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Crawfish With Smoked Sausage and Cheese Grits

Crawfish and smoked sausage sit on a bed of creamy cheese grits.


5 Tasty Ways to Use Leftover Baked Fish

These five tasty ways to use leftover baked fish are both delicious and nutritious! Try out these simple and savory recipes the next time you have leftover baked fish.


Salmon, Chanterelles, and Wild Berries: A Fabulous Pacific NW Seafood Dish

You can create a stunning gourmet meal with salmon and a few simple ingredients. Let me show you how.


Shrimp and Mushroom à la Grecque: Quick and Easy Dinner

This meal feels like a vacation in Greece—it's the perfect blend of grilled shrimp, lemon, seasonings, mushrooms and pita bread.


Perfect New England Clambake: Beach and Non-Beach Options

Learn what makes an authentic clambake, and how can you host your own without a pit, a beach, or New England.


Cilantro Lime Shrimp Soft Tacos

Do you like cilantro and lime? You should try this recipe!


Gourmet Fish and Chips With Tomato Chutney

Battered and deep-fried food is an undisputed cause of increased cholesterol and weight gain, but what if you could make healthy fish and chips? Once you've tried this recipe, you'll never go back to the original.


Scallop Terrine With Basil, White Corn, and Roasted Red Peppers (Plus Scallop FAQs)

Learn how to make this delicious, crowd-pleasing tricolored scallop terrine with step-by-step photos and instructions. Also included: FAQs about scallops.


Quick and Easy Fish Ceviche Recipe

The fresh and citrusy flavors of ceviche are so easy to prepare. All seafood lovers should enjoy knowing more about this delicious palate pleaser!


Grilled Swordfish With Lemon, Mint and Basil

This is a healthy, simple and light dinner for a hot summer evening. Swordfish has a different texture than most fish and is simply delicious.


Easy Stir-Fried Prawn Noodles Recipe With Photo Guide

A delicious and easy Chinese-style stir-fried prawn noodles recipe. Photo tutorial included.


Top 10 Most Delicious Inshore Saltwater Fish (With Prep Tips)

This article is a discussion about the 10 tastiest inshore saltwater fish, along with tips on preparing, seasoning, and the best cooking methods. Fish photos are included.


Baked Fresh Salmon: 15-Minute Meal

This oven-prepared lunch or dinner recipe is delicious, nutritious, and simple. Better yet, it's truly affordable.


How to Grill Bahamian Style Conch on the BBQ

Conch meat is a delicious, low-fat, high-protein food that can be prepared in several ways. One of the best ways to prepare conch is to grill it.


Easy Oven-Baked Salmon Recipe With Lemon Herb Butter

Perfect, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth salmon that’s never dry. Best of all, it’s easy! You’ll be eating dinner in less than 30 minutes.


Sweet Chilli Prawns: Easy Saturday Night Stir-Fry Recipe

This is an easy sweet chilli prawn stir-fry recipe for a quick supper on a Saturday night. Oodles of flavor in minutes!


Quick and Easy Pesto Shrimp Linguine Entrée Recipe

When you are short on time but wish to enjoy a delicious meal, you can make this pesto shrimp linguine recipe in 30 minutes or less if you buy already shelled shrimp, ready-made pesto, and start heating your water on the stove.


Mild White Fish With Wine, Mushroom, and Caper Sauce

Are you looking for a great way to serve tilapia, lake trout, walleye, northern pike, or any other mild fish? This sauce is easy, and it brings out the flavor of the fish.


Tilapia With Kalamata Olives, Tomatoes, and Lemon Wine Sauce

If you enjoy eating tilapia fish and would appreciate a quick and easy recipe that mimics the fanciest restaurant preparation, you have come to the right place. This recipe hits all the right notes when it comes to delicious flavors!


Sushi 101: How to Order, Eat, and Make It

Learn the history of sushi (it's not from Japan), how to order and eat it properly (no fork please), and even how to make safe sushi in your own kitchen.


Delicious Tuna Buns Recipe

This is the best tuna bun recipe I have made. You will love the savory and spicy tuna filling nestled inside the soft bread, topped with nutty sesame seeds. These tuna buns are perfect for lunch or snacks!


10 Different Ways to Serve Sardines on Toast

Sardines on toast need never be boring or repetitive. It can easily be about a lot more than simply opening a can and emptying the contents over some toasted bread. These 10 recipes show how to take simple sardines on toast to whole new levels of tastiness.


Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon

This salmon is flavorful, tender, and delicious! Everyone in my family loves it.


Baked Tuna Pie Recipe

This is a recipe that is quite easy to make using ready-made shortcrust pastry. It takes almost no time to assemble and bakes in just 40 minutes.


How to Cook Crab Legs With Garlic Butter

With this simple method, you can cook crab legs in under 10 minutes. I've also included a recipe for delicious homemade garlic and herb butter.


Simple Baked Salmon Recipe

Are you looking for a simple and easy baked salmon recipe? Then this is the recipe for you.


