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Man's 17-Course Dining Experience Has Us Feeling Totally Stuffed

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go anywhere or buy anything you want without considering the cost first? Yes, people on this planet live a life of affluence and wealth. Hopping in a private jet to dine in Paris isn’t a big deal. It’s just something they do. But many of us can only dream of that type of lifestyle. However, fine dining dreams can come true without having $100,000,000 in your bank accounts. All you need to do is find the right opportunity.

In a TikTok video series by food content creator @highspeeddining, he filmed his visit to a restaurant called Elements. It’s located in Princeton, NJ, home to Princeton University. It was also Albert Einstein’s home from 1933 until he died in 1955. During his visit to Elements, @highspeeddining has a 17-course dining experience. Yes, he ate 17 courses from the tasting menu. You won't believe what he got to eat.

We are all about the seafood! We can’t get enough of it. But the mushroom truffle bread caught out eye. It looked delicious. Let’s see how the TikTok community enjoyed the first video. User @user2956795780564 wrote, “The presentation is amazing.” @Ppp said, “I love your content. Keep it up, please.” We agree. Next up is the second video in the series.

That salmon looked fantastic! The color indicates freshness. We’re on board for that. User @CodeBlueTv said, “Man, that collar with the cheeks that were grilled looks so good.” @Nick Demetriou replied, “Elements is the best.” @Kyp317 remarked, “That salmon looks amazing. It all does.” Our thoughts precisely @Kyp317. On to the third video. 

Everything in this video would be gone within seconds. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the yummy bread he ate. We’re confident it was terrific. User @Anthony Azzato said, “I love the garnishes.” @Rachel Dwyer revealed, “I have a crush on that butter.” We’re right there with you. Let’s move on to the final video.

Wow! The food continued looking fabulous even by the end of the meal. @Ethanwhite3021 wrote, “Bro is living it up.” Yes, he’s living his best life. If you want to live vicariously through your screen, check out @highspeeddining’s TikTok channel for more scrumptious dining experiences.