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Culinary Techniques


Is It Bad to Reheat Food Twice?

Learn about the risks associated with reheating food twice, including how to minimize the risks and how to properly store leftovers for safe consumption.


7 Advantages of Home Baking

Home baking can be time-consuming and frustrating at times, but there are also many fantastic benefits. This article lists and looks at seven of them.


7 Benefits of Slow Cookers

While slow cooker meals do require some advance planning, they are great for making flavorful food, as well as tenderizing meat. This article lists and looks at seven advantages of slow cooking.


5 Downsides of Slow Cookers

While slow cookers can certainly be used to create wonderful meals, they do also have their downsides. This article lists and looks at five negatives of slow cookers.


5 Disadvantages of Braising as a Cooking Technique

Braising can be an easy way to take a cheap cut of meat and make it into a delicious meal. The method does have some downsides, though. This article lists and looks at five of them.


7 Advantages of Braising

A popular and relatively straightforward combination cooking method, braising can be a great way to create tasty one-pot meals. This article lists and looks at seven benefits of braising.


7 Benefits of Deep-Fat Frying

Despite having a reputation for being unhealthy, deep-frying has a lot going for it. This article lists and looks at seven benefits of this cooking technique.


7 Disadvantages of Roasting Foods

Roasting is seen as a healthy and tasty way to cook foods, such as meats, nuts, and vegetables. However, this article lists and looks at seven downsides of this cooking method.


5 Handy Tips to Keep Your Oven Clean During Cooking

Some tips and tricks to stop unsightly grease splashes in your cooker. These tips will keep your oven clean and fresh without too much effort.


How I Found My Cooking Groove

Tired of DiGiorno and Burger King? Here's how I got out of my dinner rut.


9 Tricks to Make Sure You Use Up Leftovers

This article gives a brief history of leftovers and suggests ways to make sure your leftovers actually get eaten before they go bad.


The Good Homemaker Is Not Obsolete

Homemaking is a job if it is done right. While it may not earn money it certainly can save money. Here are several things a homemaker can do to save and earn.


7 Food Safety Myths Debunked

There are many commonly accepted myths about food safety, and keeping a safe and healthy kitchen. This public health educator debunks some of them.


5 Foods You Should Never Put in the Fridge

Many foods stay fresher and taste better when stored outside of your refrigerator. Here are five foods that prefer being out of the fridge.


Meal Planning for People Who Don’t Like to Plan

If meal planning seems too rigid for your lifestyle, this flexible method will help you save money, eat more healthful meals, and save time both at the grocery store and in the kitchen.


How to Make Your Own Buttermilk and Other 5-Minute Baking Hacks

Baking hacks make recipes more affordable, help out in a pinch and speed things up!


How to Hasselback (Almost) Everything

Hasselback is not a pro quarterback (that’s Hasselbeck). It’s a cooking technique—slicing almost all the way through foods, creating thin layers that are then stuffed and baked. Let’s learn how it started and fun ways to use this technique in your kitchen.


Exploring Umami: The Fifth Taste Sensation

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami—the fifth taste sensation. That meaty flavor occurs in many foods—even fruits and vegetables. Learn all about umami and how to use it in your cooking.


How to Reduce Food Waste: 5 Tips

Learn a few simple techniques to avoid wasting food. Whether you'd like to save money, help the environment, or make your provisions last during a political or health crisis, these tips will be very helpful.


3 Life Lessons I Learned as a Line Cook

I didn't only learn how to execute the proper sous-vide techniques or explore all the ways to dice an onion. Here are the three life lessons I learned from being a line cook.


The Best Way to Warm up Corn Tortillas

This easy method is hands down the best way to warm corn tortillas. Learn why it's way better than using a microwave, too.


Why "Mise en Place" Is a Must in Your Kitchen and Your Life

Mise en place (everything in place) is more than a fancy French cooking term. It's a method of organization that can help you in (and outside of) the kitchen.


What Is Sous Vide Cooking? (Beginner's Guide)

Learn the basics of cooking with a sous vide precision cooker, including tips and tricks and how to use a sous vide to cook a perfect steak every time.


Amazing Emergency Baking & Cooking Substitutions

Are you missing a baking or cooking ingredient? Don't run to the store or give up until you've read this article. Rescue your recipe with these amazing substitutions and tips.


How to Properly Clean and Prepare Your Food

Pathogens, pesticides, cleaning methods, food preparation methods, and politics all affect whether a food is safe to eat.


6 Fun & Unusual Foods to Cook on the Grill

Burgers, dogs, and ribs are what we usually throw on the grill. But how about octopus, pizza, or even a banana split? Check out these ideas and more!


