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Updated on November 18, 2017

Goth Food - Hot Nutella Sandwich Dobbed with Hot Black Fruits

Hot Nutella sandwich dobbed with hot fruit of the woods
Hot Nutella sandwich dobbed with hot fruit of the woods | Source

Cook Time

Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 15 min
Ready in: 25 min
Yields: 2 people - 1 sandwich each

Ingredients for Nutella Sandwich and Berry Sauce

  • 4 slices sliced bread, white
  • 1 egg
  • 30/40 ml (1/2 cup - 3/4 cup) milk, approx (as you like it for French Toast)
  • pinch salt
  • 2 pats butter, salty
  • 2 tablespoons Nutella, heaped
  • 1 pkt (300 grams or 10 ozs) frozen berry fruits, approximately
  • 3/4 tablespoons icing sugar


  1. Thaw the frozen fruits and berries.
  2. Put them in a smallish non-stick saucepan with a few tablespoons of icing sugar and stir and cook until the juice has thickened.
  3. In a mixing dish, beat the egg and the milk together with the salt - as you would for French Toast.
  4. Put the slices of bread in the egg and milk to soak briefly.
  5. Put two slices of the bread in the frying pan and fry well on one side.
  6. Turn them over and fry lightly on the other side.
  7. Repeat with the other two slices of bread
  8. Put two slices of cooked bread on a board and spread each paler side with Nutella. (Use a large cooking knife to spread). Put the other slice on the top. Cut in half diagonally.
  9. Put the hot berry sauce in a pretty bowl with a serving spoon.
  10. Serve the sandwiches on a pretty plate with the berry sauce on the side.
  11. Dollop as much berry sauce as you like on the hot sandwiches.
  12. Sprinkle with icing sugar.

Hot Nutella Sandwich Dobbed with Hot Black Fruits

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Goths at a Party

Goths at a party
Goths at a party | Source

A Goth Party

Goth Tea Party
Goth Tea Party | Source

Gothic Party Ideas

Giving a goth party is a great excuse to delve into all the bruised, fruity sorts of foods and atmosphere that the dark side of human nature likes to dip into from time to time.

Who'd care about roast chicken and potatoes when there are delicious goth food alternatives to drum up on those other, party occasions, (or even a bbq steak!)

This article is jam-and-pickle packed with the following goth food ideas for those parties when tofu-and-cress-on-a-wedge-of-wholegrain just won't swing for you any more - for your goth brunch, BBQ, lunch, high tea (or night time affair),or for Halloween:

  • Party theme ideas
  • Recipe
  • Menu ideas

I've also included a list of don't dos for your party as well as a list of helpful foods that you can serve that are really simple, once you have created your goth party room - or table or place in the woods.

Wednesday Addams

Party Theme Idea

Since there isn't anything casual about goth style, creating the right ambiance is the first step. It's a self-conscious mixture of elegant and fine, with a lot of black in it - shrouded in melancholy and a lot of "who cares?"

Any one of the following characters, periods or genres can inspire your goth party table and theme and make your food taste goth-interesting:

  • Victorian fashion dress and bric a brac
  • Lisbeth Sanders - the brave hacker in the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" trilogy,
  • Edgar Allen Poe poems such as 'The Raven' which begins "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary"
  • Wednesday Addams (of the 'Adams Family', kind of Halloween),
  • Abbey, NCIS forensic scientist, (Pauley Perrette)

For my goth table setting (in the photo above), I played around with lace, bits of bark, a china vase, a Victorian fan and candles for my elegant table look, but if you're a Punk-ish kind of goth then possibly ripped red velvet with harsh white lights and black candles would work just as well.

Caviar Coated Cream Cheese Balls

Caviar coated cream cheese balls
Caviar coated cream cheese balls | Source

What foods not to Serve at a Halloween Goth Party

Here is a menu of goth foods for all occasions with choices for an intimate get-together, or for bigger parties like Halloween.

The only really goth thing to bear in mind is presentation; the foods are so beautiful when they really look striking and unique. Garnish with red flower petals, or whole walnuts or serve olives in a silver bowl, or call in for 'French Fries' that will arrive in bright take-away containers.
Lighting with candles is suggestive too (no strobes).

Here are some absolute don't s (because they suggest health, well being and the mundane - all that is typically, stereotypically un-goth - where most Gothic people are concerned!)**.


  • green salads (beetroot is OK, but in ball shapes and with balsamic vinegar)
  • lettuce leafs - as garnish
  • roast chicken or pork chops
  • roast potatoes
  • stews
  • boiled vegetables
  • pies
  • spaghetti
  • Chinese, Mexican or Indian Foods
  • Grilled fish
  • Pumpkin served as a pumpkin (it has to be very darkly cooked and served with something like black grapes, baked into a bread)

**. Not all Gothic people, agreed.

Goth Foods for a Party

Some helpful, smart looking goth foods.


  • Maraschino cherries
  • Grilled mushrooms
  • Rare roast beef with black olives or truffles
  • Barbequed steak
  • Lobster tails
  • Black beans
  • Black olives
  • Black figs - served any way
  • Walnuts
  • Peruvian Chocolate Sauce
  • White ice cream
  • Jellied Fruits
  • Chocolate and more chocolate
  • Campari drinks
  • Red wine (mulled wine would be great with all the bark in it)
  • Espresso coffee - from an espresso machine with sugar cubes

Here follows some menu ideas that might inspire your goth party, or your Halloween Party.

Planning a Menu for a Goth Party

Brunch Party
Afternoon Tea Party
Party Party with Food
Fried egg whites + a grilled brown mushroom on the top of each
Small ball shapes eggs rolled in caviar (lumpfish) with Congnac buttered toast
Fried Nutella sandwiches+ blueberries
Deep fried black pudding, deep fried pickled gurkins and deep fried Maraschino cherries
Bitter chocolate cake to die for with cranberry jelly and Campari Grapefruit
Hamburger and ketchup + delivered chips
Beetroot in ball shapes, fresh walnuts, balls of gorgonzola on a plate of black rice and trufle olive oil - and tree types of black olives. Martini's with black olives
Black tea with rhodiola, lemon sponge cake and merangue, strawberry ice cream and loganberries + mint chocolate thins
Black squid ink risotto
Parma Ham served on a clear plastic plate with figs
Blinis with caviar (lumpfish), quals eggs + pumkin and banana bread, martinis with black olives.
Black beans with chopped squid + boiled lobster tails with butter
Cold beetroot soup, hot fig cake served with chocolate ice cream
Barbequed beef steaks with baked potato and ketcup
Barbequed kebabs of dried fruits stuffed with nuts and sausages

BBQ Steak

BBQ steak
BBQ steak | Source

Fig Loaf

Fig Loaf
Fig Loaf | Source

Edgar Allen Poe - The Raven

A line from one of Edgar Allen Poe's most famous poems titles "The Raven", which sets the sort of tone I imagine a great goth party would have at its visual heart:

"And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain thrilled me -
filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before....."

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