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American Tries Crumpets For The First Time (A Review)

E.B. Black is a published author who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and romance novels.

Because I’ve lived in America all of my life, I had never seen a crumpet in person until recently. I was confused about what crumpets even were for a long time. I falsely assumed that they were something similar to English muffins, until I started watching videos made by British people on YouTube.

As soon as I saw what crumpets were truly like, I wanted to try one. I had a feeling I’d really like them, but they were so hard to find in America. I thought that I might never get the opportunity to have one because I can’t afford to travel to England.

Then, the pandemic happened. I didn’t want to go out and catch Covid, so I started ordering food and other items delivered to my house as much as possible. This led to me trying out foods that I could purchase for delivery from Amazon.

I saw a video of an American purchasing crumpets online as part of trying to have an authentic English day of food—and I knew immediately that I had to order them.

I also found out that Trader Joe’s, which was a grocery store I’d never been to before, also sold crumpets.

Trader Joe’s doesn’t have delivery, but people are going out more now like they were before the pandemic. I still don’t venture out of my house much, but I figured a trip to Trader Joe’s would be okay.

So I ordered crumpets from Amazon and also purchased a package at Trader Joe’s. Here is my review of both of them.

Duffy's Crumpets (purchased on Amazon)

Duffy's Crumpets (purchased on Amazon)

Duffy's Crumpets

I purchased Duffy's Crumpets on Amazon. They were the first crumpets I tried.

I was very nervous to try them because it said on the packaging that they're supposed to be kept refrigerated and these had been sent to me in a box without any cold packs in it.

I didn't know they were supposed to be kept refrigerated until after I ordered them.

We inspected the package, though, and they looked fine. There was no mold or anything on them, but because of the directions on them, we immediately popped them in the fridge for safe keeping until we were ready to try them.


Let me tell you that I've fallen in love.

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When I first saw a crumpet in a video, I thought they looked really strange.

I was kind of scared of it, at first, because I have trypophobia, which is a fear of hole clusters—and the top of a crumpet is covered in tiny holes. Looking at crumpets too closely still makes me kind of uncomfortable.

But other than that, it has become one of my favorite foods. I understand why British people eat it all the time.

It tastes like delicious bread. That flavor will be familiar to any American.

What makes it different, is its texture. The bottom of the crumpet has the texture of a slightly crispy pancake and the rest has the texture of a sponge. Just like a sponge, it absorbs whatever you spread across the top of it in all of its tiny holes.

I've tried various spreads (honey, jelly, peanut butter, Nutella), but my favorite will always be butter.

It’s been a while since I first ordered crumpets and now they are a staple in my household. I order them from Amazon on a regular basis.

We don't have afternoon tea in America, but it's perfect with breakfast.

My description doesn't do the taste justice.


Trader Joe's Crumpets

I also went to Trader Joe's to buy their crumpets. I was hoping that the Trader Joe's brand would be better than the kind I got on Amazon, so that I could get them more reliably (and hopefully they'd be fresher).

Trader Joe's crumpets

Trader Joe's crumpets

I enjoyed these crumpets a lot, but not as much as the Duffy's brand, which is why I'm sticking to that kind. At the same time, the Trader Joe's brand was still worth trying.

I wonder what crumpets fresh from England taste like. I'm sure these two types of crumpets don't compare with the kind you can buy in England, but I'd be interested in comparing them.

Both kinds tasted like delicious bread. Where they varied most is the texture.

These were more like eating biscuits. They were denser than the Amazon ones and heavier on the stomach. I liked them, but I preferred the light experience of eating the other crumpets.

But I would encourage other Americans to try crumpets, too. They changed my life and my eating habits completely.

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