A Review of Beef Jerky Products

Updated on May 9, 2020
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Finnegan Williams loves delicious food and nice cafes. He lives in Southern California.

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Lorissa's Kitchen
Jack's Link's
Cattaneo Bros.
Country Archer
Chef's Cut
Old Trapper
J & K

J & K

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J & K (Sweet and Spicy)

Well, I came across a beef jerky recently that I had to rave about. This one has nice slabs of meat with a rich smoky flavor. Chunks of sweetness break off in tiny clumps and the peppery flavor is just right.

It's moist to the touch but holds up when it comes to the texture you expect from dehydrated meat. Is pleasant to eat and adds just the right kick to ignite your taste buds.

Lorissa's Kitchen

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Lorrisa's Kitchen

Price: $6.99

Size: 2.25 oz

Lorissa's Kitchen claims to offer premium steak strips made from 100% grass-fed beef.

The texture of the jerky is nice and tender and has a deep smoky flavor. The pieces are flavorful and delicious, and a nice size.

If you like your jerky a little more tender, than this is a great option. The samples are easy to break apart and chew up nicely.

It seems to be a more healthy option with 9 grams of protein per serving. Gluten-free with no MSG, there is a dash of sea salt, which seems to be a popular option today.

A little more pricey and in a fancy looking packet these are definitely worth a try.

No heavy after taste either.

Overall rating: 8-

Jack Link's

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Jack Link's

Price: $5.99–$7.99

I have seen this brand in most of the stores I have gone into and places like gas stations, as well. It's probably one of the common brands you will see around, so I am sure this is available in your area.

The price varies as well depending upon the sale and the store you go into. There are some stores where I've seen it for around five dollars and others that are almost twice that. I'm not sure why there is such fluctuation in prices.

What is nice about this brand is that it comes in a variety of flavors: peppered, hot and spicy, and teriyaki to name a few. It also comes in different styles, chunks, sticks and your regular beef jerky pieces.

The slices are fairly well sized and usually moist and tender. However, there seems to be a bit of a preservative, almost fishy taste to the product and a bit of a lingering sensation after eating.

I like them though, they are nice, but they are pretty basic. There is a lacking of a pizzazz (for lack of a better word) that you find in some other varieties.

Overall rating: 7

Cattaneo Bros.

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Cattaneo Bros.

Price: $8.99

I picked this gem up in a shop in Morro Bay in San Luis Obispo County, where the producer is located. A little more pricey, but definitely worth it. I'm sure if you google the company, you will be able to try some.

Absolutely delicious.

The beef was a little tougher than the typical store brands, but broke apart nicely and melted in your mouth. The pieces were flavorful with a rich smokey taste and just enough of a salinity.

The spices are perfect, and the meat satisfies your palate.

What you imagine beef jerky should be like.

Much better than the mass-produced, national brands.

They offer a small variety of flavors, as well.

Overall rating: 8+

If beef jerky a snack or a meal

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Krave (Garlic Chili Pepper)

Price: $6.99

Semi-moist, but tough enough to be chewy. This jerky has a nice, deep rich flavor with a strong, beefy aroma.

I like this variety because it has just the right amount of heat and spice.

The meat has a rich flavor and feels nice to the touch.

Satisfying and the portions are right. No really bad aftertaste. Good for the price.

Rating: 8

Country Archer (Original)

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Country Archer (Original)

Price: $6.99

Well, I'll start off by saying that I've always tried to hold true to the adage that if you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything at all. On that note, I will be brief.

Not really that bad if you like to drink soy sauce or wear it as a perfume. I think maybe if I had tried one of their more exotic flavors, I would have been taken, but the original was sort of boring.

The pieces of meat were all right: they broke apart easily and were firm enough to feel like you were consuming a jerky, but the soy flavor was overpowering.

I am going to leave this out for the homeless but will come back and try another one of their varieties.

Rating: 7.5

Chef's Cut (Sweet and Spicy)

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Chef's Cut (Sweet and Spicy)

Price: $7.99

Well, this one was almost the opposite of all the jerkies I've tried. When I first pulled it out of the bag I almost mistook it for something else. It was bundled together and soft to the touch the way you would expect from a ripe marijuana bud. It looked almost hairy though like a curled up tarantula.

This one was a little too sweet for me and very tender, so much so that it almost fell apart in my hands and I didn't have enough time to even taste it before it disappeared.

You may be into that though.

I will tell you that it wasn't bad I just don't think I could consume an entire bag of this variety. The sweetness alone conflicts with the idea that I am eating meat and doesn't make sense. It tastes almost like candy.

And then your mouth starts to burn.

Rating: 7

Old Trapper (Original)

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Old Trapper (Original)

Price $12.99 (10 oz)

Well, in a bag this large and with a name like Old Trapper, you would anticipate this to be the jerk of all jerkies.

Perhaps not.

Not bad. I wouldn't pass it up. It would probably be my second choice. I would probably opt for the peppered kind, even though spicy foods don't always agree with me.

Nice large chunks of meat that when you bite into them, make you think you're a wild man consuming some freshly acquired game. Pretty delicious, especially if you are hungry.

A bit pungent though with the soy flavor and other salinities, but how can you have good beef jerky otherwise???

Overall rating: 9-

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