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Crispy 'Air Fryer Chicken Strips' Are Like Having Bar Food at Home

When making tonight’s dinner, do you know what to make? If the answer is no, then you’re in luck. Today’s recipe is simple, fun, and packed with many flavors.

In a TikTok video by content creator @themodernnonna, she shares her crispy Air Fryer Chicken Strips recipe. You’ll want to check out those tasty treats. They're so much healthier, too!

Wow! We love when the steps to a recipe get us excited. Watching her separate the flour, eggs, breadcrumbs, and parmesan cheese into individual bowls is engaging. We know each ingredient adds a delightful taste to the chicken strips. The use of the air fryer removes the use of a skillet and oil, which is lovely. Before you know it, those beauties are cooking up nicely in the air fryer.

We loved this Air Fryer Chicken Strips recipe because it’s easy to follow. But we’re not sure if the TikTok community shares our enthusiasm. Let’s find out how they reacted. User @yfan wrote, “I will try this for sure, thanks!” @Sophia Udave said, “I see a lot of people spray with cooking spray, but the booklet that came with mine says not to. Have you ever had issues with your fryer?”

We can’t speak for @themodernnonna, but the cooking spray didn’t seem to impact the air fryer negatively. But if you don’t feel comfortable using it, that’s fine too. If you enjoyed the video and want more content, visit @themodernnonna’s TikTok channel. You’ll find plenty of useful recipes that’ll cure your hunger pains.