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Review of Amazon Prime Grocery Delivery: What to Know

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For the last two months I have ordered food from Amazon Prime and had it delivered to my door at the time I indicated. Each time, I was delighted with the results.

I had known about the service for a long time, but I live so close to grocery stores that I felt guilty for ordering food online and having it delivered when I could have gone to the stores and brought home my own food in no time at all. I live three minutes from Kroger in one direction and three minutes from Food Lion in the opposite direction.

I am glad I decided to give Amazon Prime a try especially since I don't have to pay for shipping because I have a Prime account. It was so easy and so much fun. I will continue to use the service and not feel guilty about it.

Amazon Prime Membership

Most people don't know that they can pay such a low amount for Amazon's wonderful services. The average person pays $12.99 a month. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, you can get a membership for much lower. Students pay less for an account.

I pay only $5.99 per month for my Amazon Prime membership. I use it for books, music, movies—and now for ordering food, as well. The biggest perk of having a membership is free shipping.

Food Delivery Services

Amazon has more than one food delivery service. Choose the one that is convenient for you and meets your needs.

You cannot mix the services. You can order from only one service at a time. There is Amazon Prime for items other than food. There is Amazon Pantry for food and household items. I prefer Amazon Fresh for groceries only.

Pleasant Experience With Amazon Fresh

I have a great system that I am pleased with. I make a spreadsheet of the items I intend to order. I compare the prices with those of Kroger, Food Lion, and Walmart. Most of the time Amazon Fresh is cheaper for the same item.

If the price changes for an item in my cart, I am notified before I place my order. Sometimes the price goes up by a few pennies, and sometimes the price also goes down.

Amazon Fresh

Other grocery delivery services have lower or no membership costs at all, but you must have an Amazon Prime membership to order food online and have it delivered. It is entirely free with no delivery fee. Even though there are a few rules to use this service, it is my favorite to use because I meet all the qualifications.

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You must order at least $35 worth of food. If not, you will have to pay a small delivery fee, which is only $4.99. The first time I used the service, I ordered 51 items that cost $108.38. The second month, I ordered 44 items that cost $116.40. As you can see, I surpassed the spending threshold both times.

The first time I ordered online, it took me hours to look over the many foods available. I compared them to the grocery stores I customarily use. The second time was easier because the websites knew my pattern and offered suggestions. Even when I was ready to check out, a question was asked, "Did you forget to order this?"

Foods are paid for at the checkout before delivery. Most of Amazon services accept a credit card or a debit cards. Customers who have an EBT card may pay for many Amazon Fresh products that are eligible. However, they must use only Amazon Fresh and not Amazon Pantry for EBT eligible items.

Amazon offers a mixture of name brand items including Its own store brand, which is Whole Foods 365. After you have completed your order, you can choose which day and two-hour window you would like for your groceries delivered. You can schedule the time on the same day or a few days in advance.


There is no limit to the foods that are available on Amazon Fresh. It offers everything that is found in grocery stores, including perishables, frozen foods and fresh. Consumers can purchase meat, seafood, prepared foods, meal kits, salads, breads, snacks, and beverages including alcohol.

I was really impressed with how my food was packaged with care. The packaging was designed to keep items at the proper temperature during the short transport. Frozen foods and foods to be refrigerated were packed in insulated bags.

Trained shoppers only select products that meet Amazon's high standards for quality and freshness like the kind of products I would have picked myself. Fresh vegetables were not bruised or defected. Vegetables and fruits are large. My first order included a cantaloupe that was as big as some people's head. A green pepper, a cucumber, and an onion were also very large.

Amazon Fresh is now available in more than 2,000 cities and towns. Try Amazon Fresh. I think you will like it as much as I do.


Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime Pantry has been a service since 2014. It is available only to Amazon Prime members. It offers customers a way to shop for grocery items in addition to household items.

It is unlike Amazon Fresh because it does not offer perishables items such as meat, dairy, vegetables or items requiring refrigeration. The service does offer products like cereals, breakfast foods, beverages, beauty and personal care items, and household products.

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