Review of Milton’s Craft Bakers Cauliflower Pizza

Even though Abby Slutsky owns a bakery business, she likes to find a balance between nutritional foods, interesting side dishes, and sweets.

Milton's Craft Bakers Cauliflower Pizza

Milton's Craft Bakers Cauliflower Pizza

Ancient Origins of Pizza

Flatbreads with toppings (similar to pizza) were eaten by ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. [1] As early as 1522, the poor working class were making and eating pizza in Naples because it was cheap and quick to eat. [2] By the 18th century, King Ferdinando IV occasionally had his chefs bake pizza. [2] Over time, pizza became popular with people from varied incomes.

Modern Pizza

Today, pizza is considered a food that is inexpensive, fast, and easy to eat. The first pizza shop in the United States was opened in 1905 in New York City by Gennaro Lombardi, a bread maker. Twenty-five years later, his menu expanded to include pasta. [2]

More recently, entrepreneurs have attempted to make pizza healthier by modifying the crust. Some places use whole wheat pizza crust, and more recently, cauliflower crust has become a viable option for many people who want a healthy crust or are gluten intolerant. It is unclear who created the first cauliflower pizza, but according to Cauliflower Crust Pizza, one of the earliest recipes was written by Jamie VanEaton in 2012. [3]

Milton's Cauliflower Pizza At-Home

Although I like pizza, I am not a fan of cauliflower. I have never eaten it cooked or raw as a vegetable. Thus, when my friends recommended Milton’s Craft Bakers Cauliflower Pizza, I was hesitant to try it. I expected to dislike it.

However, based on my experience, I would encourage you to give it a try. In fact, when I initially made it for the first time, I informed my son that there was two-thirds of a pizza in the kitchen. I told him it had a cauliflower crust, but it tasted better than I expected. You can imagine my surprise when I returned to the kitchen 30 minutes later and saw that my son (who is not a vegetable lover) had polished off the remaining slices.

Where to Buy It

I am not sure how many places carry Milton’s Cauliflower Pizza, but I purchase it at Costco. Depending on whether they are running a special, a package of two pizzas runs between $12 and $16 at Costco.

I have only tried the roasted vegetable variety, but the Milton’s Craft Bakers website offers Margherita Four Cheese and Meat Lover’s pizza too. Their website allows for online purchases and provides a list of grocery stores that carry their products. If you enter your zip code on their website, you will be given a list of local stores where you can buy their products. I recommend calling the store first to ensure that they have the product and variety you want.

Use a spatula to slide the pizza from the oven to the cakeboard that it is included in the packaging.

Use a spatula to slide the pizza from the oven to the cakeboard that it is included in the packaging.

How to Prepare the Pizza

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and put the pizza directly on your oven rack. I once tried putting the pizza on a cookie sheet, but the crust is not nearly as crispy and tasty if you do not follow the directions. I have had a good experience making it in a convection oven, which will adjust the temperature to 400 degrees instead of 425. The pizza comes on a cakeboard. I recommend keeping the cakeboard, so you can slide the pizza from your oven rack to the cakeboard easily.

How Does It Taste?

Surprisingly, Milton’s was tastier than most frozen pizza I have eaten. The slightly crunchy crust has nice texture and flavor. If the box did not say it was cauliflower pizza, I honestly would not have known. It is a thinner style crust with ample cheese, sufficient sauce, and a generous amount of vegetables, if you choose the roasted vegetable flavor.

Interesting Fact About Pizza

Many in the culinary profession consider pizza to be a sandwich because the toppings sit on a base of bread.

Whether you consider pizza a sandwich or simply an Italian specialty, if you love pizza and want a healthier variety than one made with a traditional white flour, Milton’s Craft Bakers Cauliflower Pizza could be your new way to satisfy a pizza craving without adding a lot of carbs to your diet.


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Abby Slutsky (author) from America on February 23, 2021:

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on February 23, 2021:

I've tried it too (a different brand name cauliflower pizza I think) and I love the crust. My failing is that I love the bread and thick so I make my own using whole wheat. I also add vegan cheese. Great review.



Abby Slutsky (author) from America on February 23, 2021:

Thnks for reading.

Abby Slutsky (author) from America on February 23, 2021:

Thanks so much. I have just noticd them in the stores the past few years.

Liz Westwood from UK on February 23, 2021:

I was shopping for pizza yesterday. Unfortunately we don't have this type of pizza in the UK yet. I hope it comes over here soon. You make a good case for it.

Sp Greaney from Ireland on February 23, 2021:

This is so different. We don't have these types of pizzas in our grocery stores yet. But I do like cauliflower so I think I would like this type of crust.

Abby Slutsky (author) from America on February 22, 2021:

Thanks for reading. That sounds like a good idea.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on February 22, 2021:

We also buy it at Costco, and I truly enjoy eating it. My husband loves pepperoni, so we added it along with some thinly sliced onions. It is yummy! He says he does not like cauliflower, but he enjoys this pizza.

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