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A Review of Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky

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Fin lives in California's Central Valley. He enjoys writing food reviews.


Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky

I had not heard of this product before, and because of that I probably would have passed it by were I to have seen it in a store. I was pleasantly surprised though when I sampled some of their products for the first time. I have to honestly say that it is one of the better—if not the best—jerkies I have had.

According to the producers:

"We introduced the first real gourmet bacon jerky in early 2013, but Jeff had already spent five years trying to figure out how to do it. They said it couldn’t be done because bacon contains too much fat to make it into jerky, but he knew there was a way... a few months later we introduced the first real gourmet bacon jerky to our customers. Within a year the copycats arrived and created their cheaper versions, but very few brands taste as good as our original recipes that are still the same today. Maple Brown Sugar and Sriracha Black Pepper bacon are our two most popular flavors, always using thick super-premium bacon and super premium ingredients. We have a third flavor, Honey Jalapeño, that is seasonal."

I am a big fan of these meats because not only do they taste good, but they are a healthy alternative to prepared foods. Jerky saves you time and money. You can take it with you on camping trips or as a snack at work. There are so many brands producing different varieties, and Jeff's is one that you should not pass up.


Jerky Is a Healthy Snack (or Meal)

Jerky is basically meat that has been dehydrated to avoid spoilage. Seasonings and spices are added to not only aid in the preservation process but to enhance flavor, as well. Practically any sort of meat can be made into jerky; beef just happens to be one of the more popular varieties.

Jerky is popular because of its versatility: It doesn't require refrigeration, it has a long shelf life, and it doesn't need to be prepared in a kitchen. You can carry it with you wherever you go. There is little mess to be concerned with and you don't usually have to worry about leftovers.

Jerky is also considered a healthy snack as it is low in fats and high in protein. According to the website, "because moisture and fat are removed from the meat during the preparation process, [jerky] is an excellent source of protein (as much as 15g of protein per serving size) and is generally 97% fat-free." With many more Americans becoming health-conscious in our ever-changing times, jerky is definitely an alternative to consider.

However, as with many things, jerky should be consumed in moderation. Because salt is an active ingredient in the curing process, jerky tends to have a higher sodium content. Too much sodium can have adverse effects. In addition, jerky is addictive and can become habit-forming—at least in my experience.

Why You Should Try Jeff's Famous Jerky

"How do I love thee, let me count the ways," once wrote Elizabeth Barrett Browning. and there are many reasons for you to favor Jeff's Famous Jerky:

  • The meats are rich and delicious: You can tell from the taste and the texture, that high-quality meats are used in Jeff's. The pieces are moist and tender (melt in your mouth type) and taste like meat (unlike many competitors).
  • Seasonings are selected with care: There are a wide variety of flavors that are offered. Spicy, sweet, smoky, etc. From the Carolina Reaper to the Smokin' BBQ, the flavors punctuate your mouth in a pleasant rhythm.
  • There are a variety of meats to choose from: Bacon, beef, turkey, wild game, etc., are just some samples you can choose from. And the titles are catchy and creative: Carolina Reaper, Venison Summer Sausage, and Roadkill Wild Game Stick are just some samples.
  • Jeff's is much better than some of the more popular, well-established varieties. Jeff's seems to be a newer and smaller company and one that does not take short cuts and that is obvious in the quality of the product. Some of the other brands offer a variety of flavors, but there are limitations that come through in the taste.
  • Jeff's has the best Bacon Jerky by far of any company I've tasted. (And I don't really like bacon jerky). Jeff's bacon is crispy and flavorful and absolutely delicious. My only complaint was that there wasn't enough in the bag. Other's I've tried are bland, fatty, and had the texture of one of those pink erasers they used to sell in the school supply shop.

I would definitely recommend Jeff's to any Jerky aficionado—or to anyone looking to try a product they might not have heard of. You won't regret it.

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Carolina Reaper

By far, this is one of the hottest jerkies I have ever tried. Be cautious if you try this variety because it will set your mouth on fire.

The thin slices of meat are still moist as you slip them into your mouth. A hint of sweetness and then the most magnificent and intense peppery feelings you can imagine. When I say that it set's you mouth on fire, I am not exaggerating. I actually started to hyperventilate with delight as I downed this sample. I found myself gasping for air, and wanting a cool glass of water—but then I sat back and relaxed, enjoying the euphoric sensations brought on by the intensity of the spice.

It's that good. In fact, for a few moments, I imagined myself in the desert, in the hot afternoon sun, calming laid out while a fragrant bonfire burned and I felt my mind embracing all sorts of visions that provided me answers to questions I hadn't even asked yet.

Sriracha Black Pepper Bacon Jerky

As alluded to earlier, this is the best bacon jerky I have ever tasted. In fact, I found it hard to believe it was actually jerky as opposed to the real thing.

The pieces were glazed with a thin and succulent veneer of honey and when you bit into the crispy pieces, the sweetness enveloped your lips and tongue. Then there was the sensation of diminutive heat, which escalated into a sharp pang of peppery delight.

The mixture of sugar and spices was certainly nice and the crispy texture of the bacon made me want more.

By far, this is the best—and I know I've said this before and am not exaggerating—bacon jerky I have ever tasted. I have tried a couple that I've purchased from the store made by other well-known brands and they pale completely in comparison.

If you have not tried bacon jerky, try Jeff's. If you have tried bacon jerky, try Jeff's. You will not be disappointed and I know everyone likes bacon. I am certain that it will appeal to non-carnivores. I am that confident.

A Few Closing Words

I am a fan of jerky and jerk-style meats. I've sampled homemade varieties, I've tried the Biltong (which I think is from South Africa) and many of the over-the-counter types that you find in your local gas stations or convenience stores.

When I came across Jeff's I have to confess I was mildly surprised. I had not tried that brand before, and in my experience, it is the smaller, next-door-neighbor types that produce the best product.

I have only tried a few samples of their enormous selection of flavors, and so far I am very pleased. I know I will be going to their website for more.

If you don't believe me, give Carolina Reaper and the bacon flavors a try.

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