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3 Best Mini Rice Cookers

Paul has been passionate about preparing, cooking, and eating healthy food for over 30 years. Born in the UK, he now lives in Florida.

Read on for my suggestions regarding the 3 best mini rice cookers

Read on for my suggestions regarding the 3 best mini rice cookers

Rice is such a great food, and if you're like me, you always want it to be perfectly cooked. The big plus of a rice cooker is that you get consistent results every time.

These devices vary in their price and utility, but often they are designed to make a much wider variety of foods in addition to just rice. For example, many cookers will also make oatmeal, soups, stews, quinoa, pasta, sushi, and even steamed vegetables. I've even baked cakes with them.

The big advantage of mini rice cookers over regular ones is that they take up far less counter or storage space, making them particularly useful for smaller kitchens.

While they are not designed for making big amounts of rice, if like me you belong to a smaller household situation, then a mini rice cooker will more than meet your demands (it's rare that I need to make rice for more than three people nowadays).

I've used a variety of these devices over the years, and I've chosen the three current models that I like best.

Top 3 Small Rice Cookers

Here are my selections for the 3 best mini rice cookers:

  • The Dash Mini: Compact and Powerful
  • The TLOG Portable: Reliable and Versatile
  • The Mishcdea Personal Size: Awesome Look and Performance

Below, in more detail, are my reasons and experiences with my recommendations.

The Dash DRCM200GBRD04 Mini Rice Cooker Steamer.

The Dash DRCM200GBRD04 Mini Rice Cooker Steamer.

The Dash Mini: Compact and Powerful

I bought a Dash Mini for my daughter when she went to college. The beauty of this cooker is that it is simple to use and it doesn't take up much space. It is also very reasonably priced, I paid less than $20 when I ordered one online and couldn't resist trying it out.

My daughter is not a natural or experienced cook, but she has used the Dash regularly for almost two years now, and she loves it.

Dash Mini: Pros

  • Very simple and easy to use—no requirement for the vigilance needed to cook rice on a stovetop.
  • The warming feature is great for keeping the rice from going cold after it's cooked.
  • It's very straightforward to clean, much easier in many ways than dealing with a pan and stove.
  • It takes up very little space, which is great for people with limited storage or counter area.
  • The Dash does have an attractive look to it, my daughter describes it as cute.
  • It comes with a measuring cup, just to make the cooking process even easier.
  • My daughter's been using it regularly for over 18 months and her Dash Mini shows no obvious signs of wear and tear.

Dash Mini: Cons

  • You do have to unplug it when you want to turn it off, no big deal, but something to get used to.
  • The warming function will eventually make the rice dry if you leave it on for many hours.
The TLOG Portable Rice Cooker.

The TLOG Portable Rice Cooker.

The TLOG Portable: Reliable and Versatile

I recently upgraded my office room rice cooker to a TLOG Portable. Previously, I was using a Tiger JNP, which I liked but found a little bulky. I really wanted something that makes great rice, but I could take with me when traveling.

The TLOG checks all the boxes for me. I've taken this device to all sorts of places and it's the most portable rice cooker that I've used.

TLOG Portable: Pros

  • As well as using it to make different types of rice and steaming foods, it's great for making yogurt.
  • It has a handle for easy carrying and it's lightweight. I use this cooker mainly for my home office and when I have to travel with work, but it's been on some camping adventures too and never disappointed.
  • It's a well constructed and reliable product.
  • The warming function on this model is excellent, it keeps the rice warm and edible overnight if necessary.
  • It has a cool look and is very straightforward to use with 6 smart functions.

TLOG Portable: Cons

  • The cord is neither retractable or removable, making it a little unwieldy when the TLOG Portable isn't in use.
The Mishcdea Small Rice Cooker, Personal Size.

The Mishcdea Small Rice Cooker, Personal Size.

The Mishcdea Personal Size: Awesome Look and Performance

My wife and I have taken to using a Mishcdea Small Rice Cooker in recent times. With only the two of us to cook for nowadays, it makes sense to use a smaller rice cooker. I love the modern, minimal, stylish design and it takes up very little counter space.

It's an easy device to use and versatile, I've tried it to make foods other than rice with some great results. While it's perhaps not the cheapest small rice cooker out there, I do think that it's worth the money and my wife agrees with me, even if she was a little skeptical at first.

Mishcdea: Pros

  • It's attractive, which is important to my wife and I, as we have it sitting on the counter permanently.
  • It may be small, but it does its job, producing great rice every time without fail.
  • I've used a lot of rice cookers over the years, the Mishcdea is easy to clean and quiet.
  • As well as employing it to make different types of rice (basmati, jasmine, long-grained etc.) I've also experimented with using it to make dishes like jambalaya and various soups, with some delicious results. I have even used the cake menu setting to bake with the Mishcdea.
  • I've also found this cooker to be great for making my morning porridge.
  • It would make the perfect gift for an individual rice lover, or a couple. I've not met anyone who does not fall in love with this rice cooker.

Mishcdea: Cons

  • As I mentioned above, the Mishcdea is not cheap. At the time of writing, it's common to find them available for around $100, which admittedly is on the expensive side for a small rice cooker, but if you are anything more than a casual rice eater, you will get your money's worth in my experience.

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