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Review of Johnsonville Flame Grilled Chicken Breast Patties

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Johnsonville Chicken Breasts in the package

Johnsonville Chicken Breasts in the package

My rating of Johnsonville Grilled Chicken Breasts

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Giving It a Try

Price: $3.99 - $5.99

I am familiar with Johnsonville because they make sausages and hot dogs. I've tried a few of their products previously, and some of them are not bad. Their quality is usually above mediocre and, depending upon how the product is prepared, can be quite tasty. With hot dogs, they taste best when grilled—in my opinion. Sometimes the option of an open flame isn't available, however, and the few choices that remain—pan-fry, boil, or microwave—are all that one has left.

When I saw these products however, they appeared to be fairly superior and just what I was looking for. Teriyaki isn't one of my favorites, but I've grown accustomed to it over the years. I have had the Foster Farms fresh teriyaki breasts before, and those were delicious. I haven't been able to find them here, however, and I'm not sure if it is because of my location. So when I came across these, I was pleasantly surprised and anticipated a nice chicken dinner a couple of days a week.

First Thoughts

I had decided to pick up some chicken because I wanted lean and healthy meat to supplement my weekly meals. I was actually looking for those new Stouffer's wraps that let you grill a breast in a pan. No one at any of the stores I went to knew what I was talking about.

When I took these home, removed them from the package, and pulled out the individually wrapped contents, I was a bit disappointed. The breasts were much smaller than they appeared. I actually took them out and put them back in and held the bag up to look at it closer. Indeed, the packaging is designed—no surprise—to disguise the actual size of what is inside.

In addition, when you see the chicken in the window area, it that the breasts are whole slices of that part of the bird.

It appears as if there are whole breast slices inside.

It appears as if there are whole breast slices inside.

Cooking the Chicken

As I mentioned earlier concerning hot dogs, I think most foods taste better when cooked over an open fire. This is true with burgers, steaks, chicken, ribs, etc. After that, I prefer baking or heating up something in a pan. These probably could have been cooked either of those ways, but the recommended method of preparation was the microwave. The breasts were designed in small plastic wraps that were microwave safe. Inside with the chicken was a gravy-like substance that was the teriyaki glaze.

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The directions said that for one piece cook on high from 50 to 55 seconds. I left mine in for a minute and a half because I have a smaller microwave and had to reheat it again. It wasn't only not warm when I took it out, but the consistency of the meat was not what I had anticipated.

I left out the vegetables because I only wanted a snack

I left out the vegetables because I only wanted a snack

What Did They Taste Like?

During the cooking, the aroma of ginger filled the air and was pleasant. When I took out the breasts, they looked pretty appetizing, and the grill marks were a nice touch.

However, when I cut into them, it seemed to me they were not whole breasts, but rather white meat chicken that was compressed into a breast shape. The chicken was a bit sinewy, which made it seem under-cooked even though the writing on the container said they were fully cooked and that you could even eat them cold.

They were not bad, but certainly would not be my first choice. If I were hungry and next to a campfire or going on a road trip, I might bring these along, but will not buy them again.

In short, I was disappointed.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information

Overall Thoughts

  • The product itself isn't all that healthy. The sodium content is through the roof.
  • The taste seemed a bit light and artificial—which is probably due to the preservatives.
  • My rating: C+. A little better than average. Kids might find it to their liking, but as an adult, I don't care for it. I don't think I can highly recommend this.

Questions & Answers

Question: Would you say the Johnsonville chicken breast patties are about the right size to fit in a hamburger bun (without a lot of overlap)?

Answer: Yes, depending upon the size of the bun.They fit nicely on smaller buns - with maybe a little extra space. I am sure they make good sandwiches and if they are cooked on the grill, it might effect their texture. But they are not the size of a "standard" chicken breast.

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