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2-Ingredient Thanksgiving Dessert Is a Holiday Dream Come True

If you’re short on time or if you're not a fan of holiday baking but you’ve been asked to prepare a dessert this year, we’ve found a super easy recipe for you. This 2 ingredient dish will make you the star of any meal. TikTok content creator @byalainanicole shows us how to make a simple but sinful fall sweet.

This is faster than waiting in line at the bakery. It's so easy to love this dessert!

This is so terrific! This painless dessert starts by greasing a baking dish. To the dish, she adds a container of jumbo cinnamon buns that have each been cut into 4 pieces. Then she pours the icing over the cinnamon roll pieces and then a can of apple slices on top of that. It bakes at 325 degrees for approximately 25 minutes. She serves this delectable dish with salted caramel ice cream on the side. Wow, we're drooling over this sensational idea.

This fabulous dish might also work well with other canned fruits and we are wondering if blueberries might also be delicious, served with fresh vanilla ice cream on the side. Even if you don’t make this for Thanksgiving, this warm dessert is the perfect recipe to serve your overnight or unexpected houseguests. No one will believe you pulled this tasty dessert together with such ease.

We love holiday entertaining, and we love recipes that make our house smell amazing, too! We are always happy when our guests leave us feeling special and full. We can’t wait to see the reactions from our family and friends when they learn just how easy it was to prepare.