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Country Archer Original Beef Jerky Review

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I think this brand of beef jerky is pretty good.

I think this brand of beef jerky is pretty good.

A Short History of Beef Jerky

There is a great deal of debate whether the process of preserving meat with salt and drying it in the sun began thousands of years ago with the ancient Egyptians—or around 1500 in the New World.

Among the Native Americans, the basic method for processing the meat was as follows: Long strips of game, originally bison, were massaged with salt and then left to dry in the sun or smoked for two or three days.

This method would allow them to preserve meat so that when they traveled, they would have access to an immediate food source. After discovering this style of cooking, the Europeans added various other spices for flavoring and expanded the range of meats to be preserved.

In the New American continent, jerky allowed people to keep meat in an era before refrigeration. It also ensured that an animal carcass would not have to be consumed completely at one time or go to waste.

Artist's conception of early meat preparation

Artist's conception of early meat preparation

Country Archer: Regular Beef Jerky

Beef jerky comes in many different textures, and this is typically the result of how it was prepared. Some brands are a little drier and tougher, while others are moist and seem like fresh slices.

That's how I would describe Country Archer. The pieces are wet to the touch and tender. The flavor is rich and smoky but not overbearing. You can taste the meat with a hit of garlic, onion, and paprika. Delicious.

The company says it uses grass-fed beef, which I guess makes it an organic product. You get a lot of protein with very little fat and calories. Just a few pieces will satisfy a hungry appetite.

Is it "gourmet," as it says on the packaging? I don't know if jerky can be considered in those terms, but it does taste pretty good. The best thing I think it has going for it is the fresh taste. Drier jerkies are just as good, but the lack of moisture can be a bit discouraging. Country Archer just melts in your mouth.

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Country Archer jerky is tender and moist

Country Archer jerky is tender and moist

Nutrition Information

A pretty healthy label

A pretty healthy label

Beef Jerky Is Convenient

One of the good things about this snack is that it is easy to keep. You can carry it with you on trips, take it to a concert, or eat it as a snack at work.

Jerky doesn't require special storage considerations (within reason), and you don't need to have access to a stove or microwave. Some products even come in a snack size.

With a side of carrots and nuts, you basically have a full meal. It's almost like steak and potatoes!


Some More Benefits

A lot of people who know a thing or two about food have a lot to say about jerky. It's considered a high-protein snack that is healthy for those who are weight-conscious.

These are some good facts to consider in a day and age when people are trying to find good things to eat. Jerky is definitely an alternative to fast food and doesn't leave you feeling groggy. The fact that it is a good source of nutrition and compatible with many modern diets such as the Keto or Paleo should provide further incentives for those who are seeking good food sources.

This is a snack that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. However, please don't allow it to distract your driving.

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