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Fast and Easy Venison Recipes

I am a blogger from Southern Oklahoma who loves to write about quick and easy recipes.

Hubby and last year's deer

Hubby and last year's deer

Venison Is a Healthy Alternative to Beef

My husband enjoys hunting, and I enjoy having the meat in the freezer. I love opening the freezer and finding all those little white packages stacked up in there! It’s like money in the bank. I use venison in place of beef much of the time, and it saves me a ton of money on my grocery bill. I have included some information on venison and some really fast and easy venison recipes to save you time and money!

Compared to beef, venison is much lower in cholesterol and fat and has more protein. Now as most of you know, being so lean, if you have had “venison burger” packaged up, it has had some fat added to it. If the processor doesn’t add some fat, it won’t stick together like hamburger. It is still going to be much leaner than regular hamburger meat and much healthier for you.

If you got a good shot on your deer, meaning you didn’t rupture the stomach or liver, and you had a good processor process your deer, you should not have a strong “wild taste.” Some people insist that you have to soak your venison in milk to remove the wild flavor. I did that once, years ago, but couldn't really tell the difference. However, the older the deer, the tougher and wilder the taste. Of course, real sportsmen know better than to go out and shoot a "Bambi."

Now, unfortunately, for my husband, I don’t really like to cook. Therefore most of my cooking is “fast and easy” type recipes. I would like to share a few of those with you for cooking venison. My recipes are going to be using mainly the deer backstrap, round steak and burger. My round steak has already been tenderizer by the processor. These recipes are low cost and simple—and you probably have everything you need already in your pantry.

1. Skillet Herb-Crusted Venison


  • 4 tablespoons flour
  • 4 venison back strap steaks
  • 1 teaspoon ground sage
  • salt and pepper
  • ½ teaspoon crushed thyme leaves
  • low fat cooking spray


  1. Stir together the flour, sage, and thyme in a plate.
  2. Coat the steaks with the flour mixture.
  3. Heat the cooking spray in the skillet, and drop in the flour-coated steaks.
  4. Brown your steaks on medium heat, turning once, and brown on the other side.
  5. Remove from skillet and salt and pepper to taste.

Depending on how thick your steaks are, you may want to slice them in half so that they will be thin enough to cook through quickly.

2. Venison and Mushroom Gravy


  • 2 venison steaks, cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 can of cream of mushroom soup
  • ½ soup can milk
  • low-fat cooking spray
  • 2 cups cooked rice
  • salt and pepper


  1. Heat the cooking spray in skillet.
  2. Add venison and cook until done, but don’t overcook. Remove venison from skillet.
  3. Pour soup into bowl and add ½ can of milk. Blend this with whisk until well mixed. Pour this into the skillet and mix together with “drippings” in skillet.
  4. Add venison and cook until everything is heated through.
  5. Spoon the meat mixture over the cooked rice on plate.
  6. Salt and pepper to taste.

3. Venison With Noodles and Brown Gravy


  • 2 venison steaks, cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 package McCormicks Brown Gravy Mix
  • 1 cup water
  • low-fat cooking spray
  • 3 cups cooked wide egg noodles
  • salt and pepper


  1. Heat the cooking spray in skillet.
  2. Add venison and cook until done, be careful to not overcook or it will get tough.
  3. Mix gravy mix with water in separate bowl, according to directions.
  4. Add gravy to skillet and stir together with “drippings” in pan. Heat through.
  5. Add venison and cook until everything is heated through.
  6. Spoon over cooked noodles.
  7. Salt and pepper to taste.
Delicious venison and stewed tomato skillet!

Delicious venison and stewed tomato skillet!

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4. Venison and Stewed Tomato Skillet


  • 1 lb “venison burger”
  • 1 (16-oz) can stewed tomatoes, drained
  • 2 cups cooked elbow macaroni
  • 1 (8-oz) can tomato sauce


  1. Brown deer burger in skillet until done. Add stewed tomatoes and heat through.
  2. Stir in drained, cooked, elbow macaroni.
  3. Add tomato sauce and stir until well mixed and heated through.

I like to serve this with a hot pan of cornbread!

5. Ground Venison With Bow Tie Pasta and Mushroom Gravy


  • 1 lb. ground venison
  • 2 cups cooked bow tie pasta
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1/2 can of milk
  • 1 small can sliced mushrooms


  1. Brown the ground venison in a skillet until done.
  2. Mix milk with mushroom soup and add to meat. Mix well.
  3. Drain mushrooms and add to meat mixture.
  4. Stir in cooked bow tie pasta, or spoon the meat mixture over the pasta.
  5. Salt and pepper to taste.

I like to serve this with steamed green beans and garlic bread.

Always a hit with the kids!

Always a hit with the kids!

These are my favorite recipes to cook with my deer meat, other than the old stand-by of dredging in flour and egg mixture and frying. Of course, I do have to fix this every now and then with some mashed potatoes and good old-fashioned white gravy! Or cut the steaks into strips and dip them in egg and flour then fry them up as steak fingers. This is one of my kids' favorites!

You can also use the “venison burger” in place of hamburger meat in spaghetti, chili, and hamburger helper.

