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ShopRite From Home: My Experience as a Chronically Ill Person

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As a chronically ill person, I value being able to shop for groceries from home.

In recent years, more and more retailers have begun to offer services that allow their customers to order items from home instead of shopping in-store.

In recent years, more and more retailers have begun to offer services that allow their customers to order items from home instead of shopping in-store.

A Review of ShopRite From Home

Recently, more and more stores have added a shop-from-home feature to their menu of services. Shopping from home allows customers to choose what they want from a store's website or mobile app. The store then sends one of its employees to gather those items for the customer. Customers may either go to the store to pick up the items or arrange for home delivery.

Stop & Shop vs. ShopRite

The first store I ever saw offering this service was a Stop & Shop on the Jersey Shore, where I was living at the time. Their shop-from-home system was called Pea Pod and only offered the option of home delivery (which was included in the fee). I have never tried this service, so I do not have any personal experience to share.

I believe that the success of Stop & Shop's shop-from-home service was a big eye-opener for competing businesses. Again, I'm just speaking from my own experience and observations of one little part of New Jersey. Other parts of the country may have seen this type of shopping arrive much earlier.

Soon, I noticed that ShopRite followed in Stop & Shop's footsteps. It could almost be compared to an overnight sensation. I remember walking into the ShopRite that I frequented quite often and seeing countless carts filled up with people's orders for them to pick up.

Unlike Stop & Shop, ShopRite offered the extra option of allowing the customer to do an in-store pickup. ShopRite has a shopping fee, which varies by store, and also a delivery fee for customers who prefer that option.

While I cannot attest to the quality of Pea Pod, I can tell you about my experience with ShopRite. I moved to South Jersey in 2015. It was a few months after I became afflicted by terrible health issues, and I really wanted to experiment with a shop-from-home service. To put things into perspective, I was finding that every time I went grocery shopping, I would return home and need to rest for a couple of hours just to recover. The experience of couponing, shopping, loading, and unloading just wiped me out.

My Review of ShopRite From Home

In my three years of using the service, I have never actually tried the home delivery option. My husband has no problem picking up the groceries, especially since the store is just a few minutes away. I pay the $4.95 shopping fee, and then it is zero dollars for my husband to pick it up. Considering how much energy it saves me, the small fee seems worth it. As I mentioned, each store has its own prices, so I recommend that you inquire beforehand.

Can I say that I love the service? I like it, and it's by far my favorite out of the many that I have tried, but I cannot say that they have never made a mistake. There have been various times when my fruit was not the quality that I would have chosen for myself. There have also been times when I've decided to get meat, and the shoppers would go over the price I wanted to pay—sometimes by as much as $5. In these instances, if you call up the store and speak to someone in the SRFH department, they usually will try to make the situation better for you.

Communicating With Shoppers

I must suggest that you write notes to the shopper about how you would pick your produce and meat items. They give you a spot under each item where you can insert a note. I sometimes ask for green bananas or that the deli slice the turkey thin. You can also check a box saying that you allow them to substitute items in cases where they are out of stock or only have certain flavors left. If you don't select that box, they will ask you either by phone or when you get to the store about any substitutions that they stumbled upon along the way.

Special Offers

The final reason why I prefer ShopRite From Home is that they have special offers specifically for ShopRite From Home customers. You can use more than one at a time. Sometimes, they may offer something like $5 off a $15 purchase of select General Mills items or $10 off $30 worth of select P&G items. On 5/5/2019, ShopRite updated its coupon policy. Prior to this date, customers were allowed to use both manufacturer's coupons and ShopRite's digital coupons on the same item. However, the new policy states that if you have both a digital and manufacturer's coupon, the register will determine which one is worth more and use that one.

I apologize for the super lengthy explanation, but I'm trying to be as honest as possible.

Final Score: ShopRite for me is 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Percent Success: They get it right about 80% of the time.

Order and Delivery Time

I forgot to mention that you have to select a time to either pick up your order or have it delivered to you. I have never shopped in the morning and found a time slot for the same day. I usually place an order and expect it to be ready the following day.

Questions & Answers

Question: May I add to my order from Shoprite after entering it?

Answer: I believe you have to call the store's Shoprite From Home department if you want to add anything after your order has been submitted.