7 Irish Shot Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

Updated on November 20, 2019
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I love beer, baseball, and other beer- and baseball-related activities.

Check out these 7 recipes for Irish shots to serve on St. Patrick's Day.
Check out these 7 recipes for Irish shots to serve on St. Patrick's Day. | Source

Oh, Danny Boy!

Every year on March 17th, Irish people and those who love to party with them celebrate St. Patrick's Day with beer and/or shots.

I mean, legend has it that St. Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland. Who needs a better reason to drink than that? Who likes snakes? No one, that's who. (There actually is more to the history of St. Patrick's Day than snake-wrangling.)

Guinness, Jameson, and Baileys are the typical adult beverages of choice on St. Patrick's Day, but there are also a lot of fun and tasty shots that are easy to make and that will get you into the spirit:

7 Shots for St. Patrick's Day

  1. The Nutty Irishman
  2. Baby Guinness
  3. The Dubliner
  4. The Irish Slammer
  5. The Irish Cuddle
  6. The Irish Flag
  7. Irish Whiskey

Plus one bonus shot: The Drunk Leprechaun.

Why seven? Because seven is lucky, like the Irish.

You'll need a shot glass to make (and drink) these St. Patrick's Day drinks.
You'll need a shot glass to make (and drink) these St. Patrick's Day drinks. | Source

1. The Nutty Irishman

Legend has it, The Nutty Irishman was created in Dublin on St. Patrick's Day in 1983 and named after Finnegan O'Leary, who believed he was the reincarnation of St. Patrick. Finnegan would run through the streets shouting "Snakes! Snakes!" while bashing mail boxes, fire hydrants, and passer-bys with a wooden stick. Today, his whereabouts are unknown.

That's not a true story. I don't know when The Nutty Irishman shot was created, but "Nutty" is most likely in reference to the hazelnut flavor of the Frangelico.

(The Nutty Irishman can also be served as a cocktail. Simply add more liquor, which shouldn't be a problem for most St. Patrick's Day celebrants.)


  • Fill shaker with ice.
  • Pour in 1/2 oz. Frangelico.
  • Pour in 1/2-oz. Baileys Irish Cream.
  • Pour in 1/2-oz. cream.
  • Shake and pour into shot glass.

2. Baby Guinness

Have you already had 10 pints of Guinness on St. Patrick's Day and don't know if you can finish another 16 ounces? Or Maybe you suffer from "Small Hand Syndrome" and have trouble holding a full pint glass. Not a problem. Now there is the Baby Guinness shot for St. Patrick's Day to solve all your alcohol consumption problems.

There are only two ingredients in this Irish shot recipe, but it does require a bit of a steady hand. Not "brain surgeon" steadiness, but maybe avoid asking old Finnegan O'Leary to make your Baby Guinness.


  • Pour 3/4-oz. Kahlua into a shot glass.
  • Hold spoon over shot glass and pour 1/4-oz. Baileys Irish Cream into spoon.
  • Let spoon contents seep into glass.

Pouring the Baileys directly into the shot glass will cause the two liquors to mix together. Letting the Irish cream seep into the top of the glass, however, creates the iconic look of a head of foam on top of a pint of Guinness. Arthur would be proud!

3. The Dubliner

What's St. Patrick's Day without a little whiskey? Probably St. Boring's Day. OK, that's a stretch, but why even find out? Instead, try The Dubliner, a shot that combines Irish whiskey, Irish Mist and a little—ooh, la, la—whipped cream.

For whatever reason, the ladies seem to love shot recipes that involve whip cream, so, if you are having a few more Patricias at your party than Patricks, you might want to give The Dubliner a shot.


  • Fill shaker with ice.
  • Pour in 1/2-oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey.
  • Pour in 1/2-oz. Irish Mist.
  • Shake and pour into shot glass.
  • Squirt whipped cream on top.

Dropping the shot into the pint.
Dropping the shot into the pint. | Source

4. The Irish Slammer

You might know this drink by its more controversial name of "Irish Car Bomb" (in reference to extreme tactics used by the Provisional Republic Irish Army). This is one recipe you won't soon forget.

I'm going to go ahead and say that this is my favorite St. Patrick's Day shot. In fact, it may be my favorite shot, period. Quote me!

