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How to Make Pasta Sauce Without Onions and Garlic

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Delicious spaghetti sauce without the onions and the garlic

Delicious spaghetti sauce without the onions and the garlic

Onions and garlic are practically synonymous with Italian food. But if you can't eat garlic or onion, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy pasta sauce.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for an amazing pasta sauce without garlic and onions. This recipe has plenty of ingredients that will give the sauce a good flavor, and you won't even notice the lack of onions and garlic.

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

10 min

30 min

40 min

About the equivalent of a jar of spaghetti sauce


  • 4 cups of tomato sauce fresh or canned, Hunt's has very minimal amounts of garlic or onion.*
  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 1 red pepper
  • white pepper, ground
  • black pepper, ground
  • sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar*
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil


  1. Dice the peppers and any other vegetables you will be adding to the sauce.
  2. Saute the peppers and other veggies in a pan with olive oil. You will want them tender for the sauce. You can also steam the vegetables if you prefer, but the olive oil will add flavor to the sauce.
  3. If you are adding meat, saute it in olive oil till it is brown. Then drain any excess oil.
  4. Pour the tomato sauce into a pot. Begin cooking it over medium heat.
  5. Add in the white pepper, ground pepper, and sea salt. You will use approximately 1/2 teaspoon. The measurement doesn't have to be precise. Add the oil, sugar, and any other seasoning you are using. Mix it well.
  6. Add in the cooked peppers and any other vegetables and meat you are using.
  7. Allow it to cook on medium until it starts to boil. Then turn it to low and let it simmer until time to serve it. If possible, let it simmer on low for an hour or two for the best results. Be sure to stir it occasionally.
  8. Sample it when it has been heated to see if it needs more seasoning. Add in more of the ground pepper, white pepper, salt, sugar, and oil as needed.
  9. Pour the sauce over your favorite pasta or Italian dish. Enjoy a great Italian meal!

Other Ingredient Ideas


These veggies taste great in sauce.

  • mushrooms*
  • broccoli*
  • squash

Herbs and Spices:

  • basil
  • bay leaf
  • oregano
  • parsley
  • lemon pepper
  • Italian seasoning*


Ground meat will also add flavor to the sauce.

  • beef*
  • chicken*
  • turkey*
  • Italian sausage
  • bouillon cube


  • cream cheese
  • Parmesan cheese

For Those on Sulfite-Free Diets

* ingredients contain sulfites.

  • Avoid tomato sauces that have citric acid. "Natural flavor" and "spice" can also indicate sulfites and even small amounts of garlic and onion. Hunt's tomato sauce has less than 2% sulfites, which might not cause a reaction for you (it doesn't for me).
  • Use fresh tomatoes instead of canned sauce. You will need about four. Peel and chop them. The sauce will need to simmer longer when you use fresh tomatoes.
  • Be aware that sulfites can be present in ground herbs and spices. If you use whole organic herbs, you should be okay.
  • Use organic cane sugar with no sulfites.
  • Meat can contain sulfites. Organic meat is much more likely to be sulfite-free.

How flavorful is it?

The sauce recipe is great for lasagna or any other type of pasta.

The sauce recipe is great for lasagna or any other type of pasta.

Dish Ideas for the Sauce

This sauce tastes great in just about any kind of Italian food. Now you can enjoy Italian food without garlic and onion.

Serve it in:

  • spaghetti
  • lasagna
  • other pasta dishes
  • homemade pizza
  • breadstick dipping sauce