I have no car and live in a crappy apartment - what would they get even if they tried? LOL

thewritecareer from Land O Lakes, Florida on August 11, 2011:

I used to be upset that no McDonalds would hire me when I was unemployed....now, I guess I am glad.

Stacie L on August 11, 2011:

This confirmed my worse fears..aren't you concerned about a lawsuit?

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 11, 2011:

Thank you, guys! And Cooldad, I don't have any friends at Chick-Fil-A, but I love that place. We just recently got one here, and they are the nicest people I've ever met! Whenever I thank them for my order, they always say, "My pleasure". I love it!

janikon on August 10, 2011:

I really didn't realize by ordering just fries when my friends want McDonalds I was still eating animal byproduct - damn. Thankfully I've only had them once in the past five years. That was such an interesting - awesome - useful - and funny hub. Write more, I live for secrets - Voted Up!

cooldad from Florida on August 10, 2011:

Honestly, none of that surprised me. I will still eat at McDonalds because the fries rock. You don't have any friends who work at Chic-Fil-A do you? In my fast food experiences, they seem to have the absolute best customer service and professionalism in the industry.

This was a very informative hub, I'm sure McDonald's will thank you:)

Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on August 10, 2011:

This. Is. Awesome. And fascinating. Thanks for sharing your behind-the-scenes secrets!

Eiddwen from Wales on August 10, 2011:

Very interesting indeed and I vote up/useful/interesting.

Take care


kriti dugar on August 08, 2011:


Since you have acquaintances there, you feel safe... what abt us?? lols

the article really gives me creeps. And ya !! I feel very happy that I have always been polite when placing orders at MacD

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 08, 2011:

Beaks- My sister went from McDonald's to Burger King, and said things were very different there.

Beaks from USA on August 08, 2011:

Maybe some of this stuff is just a McDonald's thing- I worked at various restaurants of various sizes for about seven years and never saw anything like this at all. I was actually told that I was "unprofessional" and "on the edge of termination" at a restaurant once because I sang softly to myself while getting a food order. Every restaurant I've worked for, and there were at least four that I can think of, were strict as hell, even at night. At Burger King, there was always a manager there and I can't see any way anyone could have spit on anything.

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 08, 2011:

Victoria - You're welcome. It's always fun to reminisce. :)

Nooyawka - I noticed - I was just teasing you back. :) The internet can be tricky at times - it's hard to read other people.

nooyawka212 from Noo Yawk on August 08, 2011:

@sunnyglitter Thanx for the sex advice. Except you didn't notice my tongue in my cheek when I wrote my post. I have zero zip nada no nein nyet problem in the sack with the Love of My Life, so the issue of blissful coexistence with her and only her seems delightful to me thank you. And that goes with or without fries.

Victoria Lynn from Arkansas, USA on August 07, 2011:

Very interesting. I worked at McD's for 6 years as a teen/early college student. I see some of this as true, some not, in our store. Truth is I learned a lot at McD's. I still love a Big Mac, Filet o' Fish, or soft serve cone from time to time, regardless of anything else! thanks for the post--nice to reminiscence.

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 07, 2011:

ebookshack - Sorry to hear about the harassment and the termination - sounds like you really got the bad end of the stick. :(

DRobinson - Thank you! Yeah, it's crazy what goes on at McD's.

Jennuhlee - Thank you! By the way, you are very pretty and I love your hair.

Nooyawka - Sex with the same partner is only less exciting if you let it become that way. :P

Lambservant - Thank you for your comment. To be honest, I could care less if future or current employers find this article. In fact, I shared it on my website, http://howmuchdoesafreelancewritermake.com/ - a site which many of my employers know about.

I'm a freelance writer, and I only work for clients who value honesty. I refuse to hide things just to make someone happy. I've found that life is much better now that I refuse to compromise my values or keep secrets that shouldn't be kept.

Things were worse on the night shift and weekends at my stores as well, but that's only because so many people were unavailable to work those shifts. Do you know how many nights I closed the store alone or with one other crew member? Probably at least 100. After 7pm each night, it wasn't uncommon to only have 1 or 2 employees left - even though we were doing hours (earnings-wise) that rivaled the day shift. Our owner paid less than the other McDonald's in the area and offered no benefits, so nobody wanted to work at our store. I only stayed for as long as I did because I was stupid and insanely loyal back then.

Lori Colbo from United States on August 06, 2011:

I worked at a McDonalds once back in the early 90's. I worked day shift where most of the crew were 30 +, many middle aged. We had a wonderful owner but the store manager was not a nice person. Our practices on the dayshift were sanitary, we were respectful to mean customers and did not seek revenge, and we gave quality product. We worked like a well oiled machine, great team work with high efficiency. But the night shift and weekend shifts with all the young kids was another story.

