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An Honest Review of Front Door Produce Delivery Service

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What Is Front Door Produce?

According to their website, Front Door Produce provides fresh produce from their farm in South Georgia that is only one to two days out of the field—and sends it right to your door. They claim that their produce is fresher than what you find in your local supermarket, and I was given the chance to put that to the test.

Someone from the company had contacted me after reading my review of another produce delivery service. The person that contacted me offered me a complimentary box in exchange for an honest review of their service, which I readily agreed to after looking at their site. I was really excited about the opportunity to get one of these boxes, especially since their website makes the boxes look great!

How Did It Go?

I was told that I would receive the box on Wednesday of the following week after confirming that I did want to review this service. I was given a date to expect the box and a tracking number, and I was eagerly expecting it on that date.

Delivery Attempt #1

However . . . nothing arrived on that day. The tracking number showed that it was delivered, but there was no sign of a delivery at my house. I even checked our Ring camera to double-check, but no one had delivered anything.

I contacted the woman who I had been in touch with to let her know, and she forwarded my request to someone else. He got back to me the next day to tell me that UPS had taken the box to the wrong address, and would send me a replacement box the next week.

Delivery Attempt #2

However, the following week, the tracking number showed that it was delivered and again, I received nothing. I did notice that the tracking number showed that it was delivered to a different town than the one that I live in, but my contact at Front Door Produce insisted that it was sent to the correct delivery address both times. They agreed to send it out a third time, the following week.

Over the weekend, I received a text message from someone that I didn't know. They sent me a photo of my name on a box from Front Door Produce, but it was addressed to the wrong address. It had the wrong street number, street name, town, and zip code—even though they had insisted that they sent it to the right address.

Delivery Attempt #3

The following week, the box didn't arrive on the day it was promised. I had reached out to both of the people that I had been in touch with, but neither of them responded to my messages. Finally, the box arrived two days after it was promised, and nearly one month after it was originally offered. When I did open it? I was beyond disappointed.

This is a list of what was supposed to be in the box the week I received it.

This is a list of what was supposed to be in the box the week I received it.

The yellow squash was soft and half rotten

The yellow squash was soft and half rotten

The green peppers were cracked and dried out

The green peppers were cracked and dried out

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The tomatoes were bruised and soft

The tomatoes were bruised and soft

The Stuff I Had to Throw Out

I had been watching the list of produce that scheduled to come in the box each week, eagerly anticipating the produce that should be arriving. Naturally, the box that I did get was the one that had the largest percentage of items that I don't use, and some of the things that I did use were in very poor condition.

I'm a huge fan of yellow squash, but not when it is soft and half-rotten. You can see the parts where it is bad, but the picture doesn't show how mushy it was. I had to throw it right out after taking these photos. The green peppers were sliced right open and completely dried out. Those also got thrown directly into the trash. The tomatoes were already starting to go too soft to be able to cut and use, and I'm sure you can guess what happened to those. They kept their squash and pepper friends company in the trash.

After throwing away this damaged produce, this is what was left

After throwing away this damaged produce, this is what was left

The Stuff That Was Okay

I had been expecting some fruit, since the website clearly mentions fruit and vegetables. I guess the lemons and limes counted as fruit, since that's the closest I got. The company was clearly gunning for us to make some kind of salsa, but this was definitely not the ideal box for me. I don't eat onions at all, so those went right in the trash, and since I have that gene that makes cilantro taste like soap, that also got tossed immediately.

I do have to say that the salad cucumbers were absolutely delicious, although I could only eat two of them before they went bad. I couldn't do much with the tomatillos either, especially since the largest one was rotten once I got the husk off.

The produce was all a little too close to ripe, and had to be used within a day or two of arrival. Obviously I wasn't going to use all of this within two days, so the vast majority of it ended up going to waste. I wish it could have arrived in better condition, and would have lasted a little longer. I don't know how they decide that it is fresher than what I get from the grocery store either, since when I get my produce from the supermarket, it tends to last me more than two days.

Out of all of this, I only got to enjoy two cucumbers, two jalapeños, one lime, and one avocado. The rest was all either overripe, too rotten or damaged to eat, or not something I'd ever eat.

Would I Recommend Front Door Produce?

I've spent more than half of my life working in customer service. I get that errors happen, and I've made my share of them. But what happened with Front Door Produce left me with a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended).

First, their inability to send a box to the correct address three weeks in a row, followed by the lack of willingness to accept any form of responsibility. When proof was offered, they completely stopped responding. And since the box finally did arrive several days late, I could only come to the conclusion that they either didn't send the box or sent it to the wrong place again.

And then on top of all of that, to send a box that was full of produce that was on the verge of going bad? I would have expected them to bend over backwards to ensure that their product was absolutely perfect at that point.

I couldn't recommend Front Door Produce in good conscience to anyone. If you do choose to sign up for their service, be prepared to get your box sent to the wrong address, receive unusable produce, and have any usable produce go bad within days of receiving it. Don't say you weren't warned.

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