Ways to Learn How to Cook

Updated on August 23, 2016

Stop Assembling. Start Cooking.

Are you tired of going out to eat for every meal? Or simply assembling your food with processed ingredients? It's time for you to learn how to cook. But if you are unlucky enough to have not been taught as a child or teenager, how do you learn as an adult? Here are some simple ways that you can start to learn to cook.

Watch a Pro

One of the best and funnest way to learn how to cook is to watch an expert cook put together a meal. Find a friend or relative that doesn't mind you being a fly in the wall in their kitchen. Perhaps offer to buy the groceries in exchange to have them let you watch and ask a few questions as they prepare and cook something in the kitchen.

Take Notes

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Read Cookbooks

You can find good cookbooks anywhere and they are very inexpensive ways to explore new dishes and flavors. Although cookbooks are found in most thrifts stores and garage sales, it helps to buy modern cookbooks because they are more likely to spotlight dishes that are popular at the time and have better graphic design. You should also start by looking for cookbooks that showcase dishes that you already like to eat and that have ingredients that are readily available in your area.

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Sign up for a Food Kit Subscription

There are tons of new food kit subscriptions in which you get fresh ingredients and recipes delivered to your home. This includes: Plated.com, Blueapron.com, and Hellofresh.com. These services make it easy for noobs to learn how to cook with their easy to follow recipe cards, perfectly measured ingredients, and convenience. They usually have different plans to choose from to meet your dietary needs.

Perfectly Measured Ingredients

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Attend a Local Cooking Workshop

Most community colleges offer cooking workshops or classes as part of their continuing education programming. For a small fee, you can learn how to cook in a classroom setting from a professional.

Search the Web

We live in a world where information is at our fingertips. Browse the web for recipes, tips and tricks, and videos that will show you how to cook. Youtube, pinterest, and blogs are great resources for finding recipes and cooking techniques. Often times, it's once you start cooking that you realize there are some techniques that you are unsure about. That is a perfect time to pull out your phone and look up how to complete the dish.

Enjoy Your Home-Cooked Meals

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Don't be Afraid to Mess Up

Not every dish that you make will come out perfect in the beginning. Don't be discourage if many of your dishes are borderline inedible when you first start to cook. Remember, practice makes perfect. Bon appetite!

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