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Nonna's Ciambellone (Traditional Easter Cake)

Ciambellone is a traditional cake for Easter brunch. Or enjoy this plain but tasty treat with coffee any day!


Hot Cross Buns: Fun Facts and Recipe

Whether you've eaten this bread or recited the nursery rhyme without knowing its origins, here's everything you need to know about hot cross buns.


Easy Pineapple Cherry Easter Ham Glaze

Dress up your Easter ham with a tasty pineapple cherry glaze!


Jelly Bean Mini Cheesecakes for Easter

This Easter, let the soft colors of early spring inspire some cute and tasty little cheesecake treats topped with jelly beans.


How to Make Koularakia (Greek Easter Biscuit Recipe)

This is a simple, quick, and delicious recipe that was handed down from my grandmother that your family will love! Koularakia are traditional Greek Easter biscuits.


Traditional Russian Easter Biscuits With Homemade Icing

Easter is a popular celebration in Russia, both for those who are Christian and those who are not. One major aspect of the holiday that is the same for everyone is the love of sweets! In this article, I will show you how to make some delicious Russian Easter biscuits with homemade icing!


Easy Vegan Easter Breakfast for a Crowd

Cooking a family holiday meal without the traditional meat, eggs, and dairy can be a challenge. Amaze your family and friends with these foods. Some are gluten-free, and all are vegan.


15 Delicious Easter Brunch Ideas and Recipes

15 recipe suggestions for your Easter Brunch, including everything from appetizers to dessert. There are even some vegetarian options, as well.


Easter Pineapple Cream Cake Recipe

This cake is so light and moist that you simply won't be able to get enough of it. It's easy to make and is sure to be a hit with whoever you serve it to. I think it's a perfect after-dinner dessert for an Easter meal, but it's also delicious enough for any holiday or occasion on your calendar.


How to Make One-Pan Brownies With Cadbury Creme Eggs

Are you crazy for the ooey gooey, creamy deliciousness of Cadbury Creme Eggs? Treat your friends and family to the chocolatey goodness of these eggstra-special Cadbury Creme Egg One-Pan Brownies.


How to Make an Easter Bunny Rabbit Cake

No cake mold or special equipment is required! Turn two round cake layers into an impressive Easter Bunny cake. This cake-decorating project is easy, adorable, and fun for kids of all ages!


How to Make Deviled Eggs That Look Like Baby Chicks: Recipe

Learn how to make easy and fun deviled eggs that look like baby chicks. These are a delightful addition to any dinner table, especially for Easter dinner. I serve these at all our family dinners.


How to Make Polish Easter Bread (Step-by-Step Photo Guide)

Read on for a step-by-step guide to making bread for a traditional Polish Easter Basket, or to enjoy any time!


Sirnica Recipe (Croatian Hrvatski Easter Bread)

Easter bread, or sirnica, is a delicious springtime specialty. This sweet bread has citrus, egg and other flavorings and is traditionally served on Easter.


DIY Easter Egg Dyeing With Food Coloring and Vinegar

This is a step-by-step guide with photos for dyeing hard-boiled eggs in the shell. This is the old-fashioned method that was used before egg dyeing kits existed. The traditional smell of vinegar and boiling water is a feature of this all-generation family bonding activity.

Easter Babka

Russian Easter Bread and Polish Babka Recipes

Nothing is more delectable than the smell of yeast bread baking. Here are two great sweet bread recipes: Russian Easter bread is finer-grained, with the traditional candied fruit, while Polish babka is a lighter raisin bread.


Mexican Recipes for Easter

The following Mexican recipes are typically enjoyed during the Easter Season, but they are good anytime. Roasted lamb and goat are specialties.


Four Traditional Romanian Easter Recipes

When my friend of Romanian descent visited cousins in the old country, she brought back these traditional Easter recipes.


3 Authentic Polish Easter Recipes and Easter Basket Origins

I have learned much from my Polish American friends about the importance of Easter in their culture, friendships, families, and faith. Please enjoy the following recipes and history.


Spring and Easter Recipes From Poland and Polish Americans

Easter or Resurrection is the biggest holiday of the year among my Polish friends. Their traditions and recipes for traditional foods vary by the region of the country they or their ancestors called home, but all are good.


Easter Traditions: Cajun Easter Foods and Recipes

Cajun is a name for a culture and a people with a rich and diverse heritage and lots of good food. They made lots of great music, too.