Treebeards Shrimp Etouffee Recipe

This is the shrimp etouffee recipe from Houston's famous Treebeards restaurant, shared decades ago by Treebeards original owner Dan Tidwell in the Houston Chronicle's food section.


Southern Bacon Shrimp and Grits

Grits are a Southern staple. And for anyone who doesn’t like grits, add cheese. After all, everything tastes amazing with cheese.


Salmon Salad Spread With Crackers

Salmon is the main event in this delicious spread that can be enjoyed on crackers, toast, or bagels.


How to Cook Breaded Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is a popular snack in Europe that originated in Great Britain. In my simple recipe, I put a Japanese twist on the snack by using Panko bread crumbs.


Exploring Salmon: History, Facts, and Recipes

Historically, salmon has always been an integral part of the human diet. Learn the story of this anadromous fish and some innovative recipes.


Baked Butterflied Lobster Tails

This is the most visually appealing way to prepare this tasty treasure from the sea!


Charleston-Style Shrimp Creole

This is a wonderful old recipe for shrimp creole, made in the tradition of Lowcountry cuisine, in Charleston, South Carolina. Easy instructions and photos are included.


Delicate Cod Sautéed and Simmered in White Wine, Garlic, and Capers Recipe

With an intricate and stunning array of flavors that meld together to produce a strong and vibrant zestiness to accompany this suatéed cod, this recipe is sure to delight any seafood lover.


Dungeness Crab: Cook, Clean, and Create Great Recipes

Dungeness crab is a Pacific Coast native, prized for its sweet, succulent meat. Learn how to clean, cook, and create amazing recipes with this amazing gift of the sea.


How to Cook Lobster Tails Two Different Ways

Cooking lobster tails is very easy! Here are simple, step-by-step instructions for cooking lobster tails in two different ways.

Delicious Fish Tacos

The Art of Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are delicious, fast, and will make you a dinnertime hero.


A Taste of Disney: Tacos de Camarones

This article will feature the delicious shrimp tacos from La Hacienda de San Angel at Disney's Epcot Center.


How to Make Jamaican Fish Tea (Fish Soup)

It may be called a tea, but it's actually a soup! I always loved this soup when I was growing up in the Caribbean, and today it is still one of my favorites. My kids love it, too.


Lemon Caper Fish Recipe (21 Day Fix Approved)

This quick and easy fish recipe is great for a dinner in a hurry. It's low carb, gluten-free, kosher, and full of flavor. Suitable for Atkins, 21 Day Fix, Weight Watchers, and Keto diets. With a minor tweak, it can be used if you do Whole30, dairy-free, or AIP.


Deconstructed Fish Taco Recipe - Kosher, Gluten-Free

These fish tacos are deconstructed to keep the meal low-carb and 21 Day Fix approved. It's kosher, gluten-free, and can be made dairy-free with one simple tweak. They're delicious and a great way to get protein without adding meat to your diet.


How to Smoke Whole Mackerel and Serving Suggestions

This is a step-by-step guide on how to smoke whole mackerel from the point of cleaning and brining the fish to the stage of smoking and serving. A couple of quick, easy and delicious serving suggestions are also included.


How to Make Dinengdeng: A Filipino-Inspired Dish

Let me share a simple recipe I learned during my short trip to the Northern region of the Philippines. I am lucky enough to cook this dish using fresh ingredients, which made our entire meal enjoyable.


How to Make Homemade Tilapia Fishcakes

Fishcakes are one of my favorite appetizers. The taste and texture are incredible when prepared and cooked properly. Enjoy a healthy baked version of tilapia fishcakes with your favorite dip.


Lemon Pepper Garlic Seasoned Tilapia Recipe

Ever tried tilapia? Are you a seafood lover? You might like this quick, 30-minute recipe.


Broiled Trout Recipe

A simple recipe for broiling trout. I caught a 20" rainbow trout and thought about making steaks with it, or grilling it on a plank. Then, I decided to broil it instead. It made for a tasty meal!


Seared Tuna Loin Fillet With Spicy Tomato Fusilli Pasta Recipe

Quickly and simply seared fresh tuna fillet is sliced and served on a bed of fusilli pasta in a spicy tomato sauce.


5 Fish Recipes: Fried, Grilled, and Baked

Check out these five fish recipes! Choose succulently grilled tilapia, crispy golden fried catfish, panko-crusted baked fish, blackened Cajun catfish, or fish tacos! You can always substitute your favorite type of fish! I am pretty much a catfish gal!


How to Make Irresistible Salmon Cakes With Avocado Dip

Who would have thought that salmon goes well with avocado? I certainly didn't. Made completely from scratch, but with restaurant-quality taste, this will soon become one of your favourites.


Sea Bass and Mango Salsa En Croute Recipe

Succulent sea bass with a sweet and delicious mango salsa is encased in a puff pastry and oven baked before being served with stir fried potatoes and onion.