AmazonFresh Grocery Delivery Review

Updated on December 7, 2019

The Pros of AmazonFresh Grocery Delivery

I have used AmazonFresh for many grocery deliveries to my home. Here is a list of the pros of using this service.

1. Convenience

AmazonFresh is a convenient way to shop for your groceries online using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You do not have to go to the store and stand in long lines while buying your groceries. The groceries are delivered right to your front door.

This grocery delivery service is especially helpful for people with young children, the elderly, those who are sick or have disabilities. Sometimes going into a physical store to buy groceries can be overwhelming for some people. The convenience of buying online may be helpful to those people.

2. Unattended Delivery

This was one of my top reasons for using AmazonFresh grocery delivery service. You do not even have to be home to receive your groceries. If you are home and do not like answering the door, you do not have to. You can select a time frame for your groceries to be delivered and click the option for unattended delivery.

The groceries are left in front of your home in AmazonFresh tote boxes. These tote boxes are filled with either dry ice or regular ice packs. The totes and ice packs ensure that your frozen or refrigerated groceries stay cold for up to a few hours.

3. Prices

Sometimes there are good sales on AmazonFresh. I feel that I have saved money using their service compared to other supermarket grocery delivery services. Sometimes they will sell one particular product for a quarter. Yes, 25 cents. For example, one week, I was able to buy a whole bag full of clementine oranges for a quarter. Another week, I bought a pack of food storage containers for a quarter.

If you buy over $50 worth of groceries, you will get free delivery. I have always bought over that amount, so I always received free delivery. This service isn't entirely free, though. As an AmazonFresh customer, you are charged roughly $15 a month for the service. However, other grocery delivery services have charged me $15 just for one grocery delivery. If you have groceries delivered a few times a month, that $15 adds up.

4. Products

I think AmazonFresh has some more unique products than other grocery stores. I noticed I found different and newer products more often than when I use a regular chain supermarket. I like goat milk's yogurt, and I was able to find this product on AmazonFresh.

5. Customer Service

When there were a few problems with my orders, the customer service from AmazonFresh was amazing. They handled the problems quickly and efficiently. The customer service representatives I have spoken to were all very polite and friendly. I was offered credits for my next grocery order due to the problems I had encountered. This was great because I would receive about $20 in free groceries the next time I ordered.

The Cons of Using AmazonFresh Grocery Delivery Service

These are a few of the problems I have encountered while using the AmazonFresh Grocery Delivery service.

1. Spoiled Food

A few of the foods that I had delivered from AmazonFresh would come spoiled or starting to rot. The bananas were almost always a brown color and only lasted for a couple of days before turning to mush. Some other products were close to or past their expiration dates, as well. It is hard to get fresh items or items the way you like them when you are not actually picking them out yourself.

2. Groceries Delivered Somewhere Else

A couple of times, I was waiting for my grocery delivery, and it never came. They had delivered my groceries to the wrong address. This was a bit of an inconvenience because I was expecting my groceries that day as I was running low on supplies.

I called customer service, and they confirmed that the order was delivered somewhere else and they offered me a credit on my next order. However, I had to place another order and wait until they were available to deliver my groceries again.

3. Missing Products

There were times when they would forget to put a whole tote full of my groceries on the delivery truck. Therefore, I would be missing a few products from my order. It is hard when it is something you really need or are low on. Especially for those who are sick and might have trouble getting out of the house to replace those groceries right away. You have to reorder those items and have them delivered another day.

4. Frequent Out of Stock Items

There were many times that the brand names or items I was looking for were out of stock. So this would be a bit frustrating if I wanted a particular product. It seemed to happen a lot.

5. Not Enough Variety

I like a lot of variety. AmazonFresh didn't seem to have a wide enough variety of items for me. I feel like it would a better service if they had more options and products available on their website.

6. Tote Boxes

If you choose unattended delivery, you will most likely receive a tote box with your groceries inside. While the tote boxes are nice and keep the food cold, it can take a few days for AmazonFresh drivers to come and pick them back up.

So if you have a tiny apartment and a lot of tote boxes, I would suggest folding the boxes and putting them inside of each other to save space. The tote boxes can take up some room in your home.

7. They Stopped Delivery Service in My Area

AmazonFresh sent me a notice a couple of months ago telling me that they will no longer be servicing my area. Therefore, I would be unable to order groceries from them anymore. They also stopped their delivery service in a lot of areas. They never gave me an explanation, so I have no idea why they stopped the service.

I must say that I was pretty sad when I read that notice about them ending my service. Even though I had experienced some issues with their service, I do miss AmazonFresh. Especially the unattended delivery, which was very convenient for me and my circumstances.


All in all, I would say that I would use AmazonFresh again in the future if they started servicing my area again. It was a convenient service with fairly good prices, and I didn't have to pay a delivery fee every time the groceries were delivered. I also really liked the convenience of the unattended delivery service. Also, their customer service was always excellent at resolving issues.


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