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No Ice Cream Maker? Watch Woman's Simple 2-Ingredient Hack

If there’s one treat that most people agree on is ice cream. It’s cold. It’s sweet. Plus, it’s fun to eat. With the summer months on the horizon, we’ll be lining up at local shops. But what if you could have a variety of homemade ice cream flavors in your kitchen? Sure, you could buy multiple cartons, but it might get expensive. offers a solution.

In her recent video, @erinsgranola is kicking off her month of making ice cream. She shows how to make this creamy treat with only two ingredients! That’s right, only two ingredients and no ice cream maker required. We'll be eating this all summer. Check out the video to see how she works her magic.

After watching the video, we’re all ready for a scoop or two. A simple ice cream recipe is something we all need. TikTok users are prepared to test it out. 

TikToker @user6122040072075 said, “That looks amazing. And I love your apron! So cute and springy.” @Hannah H. Bailey replied, “Will try! Thanks.” While this looks amazing, blend the heavy whipping cream longer like in @younggogetta_100’s video if you want a fluffier outcome.

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But this flavor isn’t the only reason people are excited about this post. User @Ma’am wrote, “Following!! A month of different ice creams. You ROCK!” 

If you want @erinsgranola to try out your flavor this month, drop your suggestions in the comments. You might see your flavor in her next video.

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