Review of Eat Your Coffee Caffeinated Snack Bars

Updated on May 25, 2020
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Hilary is a self-proclaimed expert food critic, succumbing to her passion for food. She has a lifetime of experience in food consumption.

Eat Your Coffee makes caffeinated snack bites
Eat Your Coffee makes caffeinated snack bites

What Is Eat Your Coffee?

Eat Your Coffee (EYC) is a small but passionate company founded by college students that makes caffeinated snacks with natural, ethically sourced coffee beans. Their snacks contain either 80 mg of caffeine (equivalent to a cup of coffee) or 65 mg (equivalent to a shot of espresso). According to their website, the caffeine bars are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO. Those with nut allergies should be wary, however, as these bars contain nuts and are processed in a facility that uses tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and sunflower oil.


I am not sponsored by Eat Your Coffee. This article is based solely on my opinion, and these products were purchased on my own volition.

First Impressions

I ordered two flavors of coffee bites: Mocha Mint and Cocoa Espresso. EYC provided tracking information, and the package arrived rather quickly (in three days). The bites came individually wrapped within a thick, brown envelope similar to a paper bag. All of the bites appear undamaged and fresh, though smaller than I expected. EYC also included a sweet thank-you note, letting me know that my purchase allowed them to donate snacks to U.S. hospitals.

The encouraging note from the EYC team
The encouraging note from the EYC team

Mocha Mint Review

The unwrapped snack bite is a wee little rectangle, living up to its “bite” namesake. Right away, I noticed that the Mocha Mint bar smells very strongly of dark chocolate, with a bittersweet hint of coffee and date. Despite being composed of mostly dates, it does not feel tacky or sticky. Upon first glance, there appear to be nut fragments embedded within, along with a couple of whole chocolate chips.

The bar has a decent texture. The dates are soft and malleable, with the chunks of nuts and chocolate providing a nice crunch. However, the taste was not what I expected. To me, it tasted a little bland and bitter, much like unsweetened dark chocolate and black coffee, with a hint of sweetness coming from the dates. Though this flavor is advertised as Mocha Mint, there is only the slightest bit of cooling in my throat after swallowing.

Very frankly, this bite tasted “healthy.” When I consider that these contain no added sugar, they are not bad at all. However, when compared with a (sugary) peppermint latte from Dunkin’ Donuts, these are a bit lacking. Overall, the bites are exactly as advertised: a little bland, but otherwise acceptable. I can see myself popping a square for a quick buzz before a final or a long study session.

Rating: 6.5/10

This is a wrapped Mocha Mint bite with a pen and nickel for scale.
This is a wrapped Mocha Mint bite with a pen and nickel for scale.
Depicted is a nut-filled cross-section of a Mocha Mint bite.
Depicted is a nut-filled cross-section of a Mocha Mint bite.

Cocoa Espresso Review

The cocoa expresso bite is very similar to its minty counterpart, both in appearance and smell. This bar has a few cracks along its surface. After inspecting the cross-section, this one appears to have nuts and unsweetened chocolate ships as well.

This bite is identical to the Mocha Mint in texture. The dates are finely ground and chewy, the chocolate chunks are smooth, and the nuts are crunchy. The taste is quite similar to the previous bar I tasted. Each bite is akin to eating chewy coffee grounds interspersed with the occasional nutty crunch and unsweetened dark chocolate chunk. Unlike the Mocha Mint, this bar has no cooling effect. Instead, there is the slightest aftertaste of cinnamon. Other than that, the difference between these two flavors is nearly indiscernible.

Rating: 6/10

The Cocoa Espresso bite (wrapped) with a nickel for scale.
The Cocoa Espresso bite (wrapped) with a nickel for scale.
Here is a cross-section of the Cocoa Espresso square.
Here is a cross-section of the Cocoa Espresso square.

Final Verdict

Overall, these caffeinated snack bites are not bad. They are certainly healthier than sugary energy drinks and lattes. Would I eat them again? Perhaps. Though I did not savor the taste, I can vouch for their effectiveness. The bites provide a nice energy boost without the crash that follows a sugar high. Furthermore, they are the perfect size to carry around and eat on the go. These are perfect for busy college students, harried office workers, and hard working athletes alike. If you enjoy eating healthy, sugar-free foods, these could be the perfect fit for you.

Eat Your Coffee Pros and Cons

Very healthy (no added sugar, etc.)
Taste is bitter/bland
Provides energy with no crash
Size is a bit small
Ethically sourced coffee


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    • lizmalay profile image


      6 weeks ago from USA

      I have never tried these caffeinated snack bars yet! I wonder if they are similar to GU Stroopwafel. I like healthy snack bars especially if they have coffee flavor in it. I think I'm going to find it at the store or online. Thanks for sharing the review.


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