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People's Reactions to Woman Who Ate 60 Slices of Pizza in 60 Days Are Just the Best

Have you ever watched these foodies online that get to travel to destinations for the sole purpose of tasting the food? Yes, many of us wish that was our job. Imagine all of the scrumptious foods you would get to try. Your stomach and your pallet would be in Heaven. However, we’re positive this type of job has its downside. Maybe you’d be scheduled to eat at a restaurant, but the food isn’t great. Talk about a downer. But if you’re lucky, those experiences would be few and far between.

In a recent TikTok video by food content creator @indulgenteats, she travels to New York City to taste 60 different slices of pizza in 60 days. No, we’re not joking. This woman is truly living the dream.

Wow! All of the pizza she ate looked phenomenal! We don’t even know which slices were our favorites. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded to this pizza bender. User @hasan_hamad wrote, “Well, looks like I’m eating pizza.” @Kevin Lowe139 asked, “How does it feel to live my dream?” @Rlem_ disclosed, “Pizza is one of the foods where I don’t have favorites. I equally enjoy a lot of them. They all taste so good and make me happy.” @Ellen Denney exclaimed, “This video made me so happy! LOL!” @gilmoregirl217 wondered, “Now, which is the best one?”

We were thinking the same thing, @gilmoregirl217. @indulgenteats responded with, “Mama’s too is my personal fave. It’s the first pizzeria of the favorites I show.” It looks like we’ll be re-watching this video. If you enjoyed this video as we did, please visit @indulgenteats’ TikTok channel for more awesome food content. You won’t be disappointed.