Homemade Fruit Leather Recipe

Fruit leather is such a simple way to use up fruit you have on hand, make easy snacks for kids, and have your house smelling wonderful. This recipe is flexible and can be used for a variety of fruit leathers.


What to Do With Summer Peaches

Peaches are ready for picking at the peak of summer. These juicy fruits are nutritious and are incredibly versatile in the kitchen.


Exploring Figs: Facts, Nutrition, Recipes, and Trivia

Figs are one of the oldest cultivated fruit trees on earth. Here is their history, a bit of trivia, and 10 creative recipes.


Exploring Almonds: History and 8 Imaginative Recipes

Almonds first grew in Asia, then moved to Europe with travelers on the Silk Road. Learn their history and how to use them in eight imaginative cooking and baking recipes.


The Amazing Pear: A Diverse and Healthy Fruit

Did you know that there are hundreds of varieties of pears? Learn about the common varieties as well as their health benefits.


Exploring Strawberries: Growing Tips and 12 Sweet/Savory Recipes

Strawberries—beautiful red gems with a fascinating history. Learn their story and try some imaginative recipes.


Exploring Cashews: Fun Facts and 15 Fabulous Recipes

Cashews—Learn the history of these tropical nuts and how to use them in sweet and savory cooking and baking.


Getting Nostalgic for Vintage Pineapple Recipes

Fresh pineapple can be delicious when eaten freshly cut, but it needs to be handled properly. Also, learn how to make vintage recipes with pineapple.


Medlar: The Medieval Fruit With a Rude Name

With medieval origins, the medlar fruit is being pulled back from obscurity.


Exploring Limes: Recipes to Help You Harness the Power of Sour

Limes. Originating in Asia, this refreshing fruit is now used around the world in every meal of the day. Allow me to share my recipes with you and harness the power of sour.


Candied Orange Peel Recipe

The slight bitterness of the rind, combined with the flavor of orange and sugar, make this candy a decadent treat.


Exploring Coconut: Facts, Fables, and Fun Recipes

Of all the stories of foods on this earth, the story of the coconut might be the most complex, confusing, and mysterious. Learn its secrets and try some imaginative recipes.


Exploring Dates: Facts, Nutrition, Recipes, and Trivia

Palm dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruit trees on earth. Here is their history, a bit of trivia, and creative recipes.


Exploring Brazil Nuts: Facts, Nutrition, Recipes, and Trivia

Brazil nuts are unique in taste and texture, nutritious, and a bit mysterious. A tough nut to crack. Let's explore their origins and unique recipes.


How to Really Clean Your Berries and Keep Them Fresh Longer

Stop feeling frustrated over the loss of your fresh berries from mold. Keep them fresh longer, all while ensuring they are really clean!


Breadfruit & Breadnut: Nutrition, Health Benefits, and Preparation

Growing up in the Caribbean, I didn't realize how fortunate I was to have both breadfruit and breadnut (chataigne) as staples in my diet.


Exploring Macadamias: History in a Nutshell Plus Fun Recipes

The macadamia tree is beautiful and fragrant; the nut is sweet and rich. Learn the story of the macadamia nut and how to use it in sweet and savory dishes.


What Do Anne Yellow Raspberries Taste Like? (Plus Container Garden Tips)

There are numerous varieties of raspberries you can plant in your garden. Raspberries come in reds, yellows, and blacks. Yellow raspberries are a pale golden color and full of flavor. This article discusses the flavor of Anne yellow raspberries, as well as growing them in container gardens.


Exploring Baked Apples

Baked apples are a homey, comforting, autumn-weather dessert. Let's learn which apples hold up best when baked, and explore seven fun recipes.


4 Banana Recipes: Chips, Smoothie, Whip, and Caramelized Topping

This article shares several different ways to enjoy bananas.


Spiced Walnut Puffs: Ugly but Tasty

This is a different kind of spiced nut. It is encased in fluffy egg whites, and it's delicious!


Easy Old-Fashioned Applesauce Recipe

Whip up your own batch of homemade applesauce, just like your grandparents used to make!


Recipes and Ideas for Using Frozen Grapes

This article contains recipes and ideas for frozen grapes. If you have an abundance of grapes, freeze them and try these delicious recipes throughout the year!


Exploring Watermelon: Origins, Growing Tips, and Recipes

Watermelon is a popular summertime treat. Let's explore its origins, learn how to grow your own, and find some imaginative recipes along the way.


Fresh Peaches With Unwhipped Heavy Cream

This dish is fruity and creamy with a hint of spice. It makes a lovely treat after dinner or before retiring for bed.


Exploring Grapefruit: It's Not Just for Breakfast

Grapefruit is an eye-opening, traditional start of the day for many, but it's not just for breakfast. Learn its history, a bit of folklore, and imaginative recipes.


