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Simple Oreo Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving

I am a mom of two who loves to try and share simple, money-saving repair advice for families!

A flock of drying turkey cookies

A flock of drying turkey cookies

Simple Oreo Turkey Cookies

Need a cute and festive snack in a hurry? Have the relatives called and need you to bring a dessert for Thanksgiving? Have leftover candy-corn from Halloween and need to get rid of it? These turkey cookies are fast, simple, and so cute that the kids will gobble them up in an instant!

The best thing about these snacks is that they require no baking and can be assembled from store-bought materials. This makes the turkey cookies suitable for class parties where all food items must be pre-packaged goods. Consider making the turkey cookies as an edible craft: frosting can be used in place of the melted candy wafers to make assembly easier.


  • Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies*
  • Candy Corn
  • Whoppers malted milk ball candy
  • Decorator icing
  • Vanilla candy melts (such as Wilton Candy Melts)
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*Double-Stuffed Oreos must be used for this recipe. Standard Oreos are too thin to accommodate the placement of the candy corn between the cookie wafers. Double-Stuffed Oreo cookies come in various flavors: the turkey cookies in the photos used the standard chocolate cookie with white creme.

  1. Insert the tips of five candy corn kernels into each Oreo to make the turkey's tail feathers.
  2. Melt some vanilla candy melts in the microwave. You will not need many—the candy melts are only used to cement the Whopper candy onto the cookie.
  3. Break the tips off several pieces of candy corn—these broken tips will become the turkey beaks, so make sure you have a beak for each cookie.
  4. Using the melted candy wafers, attach the Whopper candy to the front of the Oreo cookie.
  5. Dab some melted candy wafer onto the flat end of the candy corn tip, then attach this to the Whopper to form a beak.
  6. Dot two eyes onto the Whopper (use decorator icing or the melted candy wafers).
  7. Let the cookies dry and gobble them up!
A completed turkey cookie ready to be "gobbled up!"

A completed turkey cookie ready to be "gobbled up!"

  • Use frosting instead of Wilton Candy Melts to make assembly easier. Frosting will not be as sturdy (the turkey heads are more likely to come off), but requires no melting or "setting" time. Use the candy melts if the cookies must be transported anywhere, as the melted candy (once set) is extremely durable.
  • Use a ziplock back with a corner snipped open to pipe the melted candy "glue" or icing: this will speed the assembly process. The candy melts will set quickly, so having a second person on hand to assemble the turkey heads is beneficial.

Easy Variations

One Oreo cookie may be placed vertically on top of a second (horizontal) Oreo cookie. The flat cookie provides a "base" upon which to place the Whopper candy head. The vertical Oreo forms the turkey's tail (with the candy corn pieces pressed around the rim). Pretzel feet can be added to the flat Oreo base if desired.

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