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Easy Slow Cooker Cabbage With Hot Dogs: Cheap Meals

Victoria Lynn has a passion for cooking and saving money. This recipe combines both!

Make cooked cabbage and hot dogs at home with this easy-to-follow slow cooker recipe.

Make cooked cabbage and hot dogs at home with this easy-to-follow slow cooker recipe.

Crock-Pot Cabbage and Hot Dogs

I love the taste of cooked cabbage, and the kid in me still loves hot dogs. Bringing the two of these items together in a slow cooker, cooked over several hours, meshes two great foods and flavors. This recipe requires few—or no—spices, as the ingredients mix in the cooker to bring their own delicious flavor to this dish.

Cabbage is a great food to make in a slow cooker. Slow cooking retains the flavor and softens the texture. Cabbage can be cooked alone, with only a few spices, such as salt and pepper, or a few sprinkles of a salt or herb mixture. Garlic is also a good addition to nearly any recipe, in my book; it can be added by either mincing whole cloves or simply sprinkling on garlic powder or salt. I like adding caraway seed to cabbage, regardless of what meat—if any—is included with it.

Other Meat Options

Besides hot dogs, other meats can be added to cabbage. Cut up and throw in links of Polish sausage. Slice up bratwurst in plain and other flavors. Add in sausage links, corned beef, or even canned Spam. All of these meats will help to flavor the simple taste of steamed cabbage. This dish, using hot dogs instead of corned beef, can also serve as a cheaper alternative for a St. Patrick's Day meal.

Put all of the ingredients together in your slow cooker.

Put all of the ingredients together in your slow cooker.

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  • 1 head cabbage, cut into fairly large pieces
  • 1 package hot dogs (8-10 franks, preferably beef)
  • 1 red apple (or any sweet apple)
  • 2 pieces bacon
  • 3 tablespoons butter


  1. Before you start cutting up the ingredients, first fry or microwave the bacon. I put it in the microwave (with a paper towel covering it) for about 90 seconds to 2 minutes.
  2. Cut up the cabbage into chunks. They don’t have to be too small, as they will break down over time in the Crock-Pot. Put the cabbage pieces in the cooker and turn the level to the high setting.
  3. Cut up the hot dogs into small pieces and add them to the cooker. Cut up one red apple into small pieces and add to mix. Crumble the cooked bacon and add, as well. Add butter on top.
  4. After about 1 hour, stir everything up. After 1 more hour, do the same. You will see that the mixture is starting to shrink and mix together nicely. Some juice will appear, released from the cabbage, hot dogs, apple, bacon, and butter—all of the ingredients!
  5. Total cooking time is 3 1/2 to 4 hours on high, depending on the desired texture. I cooked mine for about 4 hours. I’m sure 8 hours or so on low while at work would be fine, too. I’ve yet to try that, but I’m sure I will, as I was impressed by this Crock-Pot meal!

What Spices to Add

I had thought that I would add such spices as salt, pepper, garlic, or caraway seeds, but the flavors here mixed together so well that no additional spices were needed. I could hardly stop “sampling” the dish. The apple seems to give the recipe a slight sweetness as the apple disappears during the cooking.