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Fig Rubbed Spiced Pork Tenderloin With Walnuts and Brussels Sprouts Recipe

An elegant pork tenderloin recipe, both easy to make and wonderfully tasty, the combination of fig preserves and seasonings provide for a fresh and well-balanced dish with a wonderful sweet full-bodied sauce.


Cherry and Herbs Roasted Pork Tenderloin on a Bed of Potatoes Recipe

This is a simple but elegant recipe, easy to make. It uses balsamic vinegar, cherry jam, and a potpourri of herbs to make a wonderfully aromatic and tender pork tenderloin whose juices flavor a bed of potatoes.


How to Make Quick and Easy Burgers Using Pork Sausages

A quick and easy recipe using pork sausages to make burgers. Add in some salad and a little burger relish, and hey presto, dinner is served.


Ground Pork and Carrots Tarte Tatin Recipe

This delicious pork pie recipe incorporates tender, sweet carrots with savory cinnamon-flavored pork to produce a satisfying and elegant meat pie.


Rosemary Garlic Pork Tenderloin With Capers and Prosciutto Recipe

Vibrant and flavorful pork tenderloin dish with capers, rosemary, garlic, and prosciutto. A beautifully elegant dinner.


Slow-Cooked Pork Mole Poblano Recipe

This pork mole poblano Crock-Pot recipe combines pork tenderloin with an aromatic chocolate mole sauce flavor.


Breaded Pork Chops With Mushroom Gravy

Enjoy crispy, crunchy breaded pork chops with mushroom gravy.


Sweet and Tender Blackberry Pork Tenderloin With Carrots Recipe

This delicious pork recipe is wonderfully sweet and delectable thanks to an intense marinade of blackberry, honey, brandy, and some spices.


Pork Loin Roast With Dijon Mustard Glaze and Sauce (Plus Mustard FAQs)

Two delicious mustard recipes (glaze and sauce) adorn this pork loin roast. Learn some fascinating facts about Dijon mustard, and discover which wines will accentuate this meal best.


Recipe: Sweet Pork With Apricots in Plum Sauce

A wonderfully savory and sweet dish of pork in sauteed onions, with a plum sauce flavoring and apricots to accompany it. This recipe is sure to be a hit!


Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin Roast

This recipe is easily the best pork I've ever tasted! If you closed your eyes, you would almost swear it was prime rib. Here's how you can make this masterpiece.


Delicious Pork Ribs With Red Wine and Baby Bella Mushrooms Recipe

My husband came up with this delicious pork ribs, red wine, and mushrooms recipe. The flavors are fantastic! Use a wine you would also want to drink to accompany the meal.


Easy Pork Picnic Shoulder Roast Recipe

This easy recipe for pork picnic shoulder calls for only five ingredients. It comes out of the oven tender, moist, and absolutely delicious.


Garlicky Baked Pork Chops

These delicious pork chops are garlicky, moist, and flavorful.


One-Pan Pork Chop Dinner (Plus a Cocktail)

Quick and easy dinners are a favorite for busy moms everywhere! These flavorful pork chops, tossed in sweet and savory spices, paired with cubed potatoes will hit the spot!


The Best Homemade Enchiladas

This article offers a recipe for stellar enchiladas.


Pork Butt Roast Recipe

Learn how to make a pork butt roast with all the trimmings. Perfect for Sunday dinner!


Slow-Cooked Pork With Apples and Beer

This slow-cooked pork recipe will fill your home with the most delicious aromas. You can relax while the low heat takes care of this dish for you!


Best Boston Butt Country-Style Pork Ribs Recipe

This original country-style pork rib recipe comes from my youth. If you're looking for an easy one-pot meal that can be done stovetop, then this is the recipe for you. Enjoy!


Tender Pork With Sage and Potatoes Roasted in Milk Recipe

Rich, sophisticated, elegant, simple, hearty, filling—I could compose a panegyric about this recipe. Rest assured, however, that everything I say about this delightful pork roast is absolutely true.


Pork and Apple Meatballs

A recipe for savory pork meatball accented with grated apples for a hint of sweetness.


Easy Mac and Cheese With Ham Casserole Recipe

Perfect for using up leftover ham, this rich and creamy macaroni and cheese is so good, your family will never guess it uses leftovers! A perfect macaroni recipe for a new comfort food classic.


Best Cherry and Champagne Glazed Ham Recipe

Perfect for Easter or any other holiday, this gorgeous glazed ham is to die for. Roasted gently in the oven and topped with a glaze of cherries and champagne, every bite is a celebration. Check out how easy it is!


Pull-Apart Honey Ham in the Crock-Pot

I'm sure everyone is familiar with cooking a holiday ham for Christmas, but what about the rest of the year? With this recipe for pull-apart honey ham in the Crock-Pot, you'll have plenty of wonderful ham all year long to use in your recipes.


How to Smoke Meat While Holding a Screaming Baby

Quick and detailed instructions on how to smoke meat with a smoker. Parents can really taste the temper tantrum in this pork shoulder.


