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Review of Evergood Hot Links

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Finn lives in California's central valley. He enjoys writing food reviews.

Read on for my review of Evergood hot link sausages.

Read on for my review of Evergood hot link sausages.


Well, with a name like Evergood, you would have high expectations. There is a permanency about this name that seems to supersede any brands that offer similar products. Sausages named after people or that make you think about small beach getaways near famous cities.

The sausages look pretty solid in the package and have a nice color. With these specimens you know you cannot use a normal bread that is designed just for hot dogs. The red hue and thick casing seem to promise a delicious blend of spiciness and meaty flavors that will please your mouth.

Frying is my favorite way to prepare sausages.

Frying is my favorite way to prepare sausages.

How to Cook

Cooking these up on the grill is probably the best method, but not all of us have access—or time for that matter—to fire up a grill.

You can always use what is available indoors. Some people don't mind a microwave—personally, I don't care for one other than to use it to heat up leftovers. There is also the air fryer, but I think that works best with certain frozen-type foods. And then, of course, the stovetop.

Usually, I prefer something like cast iron, but any pan will do. Some people even prefer their hot dog products boiled or steamed. Steaming would be my option, but with something like a sausage, with a thicker casing, I would opt for the pan-grilled method.

Grill Notes

If you do have the option (and time) to cook on the grill, I'd recommend that. Food cooked outdoors, over charcoal or wood chips, always seems to taste better than the indoor preparations. I guess there is something to be said about the old-fashioned way of cooking. Whether it is chicken, burgers, seafood, or veggies, flame is the best method.

Sausage in a hoagie roll

Sausage in a hoagie roll

How Did It Taste?

Well, for some reason, I can never get mine to taste like they do at the fair. I try things like using a heavier French bread roll, onions, etc., and it isn't quite the same. The restaurants I've seen that serve hot links use a simple griddle—not much different from a pan—and mine still do not come out as good. They must use a special oil or seasoning, or perhaps have a way of brining their product first.

Are they good? Well, not bad. Not what I expected. I have tasted hot sausages that will knock your ears off and break you into a sweat from the first whiff. This one was rather bland. The texture was sort of thick and the casing a bit sinewy, almost to the point where it was a turn-off.

Did it fill me up? Yes, it was pretty good. Was it spicy? I'm sure there was enough spice in it to make some people think this was way hot. If you have a more developed palate though, you probably would want to seek out some hot peppers.

Overall, I'd say it is pretty good.

Here is the nutrition facts label on the packaging.

Here is the nutrition facts label on the packaging.

Is It Healthy?

Well, see for yourself.

if you are looking for a nice little snack, these are worth it. They come in packs of five or six or so for about $5 (as of 2022). That means for about a buck and some change you can have a quick lunch. You can feed a small family for a picture of Lincoln.

The only problem I find with these is that they start to get boring about halfway through. Even with a nice side of chips (or slaw, etc.), they lose their pizzazz almost immediately.

I'm sure though, if you steamed them for long enough, they would be pretty good. I think I'll try that method next time.

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