Berry Disaster: The Downfall of Shari's Berries

Updated on February 8, 2017

I’m compelled to write this critique.

Shari’s Berries is advertising heavily now for Valentine's Day. The television ads are spectacular. Big, plump, beautiful berries all dressed up for the day of love. Who wouldn’t want to receive a box of these treats?

The radio ads are even more graphic as talk show hosts describe the hugeness, the juiciness, and the luscious chocolate coverings. “They arrive fresh and cold,” they say. And only $19.00 for a box of this decadent treat, it beats flowers any day.


Sadly I received a box of Shari’s Berries for Christmas. First I noticed the smell. Yes, smell. I dismissed the fact that it wasn’t pleasant, rationalizing that perhaps it was just the shipping carton.

I opened the box expecting to be wowed by the beauty of these hand-decorated morsels. It was sad. A messy thing it was like it had taken a very rough ride. But I dismissed that too, figuring the carrier was not as careful as necessary. But that was not all. Some of the berries, well, most of them were quite small. They were a mismatched bunch of awful looking, smelly, shipping damaged objects. Unattractive doesn’t cover it.


Anyway, I tasted one.

Oh dear! They had little stems sticking out, and the berries were mushy, and yes, that accounts for the odor. They stunk. They were not fresh. They were terrible.

My condolences to Shari. She created a magnificent product several years ago. But her company was bought out by FTD the flower telemarketer, which is all you need to know.

I had to toss them, and that was so terrible an experience.

I am adding the following to this hub: This was the SECOND time I received these berries and both times they were just awful.

The best place for this gift.
The best place for this gift.


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    • profile image

      Cory 2 months ago

      I never liked them even before Shari sold to FTd , to me and my wife they were always nasty. Had family members order them as gifts and send them to us, I’d rather toss them in the garbage than re-gift them.

    • profile image

      Maryann 2 months ago

      Yes I just told them ordered the candy apples. Hard as a rock and the apple was soft. My husband refused to eat them afraid he would break his teeth. Will never order again from them.

    • profile image

      Corrine Jones 3 months ago

      So, I'm not the only one! I received a gift box of choc. covered strawberries. Since I couldn't eat all 12 of them at once, I put the box in the refrigerat0r. "poison control" because I'd read that mold is dangerous and hard to combat in the human body. All the rest went into the garbage. Should I have frozen them? No instructions came

      with the shipment.

    • profile image

      Carole 12 months ago

      Just received gift of Shari's Berries from my son. They have been wonderful in the past; couldn't wait to get into them. What a disappointment! They were mushy and one was moldy. There were no ice packs in the box. Hopefully, I can salvage a few of them.

    • profile image

      Darryl Johns 12 months ago

      I ordered the 2 day surprise flowers one day berries the next DON"T DO IT order them together so you are only disappointed one time instead of twice. I will not be ordering from them again

    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 12 months ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Sorry Jim that you didn't see my hub first.

      Glad to help mbraybook.

      When I saw the Shari's Berry carton from the UPS guy, I groaned. I'd had them once before about a year earlier, and I hated them. This time they were even worse. I feel bad for the founder because her company went to pot after the buy out by FTD. That company has been on the skids for years. They sued the heck out of Pro Flowers then bought it so they could mess up that company too.

    • profile image

      mbraybrook 12 months ago

      thank you so much for telling everyone about your experience with SHARI'S BERRIES......I WILL NEVER ORDER THEM !!!! THANKS FOR SAVING ME A LOT OF MONEY!!!!

    • profile image

      jim 12 months ago

      Ordered Shari,s Berries for my valentine and what a mess. Don't end up paying $39.00 for old, wet produce like I did.