Where Did My Favorite Show Go On The Food Network; Iron Chef America

Updated on March 24, 2017
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Chairman, Mark Dacascos
Chairman, Mark Dacascos | Source



Iron Chef Puck

Battle of Masters, retired after two episodes
Battle of Masters, retired after two episodes | Source

Iron Chef Morimoto

 Battle of Masters 2005 - Present
Battle of Masters 2005 - Present | Source

Iron Chef Flay

Battle of Masters, 2005 - present
Battle of Masters, 2005 - present | Source

Iron Chef Cora

Seasons 1 - 10
Seasons 1 - 10 | Source

Introduction: What Brought Me to Write About This Show

What are your hobbies or passions? Mine would be writing, of course, and another big one has to be cooking and baking. Among those, I must add my extreme desire to marvel at all kinds of artwork from different artists. I also enjoy discovering distinct styles of music. It seems I enjoy the songwriter station on the Itunes radio the best these days. Maybe because I like the wow factor. When I discover something so unique, I like to say wow! Now that I think about it, wow could be my very favorite word. :)

However, let me concentrate on one particular hobby of mine for this article, and I pick the love for cooking and the enthusiasm I have when I watch a great cooking show on stations like; The Food Network channel. I believe I started watching this channel in the early 2000s, when I had moved back home after my daughter’s father and I decided our eight-year relationship needed to end. Actually, it was he that decided our fate, but that’s a whole other story, and one I would rather leave to the past, unless, of course, I find it an inspiration for one of my poems. No, I don’t want to talk about that stuff today. I want to talk about one of my favorite cooking shows that I have noticed hasn’t been broadcast much for a few years now, and I miss it terribly.

Iron Chef America was probably the first cooking show that ever caught my attention. I already caught the bug for cooking and baking while living away from home. When you have to cook for yourself and a few others, or otherwise, you will not eat, you learn fast. Nevertheless, what I discovered in my journey of learning to cook was that I was sort of a natural at it, and I really enjoyed trying new recipes. I even noticed how bizarre it was that I got excited when chopping vegetables with my chef's knife. At the time of living away from home, I was a pretty busy person; I was employee, cook, and caretaker of my child and my then fiances’ child from a previous marriage, so I never had time to sit down and enjoy the rewards of cable television. When I returned home, I found myself having a little more free time and my mother and I would watch The Food Network. My mother introduced me to the Iron Chef America show, and I was hooked after the first episode I watched.

I started watching this show around 2006, which I believe was the second season. If my memory serves me well, the Iron chefs then were; Masaharu Morimoto, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, and Cat Cora. I remember Mario being my absolute favorite to watch. This show was electrified with the hustle. The chefs had to be pitted against another chef in the world of cooking; this chef got to pick the iron chef he or she wanted to compete against. After that, the chairman, who, by the way, is actor and martial artist Mark Dacascos, and is also the nephew of the original iron chef Japanese chairman, would next uncover the main ingredient. Each dish the chefs made had to incorporate the main ingredient, this consisted of several different courses such as appetizer, and, of course, the main dish. And so the show was a hit! At least for a few years, but where did it go? Better than that, I bet you are wondering where this show originated? Let's talk about that for a bit.

Iron Chef Batali

Battle of Masters, seasons1 - 6
Battle of Masters, seasons1 - 6 | Source

Commentator Alton Brown

season 1 - present
season 1 - present | Source

A Little History On How The Show Started

The history of where the idea for Iron Chef America came from is a simple story. It was conjured up by Japan’s version, which aired on their Fuji television network and originally aired in October 1993. This show promoted popular viewing and continued until September 1999. Although the show ended, it maintained a mainstream viewing audience by broadcasting repeats and occasionally putting on specials. You may still be able to catch some re-runs in Canada and the US, of this popular Japanese version.

Now comes the version through the eyes of the food network. Obviously, Iron Chef America was an adaptation to the Japanese Iron Chef. However, before the food network came up with their American version another network took a stab at their own version of the famous Japanese cooking show simply called, “ Iron Chef USA,” and it was broadcast in 2001. This show did not fair well at all with the viewing audience and only aired two pilot episodes. The Food Network then decided it was their time to take a turn at producing a version of this show. Iron Chef America aired in January 2005, and up until March 2014 still seemed to be one of the Food Networks favorite shows. Then, with no explanation, the show has now gradually disappeared from its series line up. Will it be back? No one knows, but it seems that the network will neither confirm nor deny the shows cancellation status.