5 Staple Foods Everyone Should Know How to Make

A student of southwestern cuisine spills the beans on cheap and healthy dining on the dollar.


5 Mug Meals That Are Easy and Actually Delicious

Mug meals are the new, trendy thing for single servings in a hurry. Most can be prepped in under five minutes using just a good mug and your microwave!


25 Tasty Ways to Use Leftovers

Making the most of leftover food not only saves you money, but it's also good for the environment. Here are 25 ways to use leftover food.


Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Master Chef?

The BBC reality cooking show “Master Chef” has circled the globe with numerous spinoffs, including "Celebrity" and "Junior" versions. But do you have what it takes to be a Master Chef?


How to Peel a Banana Like a Monkey: 12 Kitchen Shortcuts and Tips

Do you know how to peel a banana like a monkey, put out a kitchen fire, or cook corn on the cob in the microwave? Check out these helpful tips and hints!


How to Enjoy Cooking (Even If You're Scared of It)

Scared of cooking? You aren’t alone. This is the story of what it took to get me into the kitchen and start cooking healthy food.


How to Plan a Meal Like a Master Chef

You don't need a culinary degree to create a memorable dinner for friends and family. Here is what the pros do—and you can, too!


Cooking Conversion Charts and Substitutions

Need to double or halve a recipe? No problem. Need to convert standard American measurements to metric? No problem again. Wrong size baking pan or missing an ingredient? Just keep this handy article nearby!


How to Stock a Pantry for Every Skill Level: Novice to Pro

Are you a beginner cook, an everyday family cook, or a full-on Iron Chef? Here are some guidelines to help you stock your pantry for any level of cooking expertise.


Food Safety 101: How to Protect Yourself and Family From Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is, at best, the most miserable 48 hours of your life and, at worst, life-threatening. Getting food poisoning is easy—preventing it is just as easy. Just follow these common-sense guidelines.


Why Do You Add Vanilla Extract Last When Baking?

Vanilla is a great flavor to add to baked goods, and it is a required ingredient for most cakes and cookies. Vanilla is always one of the last ingredients to add, and you may have wondered why. Here's the answer.


5 Common Cooking Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

Cooking is an exercise in creativity, but there's also a bit of science involved in combining ingredients with time and temperature. Understanding that science is the key to avoiding mishaps.


5 Ways to Use Leftover Coconut Milk Pulp and How to Store It

Are you making your own fresh coconut milk at home? Did you ever wonder what to do with all that left-over pulp? Here come 5 simple recipes so that pulp doesn't go to waste!


8 Things You Should Know About Food Safety

Ever had questions about food safety? Here are 8 things you need to know to make sure the food you prepare and eat is as safe as possible.


How to Take the Stress Out of Cooking

If the thought of preparing a meal for a small gathering, your significant other, or even just yourself makes you break into a sweat, these tips are for you.


Freezer Cooking: 10 Tips for Getting Started

Freezer cooking is a great way to save money on groceries, eat healthier and save time on meal preparation. This article includes ten tips to help you get started with freezer cooking.

28 Fun and Interesting Kitchen Facts and Tips

I've spent a lot of time in the kitchen, and I have a few pro tips to share with you.


Learn How to Make Fondue With 4 Easy Recipes

Try four delicious fondue recipes using cheese, chocolate, butterscotch, or oil! I also wrote a brief history of this popular dish along with proper etiquette you can keep in mind at your next party.


How to Make Homemade Baby Food With a Rice Cooker

Learn how to make your own easy, wholesome and homemade baby food.


What Is Fusion Cooking and Cuisine? An Explanation and Recipe Examples

Fusion cooking is essentially a mixing of food cultures and cuisines. It is about taking the best of two or more culinary disciplines and combining them to hopefully find a delicious hybrid of the two. This article explores the concept in greater detail and includes a number of recipe ideas.


Parchment Paper Recipe for Salmon

Here's a great recipe for cooking salmon in parchment paper. It turns a simple dinner into an elegant one.

3 Ways to Check Deep-Fry Oil Temp Without a Thermometer

Before the invention of oil thermometers, cooks figured out simple ways to check oil temperature for safe deep-frying. Now those secret tricks can be yours!


What to Do if You Drop Food on the Floor

If you dropped food on the floor, would you pick it up and use it? You may get away with picking it up and using it if you don't have a guest watching you. But it depends on the food, and the floor.

How to Cook With Spring Roll Wrappers

Buy a pack of inexpensive spring roll wrappers and start playing around with adding a bit of crunchy goodness to everyday meals!