The recipe is so simple and delicious, you'll wonder why you hadn't been drinking them for years. I'm wondering why I'm not drinking one right now (Oh, yeah. It's not even noon yet.).

What makes this drink so dynamite (pun intended), is that it combines the three key Irish drinks and liquors: Guinness, Jameson, Baileys, and Irish Cream.


  • Fill a pint glass 3/4 full with Guinness.
  • Pour 1/2-oz. Jameson Irish Whisky into a shot glass.
  • Add 1/2-oz. Baileys Irish Cream to shot glass.
  • Drop shot glass into pint.
  • Chug! Chug! Chug!

5. The Irish Cuddle

If the Irish Slammer scared you away, here is something a little more lovey-dovey. Next time your girlfriend or boyfriend says they want to cuddle, forget the hugging and snuggling and go straight for the liquor cabinet.

The Irish Cuddle is similar to the Baby Guinness and the Nutty Irishman in that it requires only two ingredients, one being Baileys Irish Cream.


  • Fill shaker with ice.
  • Pour in 1/2-oz. Amaretto.
  • Add 1/2-oz. Baileys.
  • Shake and pour into shot glass.

A fun St. Patrick's Day shot in the colors of the Irish flag.
A fun St. Patrick's Day shot in the colors of the Irish flag. | Source

6. The Irish Flag

Bring a little patriotism and bartending razzle-dazzle to your St. Patrick's Day party with The Irish Flag shot.

First presented to Thomas Francis Meagher (likely a historic Irishman) in 1848 by a group of French women, the real Irish flag is green, white, and orange and represents peace and Irish nationalism. However, the Irish Flag shot represents delicious debauchery and St. Patrick's Day fun!

I prefer the latter. But, to each their own. Any hoo.

Similar to the Baby Guinness, the Irish Flag Shot recipe requires a steady hand in order to create the appearance of the Irish flag in the shot glass. If you can pull it off, you'll have a drink worth saluting.


  • Pour 1/2-oz. Creme de Menthe into a shot glass.
  • Hold spoon over shot glass.
  • Pour 1/2-oz. Baileys into spoon and let seep into shot glass.
  • Pour 1/2-oz. Orange Grand Marnier into spoon and let seep into shot glass.

Make sure to follow the recipe in the exact order in order to create the appearance of the Irish flag and to avoid the liquors mixing together. Similar to the Irish Slammer, you won't want to admire the shot too long as the contents will soon begin to curdle.

7. Irish Whiskey

Not feeling creative? Just want to get snackered? Not to worry. This Irish shot is simple and sure to do the trick. Heck, it's been doing the trick in Ireland for hundreds and hundreds of years, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it . . . just drink it!


  • Fill shot glass with Irish whiskey.

Any Irish whiskey will do. Jameson, Powers, Paddy's, The Knot, you name it. Mr. Boston's whiskey, well, as your personal St. Patrick's Day Irish shot advisor, I can't recommend that, but if the pocketbook is a little light, who am I to judge?

Bonus Recipe: The Drunk Leprechaun

Admittedly, that last one isn't much of a shot recipe but more of a "Get Drunk Fast" solution, but since I promised you seven shot recipes and I am a man of my word, here you go.

I have seen this drink called the St. Patrick's Day shot, and I don't like that name, so I've changed it to the Drunk Leprechaun. (If you are the original inventor of this shot and have copyrighted the name "the St. Patrick's Day Shot," I apologize and will change the name back upon request.)


  • Fill bar shaker with ice.
  • Pour 1/2-oz. Creme de Menthe.
  • Pour 1/2-oz. Green Chartreuse.
  • Pour 1/2-oz. Irish whiskey.
  • Add a dash of bitters.
  • Shake and pour into shot glass.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      havin a paddys day party and gonna make the nutty Irishman the main cocktail. thanks for the idea

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      haha im glad to be one of the four people reading this, love the drinks also!

    • bogerk profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Midwest

      Donnacha C -

      Thanks for reading! St. Patrick's Day isn't too far away, only a couple of months, and it's never too early to start practicing making some of these shots.

    • Donnacha C profile image

      Donnacha C 

      9 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland

      great hub and so well presented, makes me think Paddy`s day is just around the corner! Will defo try out some of the recepies from this article!


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