Exploring Raspberries: Facts, Folklore, and Fun Recipes for the Favorite Fruit of Summer

Raspberries—beautiful red gems with an interesting background. Learn their story, and try some imaginative recipes.


10 Fruits Unique to Brazil

It's no doubt that fruits are healthy. They're loaded with nutrients and at times even have some beneficial side effects. Here are 10 Brazilian fruits that you may or may not have heard of before.


Exploring Bananas: The Commonplace Fruit With a Complex History

Bananas—an inexpensive fruit, but the human toll on their production has been costly. Let's explore the controversial history and some unique recipes.


The Saskatoon Berry: Superfood Sensation

The saskatoon berry is a prolific, hearty superfood berry that has provided sustenance for peoples in the Northern Plains and Prairies since time immemorial. Four luscious, healthy recipes follow: tarts, muffins, scones, and an apple berry ensalata.


Refreshing Pineapple-Coconut-Lychee Ice Cream Recipe

A very fruity and flavorful ice cream recipe made from diverse tropical fruits—very refreshing and perfect for hot days.


Green Banana Paratha (Flat Bread) Recipe

Green banana parathas are stuffed flatbreads that have a spicy banana filling inside. They make a mouthwatering and filling for breakfast or lunch. Raw bananas are high in fiber and vitamins and are resistant starch.


How to Make Healthy Fried Bananas

Fried bananas taste amazing but don't fit into my healthy eating program, so I found a way to make them that's healthy but still delicious. Gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, 21 day fix approved, and only 4 ingredients!


A Simple Fruit Bowl Salad Recipe

Wanna eat something healthy that's delicious and simple to make? Try this delicious fruit bowl!


How to Make Raw Mango Stir-Fry

Raw mango stir-fry is a spicy, tangy, and mildly sweet dish that leaves you craving more. Serve it with steamed rice for a delicious side dish.


Too Many Mangoes? Ideas to Help You Use Them

If you have mango trees, you'll know that at times you can have more than you know what to do with. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy your bountiful harvest.


4 Delicious Fruit Salad Recipes

Fruit salad served as a side dish or as a dessert is a compliment to any meal. When my grandchildren were young, they were a fan of anything with fruit, and it's a good way to get them to eat it. Pick one of these yummy creamy salads to make for dinner!


What's the Difference Between Flax and Chia? Comparing the Super Seeds

Seeds have emerged as a popular health food in recent years—with Chia seeds and flax seeds being favorites. But, which of these two are better for you? Read on to know more about this.


How to Make Russian Fruit and Berry Punch: Compot

Do you buy so many fruits that many of them go bad before you're able to eat them? Or are some of them already getting bruised and ugly? Make some traditional Russian compot (punch) instead of throwing them out. Russian fruit and berry punch is really simple to make!


Cooking With British Bramley Apples (Plus Recipe)

British Bramley apples are the best cooking apples around with sharp-tasting, fluffy white flesh that melts in the mouth. Bramleys are a great year-round apple, but they are best in the colder winter months. Use them in pies, crumbles and sauces—or simply bake them for a great tasting pudding.


Friendship Brandied Fruit Starter and Cake Recipes

Brandied fruit is a family tradition that can be made with different kinds of fruits, or with just one kind. You can serve it as a topping on pies, pound cake, ice cream, or use to make a cake.


Exploring Hazelnuts: Nutella and So Much More

The cocoa-hazelnut confection known as Nutella is world-famous today, but it came from very humble beginnings. Learn the history, and how to use it and hazelnuts in your cooking and baking.


24-Hour Southern Fruit Salad Recipe

A recipe handed down for six generations in my family, this sweet Southern fruit salad is more dessert than salad. It's delicious and a holiday treat at our house each year—a real family favorite!


Instant Lemon Pickle (Spicy Pickled Lemon) Recipe

This pickled lemon recipe is one of my best recipes. Its sharp sourness and hotness make it a favorite of many. You can eat this immediately, and it's oil-free. Try it!


Quick and Easy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds are a fall favorite, and as well as being delicious, they are easy to make. A few ingredients and your favorite squash seeds are all you need for this autumn treat.


Indonesian Flaming Bananas Recipe

This article teaches you hot to cook a dish from Indonesia consisting of bananas that are fried in butter and sugar, then cooked in orange juice and finally topped with rum and whipped cream for a superb tropical dessert.


Benefits of Apples

Apples are a fantastic fruit with many excellent properties. So is it true that an apple a day will keep the doctor away? Possibly!


How to Make Roasted or Pan-Fried Banana

These are yummy snacks that you can make in a jiffy. Roasted bananas are crispy and spicy, and the recipe requires only a few ingredients.


Exploring Peanut Butter: Tales, Trivia, and Tasty Recipes

Peanut butter: the soul of PBJ sandwiches, and so much more. Let me tell you how it began, and how to use it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.