Iron Chef Symon

season 5 - present
season 5 - present | Source

Iron Chef Garces

season 8 - present
season 8 - present | Source

Iron Chef Forgione

season 9 - present
season 9 - present | Source

Iron Chef Zakarian

season 10 - present
season 10 - present | Source

My Description Of A Fun Show That, In My Opinion, Should Still Be On The Air

I thought the show’s overall concept was brilliant and exciting, not only for the television viewing audience, but for the chefs competing; a constant title war in a sense, a competition to win the best of the best. If the iron chef wins, they get the satisfaction of bringing down the competitor that walked in and picked them out particularly to prove they were better. And if the competitor actually wins, well then, they get to stick their chest out proud and say I beat an iron chef.

The one-hour time frame that is put on the chefs is a pressure cooker for everyone. They have to keep up with the ingredients, who are cutting this and mixing that, who on their team is slacking, and then get them back on track. Plating all the food before the time runs out, constantly made me sweat bullets just watching that rat race of activity, and I could tell that the chefs felt the same anxiety at times. The iron chefs didn’t always act under pressure, but there were times they certainly felt they may not make it.

What if the secret ingredient was a type of food that one of the chefs never really worked with much. It could be totally out of their comfort zone to cook with, for example; octopus. Yeah, they had ingredients that I don’t know if I could even eat let alone cook. And dessert, how in the world do you incorporate that type of ingredient into a sweet delectable.

All in all, the show was extremely fun to watch. What I hope is, since they haven’t come out and said that it is gone for good, that we will see it again in the future. After all, there were some great spin off shows from the Iron chef idea like; The Next Iron Chef. That show brought the five iron chefs who I've photoed to go along with this section to kitchen stadium. It would really be a shame that all this talent would be lost to this fun competition show. They still get their title from what I understand, but who wants the title without the deserving factors. Hey, but that’s just my opinion.

Iron Chef Guarnaschelli

season 11 - present
season 11 - present | Source

Some of the secret ingredients the chefs have cooked with

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      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 23 months ago from Florida

        I love to challenge myself in that way too, Kaili. I'm still hoping for the return of this show. It was a favorite of mine. Thanks so much for taking time to read my article. :) ~Missy

      • Kaili Bisson profile image

        Kaili Bisson 23 months ago from Canada

        I miss this show too, though I must admit that I did prefer the original Japanese version. I actually try to challenge myself this way sometimes, making something new with what I have on hand...sometimes it works, sometimes...not so much :)

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

        Yeah, could be Deb. I also think they may have just been a little burnt out and needed a long break. I think it will be back. :)

      • aviannovice profile image

        Deb Hirt 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

        I wonder why such a popular show went by the wayside? Maybe something new is in store that is even better.

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

        Dana, you should try it. I hope you do; it's really, really, good! Yes, please let me know if you do. :)

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

        Oh Manatita, I do appreciate your thoughtful comments so much, but I do have to disappoint you a little when I tell you, no doubt you will see other poems that may be depressing from me; maybe even some about my sad past experiences. Not that I don't want to inspire, I mean, I hope I can write some of those types of poems too. Matter of fact, I'm working on one now. However, I think my stories of the past may find their way to someone out there that is or has had similar struggles, and in that way, will inspire them to never give up. My truth poems will let them know that they are not aliens in this world.

        Cooking for others can be fun. I do that every holiday, but for the same people over and over. It would be fun to let someone new experience my talent in that area. (chuckle) You never know, right?!

        Thanks for stopping by Manatita. :)

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

        I get bored too, John. I mean I think that has been a real problem for me in attempts to make money at this writing thing. I actually had my own blog for about a year. I did really well at first. I got a few readers; most were international. I loved that! However, I found less time to work on it while trying to maintain my mom role, and one of those readers got really frustrated with waiting on me to write more material and told me about it in so many words. Money never came in on that little endeavor of mine, so I closed it out. It was my fault. If I could only figure out how to balance my life better, maybe I could make money at it. I wish poetry lovers would Google keywords of what a poetry heading may be; Life, Love, Sadness, Darkness, Death. Oh well, maybe poetry will make a great comeback one day. I have noticed more people taking an interest in poetry I think. :)

      • Dana Tate profile image

        Dana Tate 2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

        Missy, that Dr. Pepper recipe sounds wonderful! Thanks for the link I will check it out. If I try it, I will be sure to let you know what I think of it.

