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Mom's Simple '2-Ingredient' Fall Dessert Is a Thanksgiving Game-Changer

We love all those beautiful fall desserts but sometimes they take a lot of time and serious skills to prepare. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, finding recipes to make the holidays easier is a top priority. TikTok content creator @athomewithshannon shows us how to make a 2-ingredient dessert that’s going to make your life so much sweeter!

You won’t be able to guess the 2 ingredients inside of this fall-favorite!

Seriously? It can't be this simple! When something looks this good, it’s usually so painful to prepare. We are so happy to learn, this recipe couldn’t be more pain-free. This fall casserole uses only a can of cinnamon rolls and a can of apple pie filling. It really doesn’t get any better than that. This look so delicious, no one will think it was easy!

All you have to do for this recipe is grease a baking dish, cut each roll into six pieces, and then mix your can of apple pie filling, together with the rolls. So simple! Bake that heavenly goodness, and when it comes out, prepare to be delighted. She suggests topping this warm creation with creamy vanilla ice cream. Yes, please. And a fresh maple whipped cream might make a tempting topping, too.

The audience shared some of their ideas, and viewer @andreaoxier commented, “I do it with peach preserves- SO GOOD.” That sure sounds good! Viewer @adleysmom8 added, “Even better with pecans thrown in.” Sounds sensational to us!

No one is going to know how easy this is unless you tell them, so let’s keep this easy desert our secret. The holidays are hard enough; there’s no reason desert can’t be easy!