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Lazy Man's Best Cabbage Rolls Recipe

I love making tasty and nutritious dishes at home; it's a much healthier (and more cost-effective!) solution than going out to eat.

Baked Cabbage Rolls


This Is an Easy, Healthy Recipe That Anyone Can Cook!

This recipe is so simple that your husband can make it. Yes, I know there are a lot of great cooking hubbies out there. This recipe is for the husbands who want to provide nutrition to their families and get back in time for the game.

Baking Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

10 min

1 hour

1 hour 10 min

Seves eight people- four ounces



  • one, medium cabbage, decored and cut into quarters
  • 1-2 pounds lean ground hamburger or ground chicken, I used one pound hambuger in mine.
  • 296 ML can stewed tomatoes with herbs
  • 680 ML can spaghetti sauce, only use half in mixture
  • one cup onions, chopped fine
  • one cup minute rice, (optional) you can use real rice, just boil it to the directions on the package
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  1. First take the cabbage and cut it into quarters, making sure to cut the core out. It is a bit tough to eat. Boil cabbage in pot on stove with water until it becomes soft. This can also be done in the microwave in a covered bowl with a bit of water.
  2. While this is cooking, drain juice from the can of stewed tomatoes into a glass, yes drink it, don’t waste it. It is very good mixed with vodka. Also break down tomatoes in can with your fork. (If you bought a can of chopped stewed tomatoes omit this step.)
  3. Mix drained tomatoes, half can of spaghetti sauce, raw hamburger, cup of onions chopped as fine as you can, and cup of rice together in a bowl with salt and pepper.
  4. When the cabbage is cooked, grease 9x14 inch Pyrex glass oven ware pan with olive oil. Then start to layer ingredients in bottom of pan starting with cabbage covering entire bottom. Spread the meat mixture on top of cabbage. The meat mixture should cover the entire cabbage layer alternating them and try to have the last layer being meat/sauce.
  5. Bake in the oven, on the middle rack at 350 degrees for one hour.

Layer the Ingredients

layer cabbage first-meat mixter-cabbage and so on until you use it all

layer cabbage first-meat mixter-cabbage and so on until you use it all

making sure the last layer is meat mixture

making sure the last layer is meat mixture



Wonderful Layered Appeal


Easy healthy Casseroles


  • No Pyrex?: If you don't own a Pyrex cooking glass pan, this recipe works in a medium roasting pan just as well. For big parties, simply use a bigger roasting pan (don't cover in oven), double the ingredients, and cook for two hours.
  • Save Time: To save more of your time, cook cabbage ahead of time and freeze it in zip-lock bag. Then the cabbage is ready to go anytime you want to make this dish. So easy to make: mix ingredients together spread in layers with cabbage. Bake for one hour. Done.
  • With a Salad: For those of you that would enjoy a fresh salad with this meal, Marinated, Tomato, & Basil Salad is also made with just a few ingredients, It takes only minutes to make, and it is best made the day before to meld the flavors together overnight. Making this salad ahead, like the day before, saves time.
  • With a Soup: If you would rather have a hot bowl of soup to enhance this meal give Kale and leek Noodle Soup a try. This is an easy recipe you can throw together in a crock pot before you go to work, and it will be done when you get home. A hearty, healthy accompaniment to any meal or just by itself.

Enjoy, and share with your friends! You won't be disappointed.

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