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Creepy Halloween Popcorn Hand (and Two Popcorn Mix Recipes)

Looking for a fun and easy recipe for a Halloween snack or treat? This popcorn hand is perfect. It's really inexpensive to make, and I like that too.


How to Make a Halloween Puking Pumpkin (With Guacamole)

Learn how to make a gory puking pumpkin with guacamole dip. Make sure to save the innards for other treats!


Easy Jack-o'-Lantern Potato Stuffed Peppers for Halloween

Need a delicious Halloween treat? These stuffed jack-o'-lantern peppers make a festive and crowd-pleasing addition to our meal.


How to Make Scrumptiously Spooky Brownies for Halloween

A simple and fun Halloween treat!


Frighteningly Delicious Halloween Monster Cookie Recipe

These frighteningly delicious monster cookies make for the perfect Halloween treat. Beware, they're scary good!


3 Scarily Easy Halloween Treat Ideas

Whip up some spooky spider donuts, banana boo muffins, and ghostly cinnamon rolls. Happy Halloween!


10 Easy Halloween Treats: Spider Cookies to Hotdog Mummies

These 10 easy Halloween snacks are a spooktacular addition to any fall party. From candy corn rice crispies to spider cookies, you're sure to find a cute, delicious treat here!


Lucious Halloween Black Velvet Cake (With Video Tutorial)

Black velvet cake is incredible—luscious dark chocolate and an unbelievably moist texture. Dark cocoa is the secret to both the flavor and finish of this dramatic cake, and you'll love the results.


Spooky Homemade Marshmallow Ghosts for Halloween

Looking for a perfect Halloween treat? Look no further. These adorable little ghosts are easy to make and taste just as fabulous as they look. They're sure to be a crowd-pleaser!


Spooktober Treat Idea: Creepy Blood-Filled Halloween Cake Bites Recipe

Looking for the perfect Halloween treat? Learn how to make these spooky cake bites with this simple recipe.


Green Slime Halloween Salsa (Plus 2 Bonus Green Dip Recipes)

What's green, gooey, and good to eat? Green slime salsa dip! This recipe is easy to make, yummy to eat, and gross to look at. That's right; it's the perfect creepy recipe to serve at Halloween time.


9+ Halloween School Party Snack Food Ideas

Don't get caught off-guard when asked to bring a snack to the class Halloween party. I've compiled several great ideas that are relatively cheap and easy to make.


40+ Creeptastic Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

Ghouls and goblins, the witching hour is here! Don your baking hats and dust off that cauldron to whip up creeptastic treats for all.


11 Creepy Halloween Cocktail Concoctions

Add some hubble and bubble to your Halloween with these bewitching brews. These eleven spooky drink suggestions will really get your party going!


10 Halloween Cocktail Ideas for a Wickedly Fun Celebration

Discover some of the best spooktacular spirit and cocktail recipes that will make your Halloween celebration positively wicked.


Frute Brute Cereal Halloween French Toast Recipe

A fun and festive spin on a traditional breakfast favorite. This recipe yields a delicious treat that looks and tastes like no other French toast you have ever tried. Perfect for Halloween.


15 Fun and Easy Halloween Treats to Make With Your Kids

These tasty Halloween snack ideas are easy to make and fun to do with your kids!


Creepy, Gory Halloween Deviled Brains (Eggs)

Looking for a fun and creepy Halloween party food? These deviled brains (eggs) make a delicious and gory treat for zombies, monsters, and ghouls!


Franken Berry Monster Cereal Halloween Cupcakes Recipe

A quick and easy Halloween treat that isn't tricky! Made with seasonal monster cereal, each creepy little cupcake is full of flavor and fright. They're perfect for parties, and the kids can help with the baking, too!


Boo Berry Cereal Marshmallow Treats for Halloween

Make tasty cereal bars with your favorite limited edition monster cereals. They're sure to be a hit with the younger ones and those who are young at heart. These are perfect for Halloween parties and are ready in 15 minutes!


How to Make a Halloween Pull-Apart Pumpkin Cupcake Cake

Need an idea for a fun and easy Halloween dessert to serve at a party or school function? This pull-apart pumpkin cupcake cake is super cute and very easy to make!


Grandma's Halloween Popcorn Ball Recipe

My grandma was famous in our neighborhood for her Halloween popcorn balls. Here is her recipe with step-by-step photos.


Creepy Breakfast Foods for Halloween or a Zombie Party

Halloween and parties often center around candy and sweets. In all the excitement of the holiday, boring meals are often rushed through or even skipped. Make this Halloween or your next zombie party different by making breakfast a part of the festivities! These are...


3 Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas: Pumpkin, Ghost & Cat

Looking for easy decorating ideas for your Halloween cupcakes? Learn how to decorate cupcakes with pumpkin, ghost, and cat themes.


Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes With 3 Spooky Designs

Learn how to make simple spider web cupcakes, pull-apart spider web cupcakes, and extra spooky spider cupcakes.


Six Kid-Friendly Halloween Punch Recipes and Drink Ideas

Learn how to make kid-friendly Halloween punches, complete with floating severed hands and ghastly garnishes. Your kids will love these special treats!


Gory White Chocolate Eyeballs for Halloween Parties

Oh-so gory, but oh so tasty and sweet! Here's a great little Halloween treat for those who love the taste of white chocolate.


8 Spooky Halloween Treats From Frankenfingers to Witch's Brew

No Halloween party is complete without a tableful of spooky and delicious treats to set the scene. These ideas are sure to tickle your taste buds and impress guests of all ages!


20 Halloween Shot & Shooter Recipes for Hellishly Spooky Fun

Here are 20 quick and easy recipes for Halloween-themed shots and shooters that look as deliciously spooky as they taste.