      • manatita44 profile image

        manatita44 2 years ago from london

        I like this other side of your writing too, Missy. Healthy and very beautiful. And yes, you made a good choice, I feel, in not talking about the other stuff. Past is probably only useful where it inspires us.

        Perhaps one day you can cook for me. Purely for the childlike way and joyful spirit that I'm sure we'll share together. Florida, is it? next plane Dear (chuckle)

        A wonderful and welcome change. Wholesome start to 2016, as the food. Ha ha. In Love and Light.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

        I can understand your feelings Missy in regard to writing for clients where you are continually required to write about the same subject. I have been offered similar work and had to turn it down. I can't even write on a niche topic for HubPages or a blog as many suggest. I need to keep experimenting with new things. I bore easily.

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

        Happy New Year to you Frank! I added those few videos to make it more interesting, just because, I don't think my words could quite spin the show well and why it's so fun to watch. All the pictures are of the Iron Chefs of the show since it's first airdate in 2005. Thank you for reading this little essay or article. lol...I don't even really know what heading I would put it under, but I think it falls more under an essay.

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

        I use the internet as well, Dana. However, there are still a few shows I like to watch on The Food Network. I got the best recipe from Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman. It's called; Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork. Now that I've made this, it's a favorite for the holidays too, or anytime we have a gathering. I've had to make it for my mom's church group and give out the recipe to them too. It's not mine so why not!! lol...


        Just in case you are interested, I put the link here. :)

      • Frank Atanacio profile image

        Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

        Hey Missy happy New Year, I'm not a cooking show fan but I did enjoy this little piece article.. thanks for sharing :)

      • Dana Tate profile image

        Dana Tate 2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

        Missy, it's funny, I hated cooking when I was a young adult. Now, I love to cook and try new recipes too. I never looked much at the Food Network, but my aunt would watch and try new recipes all the time. I usually look up new dishes to try on the internet.

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

        I'm sure I will be writing more poetry versus essays and articles. I used to freelance for this online text broker site. It's just so much work to get an article perfect for the client, and they pay you nothing. I think it really broke my spirit on writing informative pieces. I hated it and didn't get paid either. I will probably try to come up with subjects that I feel will get searched on google once in a while, but honestly, I don't feel I want to put myself through a lot of painstaking thought of what that might be everyday. It would have to be different subject matter if I wrote articles. I don't know how some of these people continuously write about the same subject. I suppose they have found their niche to making money that way, but I would absolutely fall asleep and hate my life. lol.... Thanks again, Jodah! :)

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

        Good for you Missy, trying something different for the new year. I am like you, I much prefer to write poetry than anything else, and I agree about the punctuation too. I only really started to write articles and essays to help boost my scores because poetry doesn't do very well in that aspect of HubPages. Now I try to alternate between poetry and prose or combine the two. I tend to sneak a poem into most hubs :) My last two hubs have been poetry and I enjoyed writing them more than most.

        I will support you whatever you write.. but I do like your poetry. Blessings.

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

        Thank you, John. I really must admit that I was not very into this article I wrote here. I do love to cook, and I do miss the Iron Chef show, but I hated coming up with this. However, I told myself I would start 2016 off trying to be more productive in other ways when it came to my writing, and I would try to venture out and write more than just poetry. After this though, I don't know if I will succeed. lol... I did not enjoy the process of putting this one together, yet I did get my best hub score thus far. Imagine that! I hate trying to punctuate correctly, and poetry gives you a little break on that. Poetry is not about punctuation or being precise and perfect, so I enjoy poetry a lot better and my words flow much easier as well. I don't expect to get a lot of views or likes out of this one, but I did what I told myself I was going to do, and that was write something different than poetry to start the new year. Thank you for reading it. I appreciate your constant support no matter what I do here. :)

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

        Missy, great to hear that you love cooking...so do I actually. I have seen a couple of episodes of both the Japanese and American versions of Iron Chef. It did look interesting but I doidn't have the opportunity to watch enough of either to really get into it. My Restaurant Rules is one of my favourite shows on Australian TV, but I don't like Masterchef. For your sake I hope the Food Channel brings back a new series of Iron Chef.