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Foraging & Wild Eating


How to Collect and Cook Prickly Pear

Learn how to safely collect, prepare, and cook prickly pear pads or leaves.


Yes, You Can Cook With Nettles (Plus Recipes)

Learn how to take the sting out of nettles. This pesky weed is also a delicious and nutritious herb. I'll share some fun recipes with you.


How to Select and Use Edible Flowers in Cooking and Baking

Learn how to create the world's most beautiful salads, herb butters, pasta, and more with flowers that you can eat!


Wild Nettle Tempura

There are very few nettle tempura recipes online, and those that exist are not very healthy. Here is my deliciously crispy and healthy recipe for stinging nettles.


The Elusive Morel Mushroom: Local Gold

Tips for finding morels in south-central Indiana.


Foraging Wild Mushrooms

Who doesn't love the taste of fresh mushrooms in a pasta dish, on a pizza, or in countless other recipes? The only thing that could make those mushrooms even better is if you forage them yourself!


20 Edible Flowers That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

Edible flowers are becoming very popular, and these flowers are at the top of the list. Let's smell the flowers together, and I'll share the best ones I've tried with you.


Minnesota Musing: My Experiences Eating Bugs and Weeds

There are edible weeds and bugs. I grew up with an adventuresome mother who tried some odd recipes. I've eaten a few bugs in my lifetime, and I'm looking for my next adventure.


How to Identify, Harvest, and Prepare Pokeweed and Poke Sallet

Ever wanted to try the popular Southern dish poke sallet, often called "poke salad"? I'm a native of the rural United States and am here to show you how to detoxify and prepare this delicious dish.


Edible Landscaping: 23 Flowers You Can Eat

Edible flowers make dishes look amazing, and add some exotic flavors as well. These edible flowers are sure to please your taste buds, and guests.


Eating Insects or Entomophagy: Helping People and the Earth

Edible insects are a nutritious food. Farming insects has environmental benefits and will likely become very important as the Earth's population increases.


Picking Edible Wild Mushrooms: Tips and Book Recommendation

For the last 10 years, I've foraged for wild mushrooms that are safe to eat. Here are some tips and a book recommendation to help get you started.


Edible Flowers: Garden and Wild Flowers You Can Eat

You might be surprised that you can also plan dinner while stopping to smell the roses! Here you'll find 10 easy-to-find (or grow) edible flowers to spice up your cooking game.


How to Forage, and Why Foraging Is Good for Your Health

Foraging for edible wild plants is very enjoyable way of gathering food for free, getting healthy and enjoying the countryside.


Edible Wild: You Can Eat Wild Onion Grass and Wild Garlic

Wild onion grass is edible, and so is wild garlic. They are not poisonous, they have a pleasant oniony-garlicky taste and, as weeds, they are easy to grow. Learn how to identify, pick, and cook these wild, free plants.


Should You Eat Daylilies? Safety, Toxicity, and Other Facts

There is controversy over the safety of eating daylilies. This article tells you why and helps you make informed decisions about whether you should eat this flower.


3 Frugal Recipes From Foraged Wild Greens and Asparagus

I love foraging for nettles, wild asparagus, and chicory. Let me take you with me. You'll be spotting these wild plants and turning them into delicious, frugal meals in no time.

morel mushroom

Tips for Hunting Morel Mushrooms

Learn about morel mushroom hunting with these tips and recipes. This springtime hobby offers an edible prize: delicious morels! Be sure to learn about the false morel, a mushroom you do not want to eat.

Mature Chanterelle

Wild Edible Mushrooms and Truffles of Oregon

Learn about Oregon's natural wild mushrooms and truffles. Learn about their seasons and environments and how to collect them to be used in your food.


Please Eat the Wild Flowers: Foraging, Gardening, and Recipes

Flowers are beautiful and many are edible. This page contains photos, growing information, products and recipes using monarda, violets, violas, nasturtiums and roses and their hips.