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Easy and Cute Fall Appetizer Takes Less Than 10 Minutes to Prepare

If you regularly entertain guests and would like to have a high quality, super-fast recipe in your arsenal, you’ll want to save this gem at the top of your list. TikTok content creator @skylar_toth shares her succulent recipe for easy phyllo cups. We can’t believe how simple they are to assemble or how tasty they look!

This easy appetizer is the perfect handheld snack for any gathering.

This is so easy. We love the idea! She places store-bought, pre-made phyllo dough cups in a mini-muffin pan. Then she tops them with prosciutto, generous chunks of brie, and a drizzle of honey on top. She bakes them at 350 degrees for 6 minutes or until they begin to brown. These beautiful treats looks sensational and could not be more effortless. You could try a number of variations with this recipe, too. Pepperoni or salami in place of the prosciutto, or maybe a thinly sliced apple or your favorite jam could work with the brie as well.

Kerry Henderson suggested, “With a dollop of whole berry cranberry sauce during the holidays.” That would look and taste great! Viewer @HazelsHumans commented, "Phyllo cups are so underrated to have on hand for quick appetizers! So many things you can do with them!” We think they are under-used, too! Don’t be disappointed if not everyone is wiling to try them. Another fan of the video, @microwavelights added, "I’ll never forgive my in-laws for refusing to try these when I made them last Christmas.” That’s no problem; it’s just more for us! 

We love knowing we can throw together a warm appetizer that looks so impressive in no time at all. We've already added the phyllo dough cups to our carts!