I hope this has given you a few different ways of using your venison. Cook up and enjoy! If you have any “quick and easy” venison recipes, let me know. I am always looking for something new to try!


Connie on January 27, 2018:

My husband is also a hunter, I'm always looking for a new,fast,easy recipe. Can't wait to try some of these.:-)

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on January 09, 2017:

Thank you so much, Val! We had the steak fingers for dinner just night before last. My 5 year old granddaughter spent the night and that is what she wanted. I hope you enjoy the recipes! :)

Val on January 07, 2017:

I just love your recipes. My son and grandson have gotten several deer this year so I have been looking for some new recipes. Thank you for this sight. I posted it on my facebook so my other friends can see it.

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on March 07, 2015:

I wouldn't know what to do without my freezer full of venison. I use it for almost everything. I know it is so much better for us than what we buy at the store. We also catch fish from our pond and hubby will usually get a turkey or two during turkey season. We also have chickens so that we have our own eggs. Thank you so much for stopping by again, I really appreciate all your support, my friend! Have a wonderful evening!

RTalloni on March 07, 2015:

We were talking about venison with friends earlier today, realizing that it had been a long time since we had it. You've made me think it's about time to remedy that situation. Many people benefit from stocking their freezer with meat from their own land. Knowing the source of their food is just one of the benefits.

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on February 16, 2013:

Hello June! I cooked the venison and stewed tomato skillet last night with a pan of fried okra. Yummy! I'm sure you will enjoy these recipes. Thank you for your kind comment. Have a wonderful day!

June Smith on February 16, 2013:

Thank you for the quick easy recipes. I can't wait to prepare one this evening and try the rest as well. The dishes look yummy!!

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on October 22, 2012:

Hello 2patricias! My family really likes venison, my kids grew up on it. My hubby has always been an avid deer hunter. I rarely buy beef. "Culling" is a necessity. It keeps the deer population under control and keeps the herds healthy. We only take what we will eat in a year. I am currently waiting for more of those little white packages to be ready as deer season has already started here. Thank you so much for including my fast and easy venison recipe in your index. That is greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful day! :)

2patricias from Sussex by the Sea on October 21, 2012:

I like venison, and it is easy to buy in this part of England during the winter months. Most of what I buy is from annual "culls" - which some people think are cruel, but not in my opinion as it ensures that herds of deer have enough to eat.

I have just started a "venison" section in my Recipe Index for HubPages, and am including this.

quentin on May 05, 2012:


Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on April 09, 2012:

Hello alocsin. I may not have explained this well, but the venison is cheaper for us as my husband kills the deer. That way we get a lot of meat for just the cost of the "deer tag". To purchase venison, it is probably higher than beef. I'm sorry I didn't explain that, I guess I thought you could read my mind. LOL Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate your vote up! Have a great day! :)

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on April 09, 2012:

These sound yummy and I wasn't aware that venison was actually cheaper than beef. Thought it was the other way around. I'll have to look for this meat. Voting this Up and Useful.

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on February 06, 2012:

Hello alocsin! LOL I know what you mean, but we take our deer to a meat processor and it is cut into steaks and make into hamburger and packaged up for us. That's the hard part. Thank you for visiting my hub and vote up, it is greatly appreciated! Have a great evening! :)

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on February 06, 2012:

Fast and easy is not something you normally associate with venison, so thanks for these suggestions. Voting this Up and Useful.

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on January 31, 2012:

Hello Brett! Thank you for your comment on my hub. I don't know what type of meat you have there, but these recipes would probably work with just about any type. Thank you for reading and sharing my hub. Greatly appreciated! :)

Brett C from Asia on January 31, 2012:

You ideas sound delicious ... I just wish that there was more of this meat available over here (Asia).

Thanks for SHARING.

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on January 23, 2012:

Thank you kevin! It really is sooo good. The mushroom gravy, just makes it yummy! Thanks for you comment! :)

Kevin Howell from Maysville KY on January 23, 2012:

Sounds good. I especially like the venison and mushroom gravy. Thanks for sharing

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on January 23, 2012:

Thank you Jenna! :) They are not only good, but easy too! Thank you for commenting on my hub. Share this hub with someone you think may like this recipe too! :)

Jenna on January 23, 2012:

Love these recipes! I have lots of venison I will be trying these with!

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on January 15, 2012:

@Brett Winn - Thank you for your kind words. I really don't "like" to cook, so most of my recipes and "fast and easy", but pretty good! I hope you can find these recipes useful next year. :)

Brett Winn from US on January 15, 2012:

Wow, you might not like to cook, but these recipes sound wonderful. I LOVE venison ... unfortunately I did not happen to come by any this season. :( I will bookmark these so I can find them again if I get lucky next year! Voted up!

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on January 04, 2012:

Hello again peepingtomb! Thanks again for visiting my hubs and leaving such nice comments. If you get the chance to try one of my recipes, let me know what you think! Have a great day! :)

peepingtomb on January 04, 2012:

These are some great and simple recipes. They all look very delicious.

Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on December 30, 2011:

I am an animal lover. I'm glad to see you are also. As far as hunting goes...each to his own. Have a Happy New Year jntuhub.

jntuhub on December 30, 2011:

save animals

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