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How to Prepare a Pomegranate

Updated on November 02, 2016
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The Pomegranate
The Pomegranate

Need an easy way to prepare a pomegranate so you can enjoy the fruity seeds or its juice? Hopefully you will find the following information both interesting and helpful.

How to Start

Before you commence preparation of the pomegranate, decide if you want pulp (and seeds) intact or just the juice from the pomegranate pod, if one may call it that.

In either case, thoroughly wash the outside skin of the pomegranate, using a bit of hand soap and cool or lukewarm water. Rinse and pat dry. Don't worry, the soap won't penetrate to the inside of the fruit; but you do want to remove any contamination remaining on the skin that might penetrate when you cut into the pomegranate.

Tools You Will Need

Work on a flat surface protected with a paper plate or layers of paper toweling to contain any juice that may escape the fruit while you prepare it for use. You will want:

  • a sharp knife
  • a serrated spoon (such as you'd use to enjoy a grapefruit)
  • a close-tined fork
  • a small glass or plastic bowl

Five-Step Process

The secret to easy extraction of the seeds and pulp from a pomegranate follows a five-step process:

Step One: Pound the fruit gently with the soft edge of your fist. This will initiate the loosening of the seeds within the cavities of the pomegranate.

Step Two: Now roll the fruit back and forth as you would a lemon, exerting a bit of downward pressure. You may hear some of the internal membranes which hold the seeds begin to break up.

A pomegranate provides a unique, low-calorie, between-meal treat.

Step Three: Next, use the sharp knife to cut the pomegranate in half right around its middle. When the two halves fall apart, you will see the seeds and pulp inside the several sections.

Step Four: Finally, using the grapefruit spoon, dig into the sections to extract the red seed globes onto the paper plate or toweling. Use the fork and spoon to separate the seeds from whatever pulp or membrane still clings to them.

Step Five: Scoop the pulp and seeds into the bowl. Enjoy.

Going for the Juice

If you prefer to juice the pomegranate, just exert considerable more downward pressure on the fruit. (Refer to step 2.) This will have the effect of crushing the seeds inside the pomegranate and releasing the juice from them. Take care when cutting the pomegranate in two; you may want to do this over a bowl so as to collect all the juice. Strain the juice through a fine-meshed sieve to remove the unwanted and inedible pulp and seed particles.


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