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Life-Changing Banana Hack Instantly Turns the Fruit Into a Tempting Dessert

Bananas are an underrated fruit. They go well in bread, cereal, and pudding. Plus, it’s an inexpensive addition to many recipes. So, if you’re wondering what dessert to make tonight, this new TikTok recipe might be the answer. Creator @lilsipper_official offers a trick for mimicking the taste of bananas foster in half the time!

If you aren’t familiar with bananas foster, you’re in for a treat. It’s a decadent dessert featuring caramelized bananas. But this new hack provides the caramelization without all the sweetness. For those of you aiming for a healthier snack, this is for you. Check out the video featuring the easy recipe to see how it's done.

Aren’t air fryers the best?! It certainly shortens the cooking time and gives bananas the taste of pie. TikTok users are on board with this banana hack. @ Kate said, “Runs to the air fryer with banana in hand 😳.” @ Fresh From The Heart replied, “Such a good hack! 😋” But user @JenCam86 disclosed, “I saw this, and within five minutes of seeing it, I had one in the air fryer. Minus the hemp hearts, I don’t have any of that. We’ll see how it goes. 😋”

While many of us might not enjoy bananas, or we know people who are banana haters, this recipe could change their minds. @Stephanie wrote, “I don’t even like bananas, and that looks amazing 🥰😳” Needless to say, this air fryer recipe must be tested and enjoyed.

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