Many of the things you tell here are universal in food service. Personal inappropritate relationships, unsanitary practices, rude customers, etc. In fact most every business has inappropriate stuff going on.

I would caution you about writing articles like this. I have been tempted to do so myself, but future employers or current employers who might find this article may not be too happy that you are so willing to bad mouth former employers when they could be next in line.

On the other hand, if there are some really heinous things going on in McDonalds that the public really needs to know, then people need to know. Thanks

nooyawka212 from Noo Yawk on August 06, 2011:

We mostly cook at home (we can afford to eat out) to avoid the scary parts of eating out. Maybe that's also the reason we have sex only with each other. Yes, it's a little less exciting. But a whole lot safer.

Jennuhlee from Pennsylvania on August 06, 2011:

Wow, loved this hub, also working at fast food, I;m glad to see more people gettign the word out there, some of those things even shocked me and I thought I had seen it all.

DRobinson63 on August 05, 2011:

awesome hub I knew that the food spitting thing did happen but all the other things you mentioned would never even have crossed my mind.

Melanie Bremner from Canada on August 05, 2011:

I worked at McDs here in Canada eons ago when I was 15 for my first job. While I was only there for a few short months before I quit(sexually harassed by manager), I did move on to go to donut shops and a few other small restaurants where they all had their own set of secrets(I worked as a prep cook at one restaurant and helped out one of the waitresses one day when I was 17 or 18. Some cops came in and asked me to serve them alcohol even though I was under age. The manager on duty said it was ok because they wouldn't tell on me. Then the boss came in and fired me!)

I am always nice to the workers when I go to McDs or any other place now, I have heard a lot of similar stories and would die if I had spit in my food or worse.

Sunnyglitter (author) from Cyberspace on August 04, 2011:

Thank you for all of the comments, guys. I'll respond in order:

Kriti- Yes, I would take my daughter to McD's...but I only take her to certain ones. I still have a few friends that work at McDonald's, and generally feel safe eating there. However, we're kind of organic health nuts anyway, so we don't eat fast food very often. She probably gets a Happy Meal once every few months.

Perfumen - I'll definitely check your article out, too. Sounds like you have a lot of self-control - more than most fast food workers. :)

ColmbnQn - Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and I'm definitely planning on publishing another one before the end of August.

Jeannie - Thank you! That really means a lot. I've checked your stuff out before, and you have some awesome hubs.

Teri - It's always good to behave when you're a customer! I'm glad you understand the importance of being courteous.

Hiccupp - This totally made me crack up, because people used to throw Happy Meal toys in the fryers. I'll admit that I had a weird obsession with hiding them in the tea containers...not sure what my deal was back then lol. I just liked to leave them as a little surprise for whoever had to close dishes that night. Oh, and the fish thing - that brought back a few fond memories as well. I'll save that for the next McDonald's article, though. :)

Hiccupp on August 04, 2011:

As a high school student worker at McDonalds we used to drop bugs in the french fry deep fryer. They would pop and look like little bitty crusty fries so we would scoop them up and serve them. No one ever brought them back.

One guy ordered a fish sandwich with catsup. It takes 4 minutes to cook a fish and we didn't like that so we loaded it up with so much catsup the sandwich had to be wrapped in 3 wrappers. The guy ate it and wanted another one just like it!

Remember never mess with anyone that cooks or serves your food.

Terishere on August 04, 2011:

I use to be in the restaurant business and I heard stuff like this went on, though I never witnessed it. Though I could never spit in someone's food, no matter how rude they are, I do know it's done.

I make sure I am always courteous as a customer :)

Great hub!

Jeannie Marie from Baltimore, MD on August 04, 2011:

This is one of the best hubs I've read since I've been using Hubpages. I only worked at McDonald's for a short time, but I've also worked at numerous other customer service positions. Everything in this is so true! Voted up, interesting, and awesome!

ColmbnQn on August 04, 2011:

I'm so glad I gave up on McDonald's years ago. Just all the grease disgusted me. This was a great Hub and would love to hear more about your experiences. Thanks!

perfumenpromises on August 04, 2011:

This is really awesome. I work at KFC/Taco Bell, you should read my article! Honestly though, I haven't, and nobody I've ever worked with has ever spit in anyone's food. I still find that really really disgusting, even if it's the customer from hell.

kriti dugar on August 04, 2011:

A real eye opener !!

I am now at a loss whether I would eat at MacD.. lols !

Can you tell me one thing frankly... Plz an honest answer- If u do not feel it is appropriate to reply here, kindly send me a pvt msg -


awaiting ur reply.

My head is spinning with more questions. Will ask in due course.


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