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Stunning Air Fryer 'Chicken Melt' Recipe Is As Good As It Gets

Cooking is something we all do. We don’t have to worry about building a fire to cook, thanks to small appliances. Small appliances are helpful. One of the most useful small appliances is an Air Fryer. If you have one, you’ll love today’s recipe.

TikTok content creator @boredoflunch shared his recipe for Chicken Melt in the Air Fryer. We gotta tell you. This really looks delicious. Plus, the recipe is easy to follow. You can try all sorts of combinations.

We’re always on board for a new chicken recipe. Chicken is one of our favorite meats to eat. So, it’s fun to learn a new way to cook it. The Chicken Melt recipe combines a few ingredients we wouldn’t think to mix. To use this recipe, you’ll need chicken breast, pepperoni, red pesto, mozzarella, and Cajun seasoning. After you’ve washed your chicken and prepped it, you place the breasts into the Air Fryer tray. Cook for 17 minutes at 200 degrees. However, you can adjust the temperature based on your Air Fryer. When they’re finished cooking, remove them from the Air Fryer and allow them to cool. Serve when ready.

The Chicken Melt recipe is a winner for us. But how do the TikTok viewers feel about it? Let’s find out now. User @Theo wrote, “Love these. I made mine medium rare last night. Bone apple teeth.” @Jill said, “Right! I need an air fryer. This has confirmed it!” @TheAmazingFox23 joked, “So that's essentially a pepperoni pizza on a chicken?” @KitothePski admitted, “

I'll never get bored of your perfect Irish accent.” @TARGET4RAGE disclosed, “17 minutes at 180 comes out better for my air fryer. 200 overcooks it.”

The TikTokers have spoken. They like the Chicken Melt recipe but might make adjustments when necessary. It’s always encouraged to make a recipe your own. If you enjoyed the video and want more content, visit @boredoflunch’s TikTok channel. You’ll be glad you did.

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