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11 Tips to Make the Best BBQ Pork Ribs

Thomas is an award-winning chef known for his barbecue and chili. In 1998, he was named the third-best chef in Florida.

Learn how to make the best BBQ pork ribs you will ever eat in your life!

Learn how to make the best BBQ pork ribs you will ever eat in your life!

Tips for Grilling Ribs

I hope you realize that barbecuing can be a risky business. You go to the trouble of planning the event and inviting your friends and family over, but how do you know that your barbecue is going to be as good as it was the last time?

Even the best chef can sometimes make mistakes, but here are 11 tips to make the best BBQ pork ribs you will ever eat in your life. And no, you don't have to go down to Texas to get them. You can create the world's best barbecue ribs right there in your backyard.

Tip 1: Buy the Right Meat

Be careful when picking out the pork ribs you are going to BBQ later. You want the meat evenly distributed over the slab of ribs.

You don't want a rack of ribs with a lot of fat or meat at one end. Never buy your ribs in a closed-up box as you won't know the quality of the ribs you are getting. You will also want to avoid slabs of ribs with exposed bones.

Tip 2: Get Enough Meat

You will want to have half a slab of ribs for each adult at your barbecue. A third of a slab of ribs will be enough for most children.

Tip 3: Remove the Silver Skin (Or Have the Butcher Do It)

When you are preparing your ribs, be sure to remove the silver-colored skin from the underside of your ribs or if possible have your butcher do it for you.

Tip 4: Marinate Your Ribs

If you are going to cook ribs on a regular basis, you're going to want to shop around and find a plastic pan with a lid that your ribs will fit in. You will also want it to fit on a shelf in your refrigerator. Always marinate your ribs in the refrigerator and never at room temperature.

Tip 5: Pre-Cook Your Ribs

Most people like to pre-cook their ribs by cooking them in a pot of boiling water mixed with a cup or two of apple cider vinegar. Be careful to remove your ribs from the pot as soon as they start to get tender. Now they are ready to go on the grill. And they will be oh-so-tender and delicious.

Tip 6: Use Coals That Are at Medium Heat, and Oil the Grill

Before you place your ribs on the grill, you'll want the grill to be at low to medium heat. And you will want to take a grill rag or brush and apply a generous amount of vegetable oil to your grill to prevent the grill from sticking.

Tip 7: Watch the Ribs Carefully and Keep the Temperature at 250 Degrees

Cooking meat on the grill requires constant attention. Stay close to your grill and at the first sign of your meat catching fire, spray the hot spot with a spray bottle of water.

If at all possible, try to keep your cooking temperature down to 250 degrees. If you pre-cooked your ribs, they should be done in 2-3 hours. Don't baste them with BBQ sauce until the last 45 minutes of cooking time.

If you apply the BBQ sauce too early the sugars in your BBQ sauce will get too hot and burn your ribs.

Tip 8: Use Tongs to Flip the Ribs

You will want to have a couple of sets of tongs to use on your grill to turn your meat or ribs over with. You don't want to use a fork as this will let some of the flavor escape.

Tip 9: Put the Hot Coals on the Other Side of the Grill

Keep your hot coals over to one side and cook your ribs on the other side of the grill. Keep some hot charcoal in a large metal can in case you want to add more hot coals if your cooking temperature gets too low.

Tip 10: Rest Your Meat Before Serving

Let your cooked ribs stand for about 15 minutes before you serve them. Serve your ribs with more BBQ sauce on the side.

Tip 11: Follow These Tips!

Be sure to read the above tips and apply them and you will cook the best BBQ ribs you will ever eat.

There's nothing that can bring family and friends together like a cookout with that great smoky barbecue flavor. And don't forget the seasonal sides you can also grill.

Buy dry Italian salad dressing and sprinkle it on things like corn on the cob and squash sliced lengthwise instead of in round slices. And you really should try slices of pineapple and apples with a light coating of your favorite BBQ sauce before you place them on the grill. Lightly grill these to caramelize the sugars and serve with homemade ice cream.

And remember that you can grill almost anything. Try grilling your chicken wings on the grill instead of deep frying them. As you grill them, sprinkle them with dry Italian seasoning and brush on your favorite BBQ sauce during the last few minutes of grilling time. These are guaranteed to be some of the best wings you and your family and friends will ever eat.

Don't forget to serve your BBQ meal with great homemade potato salad and a real good coleslaw. And what ever you do, don't forget to serve some really good garlic bread with your meal.

Keep in mind that most people like some bread with their meat. Another real favorite to serve with your BBQ meal is homemade banana pudding.