How to Make Easy Fruit Salad Kabobs

Janis loves to occasionally post original recipes, influenced by the creative cooking skills inherited from her mother and aunts.

Fruit kabobs are a colorful alternative to traditional fruit salad served from a bowl.

Fruit kabobs are a colorful alternative to traditional fruit salad served from a bowl.

Fruit Salad Season Is Here!

What's more refreshing as the weather warms up than the cool taste of a fresh fruit salad? The burst of flavor from a ripe strawberry or a firm piece of sweet cantaloupe delivers a delightful sensation to a fruit lover. The aromas of freshly cut fruit on an outdoor table or Sunday brunch plate remind us that the season is finally upon us to enjoy a nice fruit salad.

A great fruit salad provides a combination of sweet and tangy flavors and visual appeal. A well-balanced fruit salad will please the palate as well as the eyes. The best choice of fruit for your salad will need to be as fresh as possible and preferably in season. This will ensure good taste and presentation.

You're more likely to find the freshest, sweetest, and firmest fruit at grocery chains like Aldi, which tend to sell fruit obtained from local farms or farmers closer to the store's jurisdiction. However, the best option for the freshest produce is to go directly to your local farmer's market.

The best fruit combinations for a dynamic salad usually include strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, honeydew, kiwi, and assorted berries. The brighter the colors and the firmer the fruit, the better chance you'll have of the fruit holding up when it's chilled and served.

Make a colorful arrangement for your guests.

Make a colorful arrangement for your guests.

A Fresh Idea for Any Time

This article offers a recipe for fruit salads needing only one ingredient: the fruit. Therefore, it will be one of the easiest creations you'll ever make for yourself and your guests, any time of the year.

Making fruit salad kabobs is a fresh, fun, and creative way to prepare a healthy treat with ingredients that will decorate your table with an array of color and unique presentation.

Fruit salad on a stick is also less messy than fruit salad served from a bowl as it tends to become watery and soggy if not eaten right away.

Another plus with fruit salad served as a mini kabob is that it requires less use of plates and utensils, resting nicely as a garnish on a plate.

This serving suggestion for a light breakfast includes two fruit kabobs served with toasted, buttered raisin bread.

This serving suggestion for a light breakfast includes two fruit kabobs served with toasted, buttered raisin bread.


  • 1 cantaloupe
  • 1 lb strawberries
  • 1 pineapple
  • 4 kiwis
  • 1 lb green grapes (or 1 honeydew melon)
  • Granulated sugar, optional
  • Whipped cream, optional

Prep Time and Yield

Prep timeReady inYields

2 hours

2 hours

Approximately 20 fruit kabobs

Necessary Utensils

  • Sharp knives (to create clean cuts)
  • Strainers or colanders (for rinsing)
  • Large bowls or containers (to separate cuts)
  • Bamboo kabob sticks (8-inch candy apple or grilling sticks)
  • Platters
  • Small serving bowls for sugar and whipped cream (optional)


  1. Rinse strawberries and grapes in a strainer, pat dry with paper towels. Separate grapes individually from the vines. Do not remove strawberry stems. Place strawberries and grapes in bowls.
  2. Peel and core pineapple as directed on package for best results (see image of cut pineapple) or use a pineapple corer. If desired, save the pineapple crown for platter decoration. Cut pineapple into large chunks. Using a cutting board will make cutting easier. Drain pineapple juice, pat dry and place in a bowl.
  3. Peel and cut cantaloupe into chunk sizes similar to pineapple pieces. Do the same if using honeydew melon. Place in separate bowls or containers.
  4. Peel and carefully core stem end of kiwi. Cut each kiwi into four or six chunks each, depending on the size of the kiwi. Place pieces in a separate bowl.
  5. Thread fruit onto sticks to create a rainbow color effect with each fruit kabob, making a red/orange/yellow/green combination. For example, strawberry, cantaloupe, pineapple, honeydew, kiwi, etc. Top each kabob with a grape.
  6. Place fruit salad kabobs in an attractive arrangement on a platter of your choice. Chill and serve. Have granulated sugar and whipped cream available for sprinkling, dipping and dolloping.

Fruit Kabobs Versus Traditional Fruit Salad

The advantages of serving fresh fruit on a kabob as opposed to the traditional fruit salad mixture are noted above.

Fruit Served as KabobFruit Served in a Bowl

Less mushy served on a stick

Serving spoon smashes fruit

Fruit stays firmer longer

Salad becomes watery upon standing when served from a bowl

Uniformed serving portions

Self-service diminishes nice pieces of fruit to guests

Kabobs make a nice plate garnish

Spooning salad onto individual plates becomes messy

Kabobs offer more attractive presentation ideas

Traditional large bowl of fruit salad limits creativity

Fruit Salad Kabobs: Try a Fresh, New Idea

Making fruit salad kabobs is an easy way to make a side dish without having to cook or measure a lot of ingredients.

As you begin to plan your events for the season, think about adding something new to your traditional luncheon fare, brunch, party appetizer, picnic, or barbecue table. Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Think outside the box when creating your fruit presentations and have fun with it.
  • Use color and texture to dazzle your guests; think of food as art.
  • Use this article as a guide only to inspire your unique fruit creations and make them your own.
  • Try using other fruit and color combinations; as long as the fruit is fresh and firm, it will work.
  • Enjoy creating a sweet and healthy treat; fruit kabobs offer a fun and easy way to get our daily servings of fruit.
  • Remember, presentation is everything!

Farmer's Market Produce for Freshness

How to Pick the Best Fruit at the Right Time:

  • Choosing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
    Shopping for produce can be confusing. You sniff, poke and shake, yet you can still end up with less-than-tasty fruits, limp greens and bland vegetables. Here are some tips on choosing the freshest produce at the market, getting the most for your mon

Fruit Salad Lovers' Favorites

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