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Review of Teriyaki Chicken by Crazy Cuizine

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If you're looking for a healthy quick meal, Crazy Cuizine is an option

If you're looking for a healthy quick meal, Crazy Cuizine is an option

Convenience, Health, and Satisfaction

If you're like most people, you enjoy having a nice meal when you come home from a busy day. Preparing a dinner can be a complicated process, so it is always convenient to have other options available. You can dine out or have the food delivered to you, but restaurants can be quite pricey.

Many people take advantage of the frozen food aisle at their local grocery store. With this choice, there is the knowledge that you have to put in very little prep work to create a meal and clean up afterwards is at a minimum.

Considerations that might come to mind include: Is the food good quality? Is the frozen food option cost effective? How many people can I feed because I have a family? Is it really quicker and convenient? How healthy is this meal because I have to watch my carb intake?

I hope to answer some of those questions for you in this review.

Crazy Cuizine Teriyaki Chicken

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Crazy Cuizine

According to their website, "Our Mission is to provide consumers with the Best Tasting, Highest Quality Entrees, Side Dishes, and Appetizers that we can, all at a reasonable value." (2018). Crazy Cuizine provides a variety of Asian American-influenced dishes that are supposed to be better than their competitors and are certified "restaurant quality" (2018) products.

What does that mean? Crazy Cuizine guarantees that their chicken products are made from white meat chicken breast. They assert that their portions are generally larger than those you find from other products in the supermarket. The company also claims that their food is just as good—if not better—than what you would find in a place where the food is freshly prepared.

In this article, I will review their Teriyaki Chicken and test the companies claims for myself and share that information with you. I will let you know if you can feed your family and share whether or not the price you paid for the product is worth its value compared to what you might find in a restaurant.

Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki chicken is found in the frozen section in the meat and seafood area

Teriyaki chicken is found in the frozen section in the meat and seafood area

Crazy Cuizine promised three major things:

  1. White meat chicken breast - Yes, you do get white meat chicken.
  2. Large samples - The pieces were large, very large.
  3. Restaurant Quality/Value - I've tasted restaurants that were similar and the value (price) is definitely cheaper.
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Nutritional Information

according to the label, there are 4 servings in the box

according to the label, there are 4 servings in the box

My Personal Opinons

I found this product satisfying and filling. With a side of rice and vegetables, it is a complete and nutritious meal.

I probably should have cooked my chicken a little longer, let it simmer in the sauce for a bit more. I also prefer a teriyaki sauce that is a little sweeter and thicker. A little brown sugar would help that out.

Other than that, it really wasn't bad. The meat was white and I much prefer the breast. The pieces were in such large sizes that I cut several in half while cooking.

As far as value is concerned, the item was on sale at the grocery store for $6.99 (a dollar off). Normally, when you go to a Japanese-style restaurant or a place in the mall, you can expect to pay about the same price for a bowl with rice. You are not always guaranteed white meat either. And when you add the price of a drink, it goes up. If you have a family of four, and do the math, you can see where this will get you.

My sample fed me tonight and I'll have some left over for lunch tomorrow.

In Conclusion

To close out, I'd like to say that I really do enjoy teriyaki chicken dishes. There was a place where I used to live called Pete's Teriyaki which had the best rice bowls for the money in the entire city. You would get an entire chicken breast fillet sliced and they would top it off with sesame seed. It was a wildly popular place every day of the week.

Crazy Cuizine does pass for having a restaurant quality product. There have been some frozen Asian chicken dinner products where the food was mediocre at best. The only problem I had was that the sauce wasn't flavorful enough for me, but that could be rectified with home remedies.

I think you get a good value for the product. For what I would pay in a restaurant for a single serving, I could spend on this and have change coming back.

I recommend you give it a try.


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