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Viral Recipe for 'Air-Fried Oreos' Is Like Having Fair Food Right at Home

It’s fall fair season, one of the best times of the year. We all love of those naughty fried foods and sweet treats we only find at the fairgrounds. And it's even better when sweet and fried are combined. TikTok content creator @mckaya__ shows us how to make those sinful air-fried Oreos at home!

Air-fryer Oreo's look so much better than deep fried! And you’ll save a ton of money, too!

First, let’s add this to the list of the many things you can make with Pillsbury crescent dough. These sensational air-fried Oreos actually look much better than the ones you can get at a fair. We’ve never really been a huge fan of deep-fried Oreos, because the cookie and batter become indistinguishable. This is so much better. Using crescent roll dough is a genius idea, and getting them nice and crispy in the air fryer feels absolutely perfect! In the comments, she tells us that the cookie doesn’t melt into the dough but that it does get nicely warmed and soft. Yay! That’s just the way we want to eat our air-fried Oreos.

The audience was ready to give this fair favorite a try at home. Commenter @Mia

Now that Oreos come in so many great flavors, you can make several variations of this air-fried cookie. We are can't wait to give them all a try. We think they’ll be sensational!