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Product Review of Kirkland (Costco Brand) Protein Bars

Abby Slutsky loves baking and cooking. When she's on the go, she occasionally reaches for a protein bar.

Kirkland Protein Bars come in four flavors, but  they are packaged with two flavors in each (20 bars per carton).

Kirkland Protein Bars come in four flavors, but they are packaged with two flavors in each (20 bars per carton).

For many people, a protein bar is a quick on-the-go meal replacement or a filling snack. It can also satisfy a sweet tooth without loads of sugar.

These bars are individually wrapped in foil-style wrap. I most often keep these bars in a golf bag, in my car, or anywhere else where I might get hungry and need a quick snack.

What Makes a Good Protein Bar?

According to Men’s Health magazine, a good protein bar should meet the following nutritional criteria:

  • Fewer than 300 calories
  • Low sugar
  • Minimum of 5 grams of fiber
  • At least 20 grams of protein

Quick Facts About Kirkland Protein Bars

  • Nutrition: The Kirkland brand protein bar exceeds many of the recommendations suggested by Men’s Health magazine. These bars have only 2 grams of sugar, are under 200 calories, have 21 grams of protein, and contain 10 grams of fiber. The bars do not contain gluten or artificial flavors.
  • Cost: While there are other protein bars that meet these requirements, many are expensive, and some consumers do not want to spend two dollars or more for a protein bar. The Kirkland bars are currently priced under a dollar, but this could be subject to change. Nevertheless, they are likely to remain cheaper than other comparable protein bars.
  • Where to purchase: I personally have not seen these bars in any stores except Costco. However, you can purchase them online through Amazon.
  • How to eat: They are perfect straight out of the package, but you can also remove them from the package and heat them for 10 seconds in the microwave if you prefer a softer consistency.
Remove a bar from the foil package and microwave it for 10 seconds. It will be soft and flavorful.

Remove a bar from the foil package and microwave it for 10 seconds. It will be soft and flavorful.

Consistency and Texture

The bars have a chewy consistency that is similar to a Quest bar. If you have not tried Quest bars, the consistency is almost like a Tootsie Roll. They are soft and pliable rather than crispy.


The Kirkland bars do not have the same variety of flavors of some other similar bars. I personally think they are most similar to Quest bars. Costco offers them in chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate brownie, peanutbutter chunk, and cookies and cream flavors. Unfortunately, consumers cannot pick and choose their flavors completely. The chocolate chip cookie dough and the brownie flavors are boxed together, giving the purchaser 10 bars of each. The peanutbutter and cookies and cream flavors are boxed together too, so make sure you select a package that contains flavors that you expect to like.

The chocolate chip is a vanilla-based dough with chocolate chips running through it. The chocolate brownie is a chocolate dough, the cookies and cream bar is vanilla-based with cookies throughout it, and the peanutbutter flavor is a chocolate dough with peanutbutter chunks.

How Do They Taste?

These bars are satisfying and filling for a quick meal or snack. I do not tend to snack more after I have eaten one.

I thought the brownie flavor tasted like a sub-par Tootsie Roll, but once you get used to it, the flavor is not bad. My personal favorite is the chocolate chip flavor, which has real chocolate chunks. I prefer a peanut butter base dough with chocolate chunks, so the peanut butter flavor was not my style. I usually do not choose cookies and cream flavors, but my husband says this flavor is a winner. There is a slightly sweet taste after eating any of the flavors, but it is not unpleasant.

Given the cost, nutritional information, flavor, and portability, if you are someone who likes protein bars and wants one that packs in nutrition without costing a fortune, the Costco Kirkland protein bars may be worth trying. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase a bulk pack with two flavors, but as long as you like the flavor combinations, they are an affordable protein bar option.

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