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7 White Cheddar Cheese Snacks Rated

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White cheddar is a popular flavoring for snacks

White cheddar is a popular flavoring for snacks

White vs. Yellow Cheddar: What's the Difference?

The only difference between white and yellow cheddar—according to experts—is the color. According to, "White cheddar cheese is simply cheddar cheese that has not been dyed orange with a natural vegetable dye. There is no difference in taste or texture between white cheddar vs orange cheddar."

However, as someone who appreciates cheddar, I beg to differ. In my opinion, white has a lighter and cleaner taste and is much more visually appealing. The aroma is more distinct and delicious.

For some reason, white cheddar seems to be growing in popularity; I have noticed that there is a plethora of snack items that have adopted this flavor.

So, let's take a look at some of the options that might be available in a store near you.

1. Cheetos Crunchy White Cheddar

Wow. These are pretty good. Bonus: They're a little less messy than the yellow counterparts.

I thought the pieces were tasty, with just the right amount of lightness (puffiness) in the texture. They snacked pretty well and the lingering cheese flavor teased you for just the right amount of time.

I thought they not only had the right amount of sharpness, but that they were also complimentary to the sandwich I was eating. They seemed to have a little bit of a bite at times—it seems they use a sharper cheese flavor for these.

The problem with some of these is that they tend to get a stale taste pretty quickly, so you have to make sure they are finished in a day or two.

Overall, not bad for a cheddar snack.

Overall Rating: 9

2. Ruffles White Cheddar and Sour Cream

First of all, let me start by saying I am a big fan of Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips. The ridges in this style are particularly nice because they not only help retain more of the sharp flavors, but they add a bit of pizzazz to the snacking activity. Your mouth and teeth will definitely find the small mountain and tiny canal-like edges especially delectable.

I have to say that these are especially interesting because of their bright, clean yellow veneer. They almost glow like small shales of gold.

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I think I like these better than the orange counterparts; they taste cleaner, there is less residue on your fingers, and the aftertaste lingers just long enough to encourage you to reach for another.

Be cautious though, they can be habit-forming.

Highly recommended.

Overall Rating: 7.5

3. Dorito's White Cheddar

I like tortilla snacks, especially Doritos. My personal favorite is Cool Ranch.

I am not really that big a fan of the cheese Doritos—the orange or the yellow.

I think they might go better with a side of meat, but as far as plain snacking goes, I like mine to have a little zip.

Certainly it should be said that these could add some variety to your snacking chips. The cheese flavor is mild, the chips are crunchy, and they have just the right amount of lingering flavor to them.

While I won't run out and stock up on these, I'll definitely give them a second chance.

Overall Rating: 7.5

4. Cheez-It Crackers

Wow. I am really surprised by what a little cheese flavor can do to a cracker. The white cheddar is just sharp enough to be interesting but not overbearing. You can eat them by themselves or pair them with any sandwich or soup. They'd also make a great appetizer or dessert—or for that matter, any in-between meal snacking activity.

I can imagine these will add great scenery to a lounge or coffee house.

This is probably one of my favorite of the varieties out there.

I usually don't find Cheez-Its very appealing, but I like these a lot.

What surprises me most of all is how much flavor is packed into the small crackers. I am thinking they would make a great topping for some French onion soup or in a meatloaf for that matter. And I'm not a big fan of either of these dishes.

Overall Rating: 9

5. Pirate's Booty Rice and Corn Puffs

When I think of corn puffs I picture those round orange balls or those oblong curvy things that are lighter than air. When I look at my fingers after coming in contact with them, they are covered with this thin furry glaze that starts to coagulate when I rub my fingers together. The stuff usually ends up on my shirt or pants and is quite messy.

With Pirate's Booty, however, I don't have to worry. This snack is very tasty and again, as with some of the other items reviewed, they. have a subtle cheesy taste that won't overpower your mouth.

What I enjoy about the puffs most of all is that the substance-to-air ratio is consistent enough to be measurable. They kind of melt in your mouth, too, and that makes snacking fun.

I have seen Pirate's Booty around in smaller stores and I think it is much better than some of the name brands out there. Most of the corn puff snacks are pretty similar in texture and taste though, so I hope this review can speak for them all.

If you like light snacking with a full flavor and body experience, you have to try these.

Overall Rating: 9

6. Smartfood Popcorn

Well, there are many popcorn options out there, and I thought I would try this sample from Smartfood.

In my humble opinion, most popcorn tastes alike. Of course, it tastes much better when it is fresh from the cooker, but almost any popcorn will do if you are a fan.

And I am not really a fan.

But when it does come to the popped kernels, I definitely prefer mine with some sort of flavor other than butter or salt. Preferably something sweet like chocolate or caramel.

Cheddar cheese isn't that bad. It's more the popped corn itself.

It's nnot bad, but I personally wouldn't pick them up again.

Overall Rating: 7

7. Oscar Meyer Slow Roasted Turkey With Cheddar Cheese

This is probably one of the more diverse samples here, as this snack can serve as a lunch. You have the option of crackers, cheese, and meat—enough ingredients to make little sandwiches.

The cheese is perfect, cut thin with just enough of a bite to it to make you feel alive. The crackers and meat are a nice addition.

This is compact enough to take away, and it is complete enough to satisfy a small craving.

While it probably won't satiate you for a meal, this is definitely one you want to try.

The only limitation is that it requires refrigeration.

Overall Rating: 9

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