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7 Museums Around The World to Celebrate Your Love for Food

Updated on January 19, 2017
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What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “museum”? It probably reminds you of some dull and colorless visit to a dead-silent exhibition where all you did was stare at the exhibits without being able to touch a single thing. But, who said that all museums are boring and mundane?

Food museums have revolutionized the way museums are supposed to be, and people seem to respond better than ever. However, individual food museums stand out not only for their organized structure but for the main exhibit itself. So, here are the seven most exciting food museums that are worth your visit.

1. The Friet Museum (Bruges, Belgium)

The Frietmuseum, commonly referred to as the Fries Museum, is located in Burges, Belgium. This innovative food-themed museum opened its doors in 2008 and aimed to stimulate all five senses of its visitors. With the help of modern media such as videos and photos as well as vintage exhibits, the Frietmuseum manages to answer all your questions regarding fries and their story so far.

On a side note, the museum resides in the building of Saalhaile. Being that this building is one of the oldest in Burges, it is clearly inspired by the Gothic architecture. So, you are bound to get a first-hand experience of the 14th-century ambiance along with your fries samplings.

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2. The Ramen Museum (Yokohama, Japan)

Although ramen is more of an acquired taste for most, this museum founded in 1994 is one of the first food-themed museums to pop up. Ramen is a very popular Japanese dish around the world. So, it was only natural that the Japanese would go above and beyond to let visitors know about ramen's origin and evolution throughout the years.

Specifically, the museum recreates Tokyo in 1958, the year when instant ramen was invented. This food-themed amusement park includes several restaurants as well as snack shops where visitors can buy traditional food and souvenirs.

3. Currywurst Museum (Berlin, Germany)

Founded in 2009, the Deutsches Currywurst Museum is the one and only museum devoted to this food. With more than 350.000 visitors annually, this museum is truly a masterpiece as it includes activities that engage your senses. After all, the Currywurst museum's motto is “Seeing, smelling, doing”. So, the museum's patrons learn about this typical German snack the active way.

The museum's highlight revolves around the seasoning room where guests can sit on the sausage-shaped sofa, sniff at spices or play interactive and sausage-oriented video games. This museum is truly a delight for both adults and children.

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4. Gelato Museum (Bologna, Italy)

Being one of the most popular and favorite frozen desserts around the world gelato has rightfully earned its place in the food museums list. However, this museum was just founded it in 2012 making the youngest one in this list.

This particular museum is dedicated to the “gelato cult”, from gelato's origin and (possibly) first written recipe ever in the 1700s to its way throughout the years up until today. The Gelato Museum is established in the renovated space of Caprigiani (gelato expert) headquarters.

5. Jell-O Museum (Le Roy, New York)

If you happen to be a true enthusiast of this “jiggly” dessert, then this museum is the right (and only) place for you to visit. Since Jell-O is America's favorite dessert, its birthplace, Le Roy in New York stepped in and came up with this colorful and entertaining establishment.

The Jell-O Museum is ready to welcome patrons of all ages. The facility includes a kid-friendly outdoor area where children can play while parents wander through the museum halls. This museum is also one of the very few that come ith “PLEASE TOUCH” signs that allow guests to “Jell-O things up.”

6. Potato Museum (Blackfoot, Idaho)

There is no doubt that potato is one of the most popular foods in the world. So, a museum devoted to it was bound to exist. Founded in 1989, the Idaho Potato Museum is the home of the world's largest foam potato. Apart from that, the museum revolves around the social, historical, scientific and economic facets of the Idaho potato.

7. Kimchi Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

Kimchi is one of the most recognized dishes of the South Korean cuisine. So, South Koreans took their love and faith for this dish to the next level by devoting a museum in its honor. Founded in 1986 this museum contains every piece of information about kimchi. The museum is even divided into three sections about its history, making process and any written information surrounding kimchi. Visitors can also taste bites of this delicacy in the specially designed “Kimchi Tasting Room”.

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 8 months ago from The Caribbean

      Had no idea that there was such a thing as food museums. Very interesting about the food as well as the locations. Good read!

    • Kyriaki Chatzi profile image

      Kyriaki Chatzi 8 months ago

      Thank you very much for your kind comment!! Yes, there are numerous, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 7 months ago from Peru, South America

      I love museums, but a food musem really sounds like my thing! The gelato museum sounds good right about now. Thanks for this well-written article.

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