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My Review of Every Flavor of Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese

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Cheetos and Mac 'n Cheese Mash-Up

Cheetos and mac 'n cheese are two comfort foods people turn to when they crave something cheesy. People don't usually eat them at the same time, though.

That is, until Burger King decided to combine them and make something called Mac 'n Cheetos.

That happened years ago, but it sparked a new trend on the internet. People wanted to make mac 'n Cheetos at home.

The dish was inspired by fried mac 'n cheese, except they used Cheetos instead of bread crumbs to dip the mac 'n cheese balls into before deep-frying.

I remember loving the taste of it, but that was back when I had bad teeth, before I got my dentures. I couldn't eat real Cheetos at the time because I experienced pain even while eating soft foods. Mac 'n Cheetos was the closest I could get to eating real Cheetos.


Introducing Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese

Over time, that product disappeared. I was sad about it at first, but I eventually forgot it existed—especially after I got dentures and was able to eat most foods without pain.

But Cheetos and Kraft didn't forget about how well they went together when combining products, so they decided to make something new.

Instead of using the Cheetos for breading, they decided to use the Cheetos for flavor.

People have been begging for a product to exist like this for a while. They were curious and excited about the idea of what mac 'n cheese would taste like if it was Hot Cheetos flavored, especially.

This excited me, too, because Hot Cheetos is my favorite Cheetos flavor. It's something I eat even though I get heartburn from it because it tastes that good.

I wondered if I would like this new product, for that reason, as much as I enjoyed the old one sold at Burger King.


My Overall Thoughts

All of the pictures in this article are taken by me. I took the picture above because I wanted to show you how large the cups were compared to a water bottle in real life.

They seem a bit bigger than the easy mac products I've had in the past, but they follow the same directions.

I decided to go with the easy mac version of the Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese (there's also a traditional boxed version) because I wasn't sure if I would like the flavor of any of it and I didn't want to waste a giant amount of food just for a review.

Also, the easy mac version is much easier to make, you just pop it in the microwave, which appealed to me as well.

Each flavor was very florescent colored and bright, even more so than normal mac 'n cheese, which I appreciated because this isn't the kind of food you eat when you're looking for something healthy and not full of chemicals that make it taste good.

My husband tried each flavor of Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese with me. I wanted him to give his input on what he thought of them, too.


Flavor 1: Flamin' Hot

Both my husband and I hated this flavor.

I expected him to hate it because he hates Hot Cheetos, but I was disappointed that I felt the same.

I love when foods have a bit of spice added to them. Something about them tingling my tongue with heat makes them extra delicious, which is probably why I love Hot Cheetos.

But this managed to be both bland and spicy at the same time.

The first flavor that hits your tongue is just plain noodles. Next, the heat hits the back of your throat.

At no point do you taste any cheese.

My husband described it as tasting like plain noodles with hot sauce poured over them and otherwise no other flavor.

Maybe some people would like that, but neither of us did.


Flavor 2: Bold & Cheesy

This was my husband's favorite flavor, probably because he hates spicy food, unlike me, but they weren't plain tasting.

I liked them better than the Hot Cheetos flavor. The cheese flavor came through and was very intense.

They tasted more like Cheetos than mac 'n cheese. It was like eating Cheetos if they were really soft and limp.

I would have loved this back before I had dentures to eat when I had severe tooth pain.


Flavor 3: Cheesy Jalapeño

These were my favorite flavor and my husband's second favorite.

They tasted like limp, soft versions of cheesy jalapeño flavored Cheetos.

I liked them best because they had the cheese flavor along with the heat. You can also clearly tell there are jalapeños in it, even if you weren't told ahead of time.

Final Thoughts

I think the cheesy jalapeño and the plain cheesy one might be worth eating if you love Cheetos, but that the Hot Cheetos flavor is not good.

Personally, I don't think I will purchase these again. I didn't realize how much I would miss the crunch of a Cheeto until that sensation was gone.

I get cravings for both Hot Cheetos and mac 'n cheese, but I don't think I'll ever crave any of these.

They were fun to try, but I don't think I'll be purchasing them again. They will likely disappear in time, just like the Mac 'n Cheetos did.

But if you wish to try them, I don't want to stop you. Maybe your experience will be different than mine.

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