Best Pork Chops in Caper, Pickle, and Tomato Sauce Recipe

Deliciously flavored with tomatoes, mustard, tarragon, salt, pepper, garlic, capers, and sweet pickles, these pork chops are filling and satisfying to eat as the waves of flavor caress your tongue!


Browned Pork Seasoned With Tarragon in a Prune-Wine Sauce

The delicious flavor of pork, salted, peppered, seasoned with tarragon, breaded, and sautéd in butter and garlic, marries to the sensitive and pleasant flavor of a wine, prune, cream, and vegetable sauce.


Pork Trifecta: Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin and Sausage Roll Recipe

This is the most delicious pork roast I have ever cooked. I call it a pork trifecta because I use pork loin, bacon, and sausage. It comes together in a special event-worthy way.


Pork Stroganoff Recipe

This traditional, hearty Russian dish can be prepared with pork for a little variety. This same recipe can be used with beef if desired. The point is—stroganoff is not strictly for beef!


Loving Leftovers: 7 Creative Leftover Ham Recipes

Leftover ham can obviously become a sandwich or a side with breakfast eggs. But we can do something even better!


How to Make Garlic Rosemary Pork Belly With Fried Tofu

The combination of garlic and rosemary will transform any dish into an outstanding meal. This is my recipe for garlic rosemary pork belly with fried tofu.


Tender Apple Butter Pork Chops

These tender apple butter pork chops will have you asking for seconds and thirds. In fact, you may want to double or triple the recipe in case everyone wants more!


How to Make Sausage and Water Spinach in Chili Garlic Oil

Do you want to prepare something healthy but within a budget? This recipe for sausage and water spinach in chili garlic oil fits the bill. Try it for yourself!


Tender Pork Puttanesca With Sour Cream Recipe

An extremely vibrant and flavorful recipe of pork chops simmered to tender perfection in a rich and tasty sour cream-tomato sauce enriched with wine, onions, and various herbs.


Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs) With Cream Dill Sauce Recipe

Recipe for traditional Danish meatballs (frikadeller) with delicious cream dill sauce.


Grandma's Pork Schnitzel Recipe

My family's favorite! Pork schnitzel recipe, just like Grandma used to make.


Tender Pork Stewed in Peaches and Blackberries Recipe

This recipe may take a long time to cook, but the Crockpot does most of the work, and the flavorful results are well worth it.


How to Make a Hawaiian Burger in a Blanket

Enjoy the sweet taste of a Hawaiian burger wrapped in a blanket for your morning or afternoon snack! Try this recipe at home, and enjoy the juicy, meaty, and sweet fillings.


How to Make Pork Loco Moco With Mushroom Gravy: A Hawaiian-Inspired Dish

Loco moco is a famous Hawaiian dish. It originated in Hilo, Hawaii, when a group of teenagers asked a restaurant owner for a budget meal with rice. Enjoy a very simple dish with lots of interesting flavors in the comfort of your home.


Making Pork Chops in the Crockpot

Making pork chops in the crockpot can be a really simple, quick and easy option for dinner most any night of the week. You just drop them in, top them as you wish, and at the end of the day, you have juicy, fall-apart pork chops that can easily be cut with a fork. Yum!


How to Make Pork Burger Patties With Breadcrumbs

Try our pork burger patties with breadcrumbs at home. Serve these delicious burger patties anytime you want and with any condiments you prefer.


Orange-Lemon Roast Pork Loin With Olives, Oranges, and Zest Recipe

A beautifully flavored pork dish that has a lengthy marinating time in fruit juices, which is then roasted to produce a tender and delicious meal—especially when combined with orange zest and olives.


Pork-Belly Ribs With Homemade Bbq Sauce

Pork ribs and a delicious homemade BBQ sauce. Deliciously tasty and really simple to make. What's not to love?


How to Use a Slow Cooker for Pulled Pork

The best pulled pork is made at home. Here is a recipe that I've used.


Exploring Ham: History of Pork, Salt, and Smoke (With Recipes)

Ham is the traditional centerpiece of many Easter dinners. It has so many names (prosciutto, speck, country, etc.). Let's explore the many types of ham, how to cook it, and how to use up those leftovers.


Halushki: Comfort Food of Central and Eastern Europe

Halushki is a traditional dish of cabbage, bacon, and noodles that comes from Central and Eastern Europe. Here's how to make it yourself.


Recipe: Easy Pulled Pork in a Slow Cooker (With BBQ Sauce)

This no-fuss, easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipe for pulled pork in the slow cooker (with bbq sauce) is sure to be a hit. A healthy slow cooker pulled pork recipe ideal for brunch, lunch, dinner, or a snack.


Simple Potato Cake With Cheese and Bacon Recipe

A richly decadent French dish which has a pie of potatoes and cheese wrapped in bacon.


French Pork Loin Roast With Rosemary, Garlic & Sage Recipe

A simply stunning recipe that makes full use of the taste of rosemary, garlic, and sage and combines it with onions, tomatoes, and leeks to present a perfect pork loin.


Sweet and Spicy Pork With Peppers, Pineapple, and Rice Recipe

Stewed minced or ground pork with peppers and pineapple combine to afford a delicious sweet and spicy flavour effect. Served on a bed of boiled rice.